Tall ships Regatta, Northwest Passage update, dramatic rescues, more..

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 26 Sep 2013

Tall ships Regatta, Northwest Passage update, dramatic rescues, more..

This week the excitement has been intense with the sailing world watching the battle for the America's Cup being waged in San Francisco. The way Oracle came from behind to win is not only amazing, but redolent of an America's Cup fought thirty years ago when Australia did somewhat the same thing to win the Cup away from the USA for the first time.

While all this has been going on, at Sail-World Cruising we have also been following the Tall Ships Regatta being run by the Barcelona Foundation for Ocean Sailing (FNOB). The images couldn't be more different!

AKUT, Turkey's crack mountaineering brigade rescue the crew of the wrecked Concorde of Hamble - not only a 50 mile trek and a cliff rescue, but a fire, dry clothes and warm food   .. .

Apart from that there's a wild variety of news – of yachts through and yachts abandoned in the Northwest Passage; of amazing rescues, one in Turkey by some crack mountain rescuers (yes, that's right) of British sailors (photo above) and one on the way to Bermuda of one sailor by another in the most dangerous of circumstances. Dan Alonso has you beside him in the cockpit as he describes his innermost thoughts while another sailor's life hangs on his rescuing ability.

His description has you beside him in the cockpit, his anguish palpable  .. .

Some very useful information for cruising sailors this week – how do you know that smart anchor is not a cheap copy? Fortuitously there's a new book out on anchoring too; an article describes the rise and rise of fractional ownership of boats; and we feature a new DSC VHF radio with some amazing new features; finally I must mention a small article by regular contributor Lee Mylchreest, saddened by a friend's solo death on a reef, on the importance of using all the navigation skills available to you.

Is it real or is it fake?  .. .

That's just the beginning, many more articles to both entertain and inform.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Northwest Passage closes early, some yachts through, others abandoned
Jane George, Nunatsiaq News/Sail-World Cruising,
Canada's National Snow and Ice Data Center now says the Northwest Passage is closed by ice, and according to some reports the ice this year had up to 60% more coverage than last year with some yachts having to abandon their attempt to transit the great passage. But not all.... [more]
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World's oldest clipper starts her journey home to mother.
Martin Cox, Maritime Matters/Sail-World Cruising,
The world's oldest clipper ship has started the first leg of what it is hoped will be her final journey - half way across the world from Irvine in Scotland to form the centrepiece of a museum in South Australia in the city which shares her name - City of Adelaide.... [more]
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The biggest question when going to sea - Where am I?
Lee Mylchreest,
Before technology surfaced, early mariners, over the centuries, devised many crude solutions to determine where they were in the water.... [more]
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Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta - The spectacular culmination
The grand parade of the 27 boats has been the astounding culmination to four days in which Barcelona has vibrated with the great vessels from the Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta which were moored at Port Vell. It has been four days fully open to the public in which locals and enthusiasts from around the world have taken part in the great celebration of the culture of the sea.... [more]
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America's Cup: A letter to Emirates Team NZ from Team New Zealand
This is from us back home. You'll be having some strategy meeting. Knocking around a few ideas. Hell, you might even be asleep. Us at home? We're doing that too. You'll have your eye on the big picture, the San Francisco bay weather, the clouds, the rules, what the Americans (or is it Aussies?) are doing to their boat over night. Probably giving the big outboard motor a polish, if the last few day... [more]
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The argument for fractional ownership of your sailing boat
Renate Goodman/Sail-World Round-up,
Fractional rigs are one thing, not usually much good for the cruising sailor, but what about fractional ownership? Will this let you own the yacht of your dreams, without the huge outlay and relentless bills? Let's face it, many sailing boats (and power boats too) sit in the marina for the bulk of the year - so why not share with compatible sailors?... [more]
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Where go Beneteau, so goes the entire boating market: New report
Des Ryan,
France's Beneteau Group, the world's best known manufacturer of production boats, has long been a benchmark for how the boating industry is going. They are reporting, for the 2012/13 full year that the business is developing 'in line with forecasts', but it is, as often is the case, the devil in the detail which is the most interesting.... [more]
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Calling Florida cruising sailors: Have your say on anchoring program
Boat US/Sail-World Cruising,
In an effort to gauge the success of the Florida Anchoring and Mooring Pilot Program, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is conducting a two-week survey seeking out comment. If you cruise in Florida, Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) urges you to make your views known by taking the short survey here... [more]
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More Tall Ships heading for the Caribbean
Caribbean Sail Training Association,
The beginning of a well know poem written by John Masefield in 1902 is now more and more turned into reality by the sail training vessels, the so called 'Tall Ships'. Several vessels are preparing their winter season with the intention to sail in the Caribbean by the end of this year and the beginning of 2014.... [more]
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Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta - Thousands flock to Moll d'Espanya
On Sunday, the docks that host the Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta again reached around 50,000 citizens. The visits to big vessels recorded long queues, as in German Alexander von Humbolt II which recorded the visit of around 2,000 people.... [more]
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A 'new-generation' anchor - fake or real?
Neil Langford, Crystal Blues/Sail-World Cruising,
Neil and Ley Langford are currently sailing in South East Asia on their yacht svcrystalblues.blogspot.com!Crystal_Blues. This is Neil's story of changing to a 'new generation' anchor, where he comes up with some interesting facts - not so much because of the brand that they chose, but because of the potential difficulty of finding out what was real and what was fake:... [more]
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Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta - A real party of the sea
In excess of 54,000 people visited the Port Vell yesterday to admire the vessels of the Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta and visit the facilities of the exhibition 'Barcelona Sails' in the village at Portal de la Pau. The youngest were the main protagonists on a day were the sun didn't stop shining.... [more]
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Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta - Locals descend on Portal de la Pau
The day one of the official opening of activities of the Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta has brought together thousands of locals who have come to the Portal de la Pau, in front of the Columbus statue, which is installed in the race village. Until September 24th, the boats will be moored at Barcelona's Port Vell and will be open to the public at certain times.... [more]
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Complete Anchoring Guide
Des Ryan,
A boat swinging safely at anchor can mark the relaxing conclusion to a great day of boating or the successful completion of an essential emergency measure, while failure to anchor properly can be frustrating, inconvenient, or downright dangerous. The Complete Anchoring Handbook is your path to mastering this indispensable seamanship skill..... [more]
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Turkey's crack rescuers trek 50 miles for three British sailors
Ted Thornhill/Sail-World Cruising,
AKUT (pronounced 'acute'), Turkey's crack mountain rescue team has trekked 50 miles and climbed three mountains to reach and rescue three British sailors who ended up on the rocks near the coastal resort town of Datca. The sailors, all in their 60s, were stranded for 14 hours before being rescued, as initially fierce seas prevented the Turkish coastguard from reaching them... [more]
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Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: another prestigious award in Monaco
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
Probably the most honoured sailor in yachting history, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston has been honoured again. 'I really had no idea I was going to the recipient of such a prestigious title', he said after the award presentation, which was held during the Monaco Classic Week.... [more]
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Called to the rescue - a gripping account by a solo sailor
Dan Alonso, Ocean Cruising Club/Sail-World,
This story is about a rescue, for which the author received the Crystal Catfish Trophy from the St George's Dinghy and Sports Club in Bermuda. Dan Alonso originally wrote the account for his girlfriend, then for the Ocean Cruising Club. It is a gripping and very honest account, making you feel you are in the cockpit with him, and wondering how you would act in similar circumstances.... [more]
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New feature-packed B&G V50 offers advance sailing range
Andrew Golden,
B&G announced today the new V50 fixed mount, Digital Selective Calling (DSC) VHF radio and the H50 Wireless Handset. The B&G V50 combines a built-in dual channel AIS receiver and the latest VHF functionality, while the H50 Wireless handset offers an impressive range and inductive wireless charging perfect for use away from the chart table.... [more]
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My day of dinghy sailing
Beth Young, East End Beacon/Sail-World,
Beth Young is a journalist for East End Beacon and has been writing for 15 years, but never more engagingly than in this small story about going dinghy sailing... [more]
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