Rally to the sun...beware of 'Sandy' boats...rig your own boat...more

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 29 Aug 2013

Rally to the sun...beware of 'Sandy' boats...rig your own boat...more

Boat shows are going educational and interactive I notice. Every boat show we've covered in recent times has offered an increased number of useful seminars and hands-on experiences – this week it's the Newport International Boat Show in Rhode Island.

In another article there's some sensible advice from BoatUS for American readers about potential dangers for boat-buyers searching for an affordable boat, because of the large number of left-over boats after Hurricane Sandy.

Rigging is not a black art  .. .

One of the most interesting pieces of the week is about a new publication from the Royal Yachting Association. Most long-term long-range boat owners have learned how to 'do it yourself' for most systems on their boats, but they still go to an expert when it comes to rigging. If you have always wanted to fully rig or even tune the rigging on your own boat, but didn't know where to begin, this is just the place.

Much more in news and articles too – so run your eye down the headlines to find what interests you.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Sailing to the Sun - by joining a rally
Des Ryan,
It's to think about migrating to sunnier climes, and sailors are no different. If you are located somewhere chilly and want to head to the Caribbean to avoid the cold winter months, a rally is a great way to do it: Here are the rallies this year heading to the Caribbean, from Europe and from the east and west coasts of North America:... [more]
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Outremer 51 to debut at Cannes Boat Show
Brent Vaughan,
The Outremer shipyard in La Grande Motte in the South of France have just launched the successor to the award winning Outremer 49, with the arrival of the new Outremer 51 which will be debuted at the Cannes boat show in France on the 10th of September.... [more]
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Newport Boat Show goes educational - as well...
Sail-World Cruising,
Educational input is all the go in Boat Shows across the world in 2013 - whether it's the RYA Dinghy Show, the Sydney International Boat Show or the annual Annapolis Boat Show. This time it's Rhode Island's Newport International Boat Show which is offering attendees what they call 'unparalleled educational programs'.... [more]
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New Zealand bound? or there now? Brand new guide available
NZ Marine/Sail-World Cruising,
Heading for New Zealand? - or already there? The New Zealand Marine Industry Association (NZ Marine) has published a brand-new information guide and directory for visiting yacht unlike anything else available in the world.... [more]
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Used boat buyers look out for Hurricane Sandy boats
D. Scott Croft,
With the fall boat buying season upon us, buyers looking for a pre-owned boat can often find deals as sellers, not wanting to take on the upcoming expense of winter storage fees, are in the bargaining mood. However, Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) estimates that 65,000 boats were damaged or lost when Superstorm Sandy struck.... [more]
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Cultural Fusion on the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean
Trevor Joyce, Mariner Boating/Sail-World Cruising,
Trevor and Maggie Joyce, private operators of charter-boat rallies to many exotic parts of the world, enjoyed taking time out sailing in the Caribbean prior to the three-day Heineken Regatta in March. Here they recount their magic experiences and look forward to returning next year.... [more]
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Jumpstart into sailing with new online course
BoatUS/Offshore Sailing School,
Here's how to jump-start your sailing lifestyle or renew your sailing knowledge, as learning to sail just got easier. A new 'Online Learn to Sail' course offered by BoatUS and the Offshore Sailing School is perfect for anyone thinking about getting into sailing or renewing old skills.... [more]
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Rig your own sailing boat? Yes, you can!
RYA/Sail-World Cruising,
Do you rig your own boat? No? Do you even tune it yourself? How confident are you that you are doing it right? The Royal Yachting Association has come up with some timely help in the form of a new book entitled the RYA Rigging Handbook.... [more]
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Persistence pays: UK Sailing Club wins expansion approval
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Persistence pays off. A Hampshire, UK, yachting club has won the right to carry out a 'world-class' multi-million pound expansion project after a thirteen year fight to bring the dream to fruition. Dredging, quay wall replacements, a new slipway and a new network of 'walk ashore pontoons' can now go ahead at The Royal Southern Yacht Club in Hamble.... [more]
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The maddest boat gathering in the world - cardboard boats only please
Leilani Roberts Ott/Sail-World Cruising,
Boats shouldn't be made of cardboard - everyone knows that. So what is going on in Muskogee Oklahoma, USA? Haven't they heard? How come they are planning a regatta where the participants can only enter in a cardboard boat? 'To raise money for kids' is the answer which isn't really an answer.... [more]
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$370 million yacht drug haul spells difficulties for cruising sailors
Des Ryan,
The sad thing for sailors about the $370 million worth of cocaine which has been intercepted on a yacht in Vanuatu is that it is bound to make the way more difficult for long range cruising sailors. The drug traffickers thought they had found the perfect way to slip their cargo - aboard one of the fleet of little-noticed sailing boats that move like migrating birds around the world.... [more]
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America's Cup: 1974 My name is Bond.. Alan Bond - New video
Maritime Productions presents another from its video library of America's Cup. As Bob Fisher describes below, the 1974 America's Cup saw the entrance of Alan Bond, and the team who were to win the America's cup nine years later. Alan Bond, his strategist Warren Jones, designer Ben Lexcen, and skipper Jim Hardy all descended on Newport, bringing a new attitude to the America's Cup.... [more]
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Reliable 24-hour assistance comes to Honokohau Harbor
D. Scott Croft,
An on the water towing company for recreational boaters, anglers and charter operators, Vessel Assist Kona Hawaii, has opened on the 'Big Island' of Hawaii in Kailua-Kona's Honokohau Harbor. The new company is owned by Capt. Robert Hemsher, who also owns Ocean Eco Tours, a Kona-based dive tour operator, surfing school and whale watching business.... [more]
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Tall Ship 'Eye of the Wind' bound for the Caribbean
Ina Trumpfheller,
The British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and the Azores – only three out of many paradisiacal destinations that awaken the dream and longing for the adventures of seafaring, which the historic windjammer ‘Eye of the Wind' will touch at.... [more]
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