Sail-World New Zealand: August 26, 2013 - Kiwis to Challenge again

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 26 Aug 2013

Sail-World New Zealand: August 26, 2013 - Kiwis to Challenge again

Emirates Team New Zealand has won its third Louis Vuitton Cup, and once again will take on the mantle of Challenger for the America's Cup.

This is New Zealand's third stint as the Challenger since 1987, in the America's Cup - sailing in multi-challenger Cups. The team has twice Defended, and has always made the Louis Vuitton Cup Final. That is the best record of any team in America's Cup history.

And under the burgee of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, the Team have been the Defender or Challenger in the last five America's Cups.

But for a flat battery in Race 2 of the Final of the Louis Vuitton Cup, when they were leading, the New Zealand team would have won every race they sailed, and convincingly so.

As thoughts shift to the future, that record could be a very positive portent, or their Achilles heel.

The team has never had to come from behind. In all its wins has led out of the first gybe – probably a minute into the race.

One of the imponderables, and which will hopefully be answered by the Challenger before they go into the Match is whether, and how, one can pass on a course which appears to have no passing lanes. From what we have seen to date, the boat which is first out of the first foiling gybe should go on to win the race.

Louis Vuitton Cup Finals Celebration and Prize Giving  Gilles Martin-Raget: AmericasCup©

The point being that if one boat is consistently faster than the other out of the gybes, and there are about six of them on each of the two downwind legs – then that advantage is going to take some rubbing out.

Positioning on the course is also crucial, and this is one area that Emirates Team NZ's Ray Davies has been superb. A long –time sailing mate of skipper Dean Barker, Davies always seems to have the position of the AC72, seemingly in his head at any given moment, (but in reality on a tablet strapped to his chest) and even better can give timely advice on the options available, in a calm voice.

Upwind the AC72's have to count their tacks, and in terms of boat positioning they must minimize their tacks, stay out of the worst of the tide, and pick the pressure. In these factors, Emirates Team NZ have been very polished.

Louis Vuitton Cup Final, Day 7, Emirates Team New Zealand Vs Luna Rossa  Gilles Martin-Raget: AmericasCup©

The key to New Zealand's performance in the America's Cup will lie in what developments they can bring into what is already a very slick program, in the two weeks that remain, plus what they can learn by sailing against Luna Rossa as a trial horse.

As a venue, San Francisco seems to have some unique issues of its own - including the fog, which really manifested itself on the final day of the Finals. However generally San Francisco has been very good. It is great that racing can be held so close to shore, and hopefully this will continue in future Cups. Whether the course continues to be the one way track, that it has been to date, will be known after the 34th America's Cup Match.

The only issue with San Francisco is the wind limit which has been set very low, in fact the lowest of any regatta of our experience. But for the America's Cup this will click up to the more regulation 25kts and the wind-bogey should be all but gone.

Louis Vuitton Cup Finals Race 6; ETNZ vs Luna Rossa  ACEA/Photo Abner Kingman©

In this edition we cover the bulk of the Final Series, including Am-Cam video shot on Saturday from the edge of San Francisco Bay, by videographer, John Navas, it shows Emirates Team NZ foiling to windward for a sustained period at a top speed just shy of 30kts. They repeated the effort on Sunday, hitting 30kts just before rounding the windward mark , and then clocking 47kts in the rounding process. Will we see the 'Big 50' mark hit this America's Cup?

John has also picked up a stream from Virtual Eye of the foiling to windward sequence, and has cut this in with his video so you can see the speeds as well as the video of the AC72 flying to windward in a race.

The verdict on foiling to windward is that it is not the silver bullet many believed, with the actual gains over Luna Rossa being harder to detect - however it is a great tactical weapon nevertheless. Today it paid a bigger dividend than yesterday.

Emirates Team NZ celebrate a successful defence of the Louis Vuitton Cup, San Francisco, August 26, 2013  Chuck Lantz ©

Today may also have marked the end of Louis Vuitton's involvement in the Challenger Selection Series for the America's Cup. Louis Vuitton have bee a great sponsor, and great for the sport - almost to the point of being too good. For a number of years the Louis Vuitton Cup overshadowed the main event.

Louis Vuitton were at their finest in Auckland in 2000 and 2003. Sadly their involvement was trimmed in 2007 and 2013, and the America's Cup is the poorer for that. Hopefully Louis Vuitton will be back in a re-vamped America's Cup format, but that decision is maybe for another day.

Oracle Team USA claimed that other teams "trespassed" on their AC45's ahead of the Red Bull Youth series  Gilles Martin-Raget: AmericasCup©

In other America's Cup news, we feature a story on the withdrawn protest by Oracle Team USA, and spoke to Tom Ehman, one of their rules advisers, as to why the protest was lodged and withdrawn two days later. Like many protests, all is not always what it seems on the surface.

We also have an update and a new development in the Rule 69/Article Hearings into the measurement tampering of AC45's by Oracle Team USA. That situation has always been serious, and is now even more so.

Emirates Team NZ hits peak speed of 29.2kts foiling upwind in Race 6 of the Louis Vuitton Cup Final  ARL Media

In other news, we carry the story of Doyle Sails taking over Beacon Marinein Westhaven, which will see both the Doyle's operation expand, and Vb>Doyles will acquire a Westhaven sail facility which can only be to everyone's benefit. The Westhaven facility is in addition to their Avondale loft and laminating plant, which is a very impressive facility, both in terms of its size and technology.

In this edition we feature another of the video, and image galleries from Maritime Productions. This one focuses on the 1974 America's Cup which was notable for both the size and qualityof the Defender fleet, and the entry into the America's Cup world of several of the personalities that were to shape the sport for the next ten years - certainly until 1983.

Navigator Halsey Herreshoff (glasses), Jack Sutphen (trimmer and tactician) and helmsman Bob Bavier on board Courageous. Conner would replace Sutphen later in the trials - 1974 America's Cup  Paul Darling Photography© Maritime Productions

On the defender side there was Ted Turner, Dennis Conner, along with several of the old guard. And on the Challenger side there was Alan Bond, Ben Lexcen and the core of the Australian team that would be the first winning Challenger in 1983.

Don't miss the extract from Bob Fisher's excellent book, An Absorbing Interest, featured in this story.

We have several reports from Hamilton Island Race Week. While there are no New Zealand boats competing that we can see, the regatta is notable for having Ernesto Bertarelli competing aboard the Reichel/Pugh 66 Wild Oats X with his Alinghi team. They also took part in the tug-of-war, see story and pictures, in this edition

Ernesto Bertarelli Tug O'War  Andrea Francolini ©

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Louis Vuitton Cup Final, Day 5, Luna Rossa  Gilles Martin-Raget: AmericasCup©
Stay tuned to website for all the latest news.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

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Emirates Team NZ - 2013 Louis Vuitton Cup Final - Race 7  Luna Rossa/Studio Borlenghi/ Borlenghi-Butto

Luna Rossa Challenge 2013 Louis Vuitton Cup Final - Race 7  Luna Rossa/Studio Borlenghi/ Borlenghi-Butto

Louis Vuitton Cup: No fogging contest - Challenger is chosen
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Emirates Team New Zealand completed the first stage of its America's Cup challenge by summarily defeating Luna Rossa in the eighth race of the Louis Vuitton Cup final to bring the score to a definitive 7 -1. It is now time for the Kiwis to march on to meet Oracle Team USA in the match.... [more]
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America's Cup: New report raises more questions on measurement ruckus
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A new report released by the International Jury has revealed that there has been further tampering with the measured parts on the two AC45 catamarans sailed and managed by America's Cup Defenders, Oracle Team USA.To recap, a minor measurement incident has escalated into the most serious form of Hearing in the sport.... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Cup: Images of the Day from ashore and on the Bay
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Louis Vuitton Cup:Emirates Team NZ have consecutive trophy wins
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Emirates Team New Zealand won the 30th anniversary Louis Vuitton Cup with a 3:20 victory over Italy's Luna Rossa Challenge in the eighth and deciding race. The Kiwis, who beat Luna Rossa in the previous Louis Vuitton Cup in 2007, won the series 7-1. Includes full video replay of final media conference.... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Cup: Emirates Team NZ confirmed as Challenger
Richard Gladwell,
Emirates Team New Zealand won the Louis Vuitton Cup for a third time,in San Francisco, and has become the Challenger to contest the America's Cup, starting on September 7. Sailing in moderate winds and heavy fog, the New Zealanders made no contest of the final race, leading from start to finish, and winning by a margin of 3minutes 20 seconds.... [more]
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Takapuna, New Zealand to host the 2015 Finn Gold Cup
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Takapuna Boating Club has won the bid to host the 2015 Finn Gold Cup. The decision was made by the International Finn Association at its meeting in Tallin, Estonia. Takapuna edged out bids from France and Croatia to stage the regatta.... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Cup: Faster still, and faster - Finals - Race 7
Bob Fisher,
Only a serious breakdown can stop Emirates Team New Zealand from winning the Louis Vuitton Cup. The Kiwis proved once more, in the seventh race of the final series of the challenger selection trials, that they have greater resources in every field – and this materializes as boat speed.... [more]
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Collinson FX Market Commentary: August 24, 2013 - Back to the Future
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Audi Hamilton Island Race Week - Of Hooligans and trifectas
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Doyle Sails New Zealand merges with Beacon Marine
Ellie Brade,
Doyle Sails New Zealand has merged with Westhaven-based Beacon Marine, effective as of 1 September 2013. The Beacon Westhaven office – on the corner of Westhaven Drive and Curran St – will now serve as a central waterside base for Doyle's one-stop-shop of marine offerings, including sails, service, rigging, upholstery and covers.... [more]
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America's Cup: Lack of time cited as reason for Oracle back-down
Richard Gladwell,
Oracle Team USA withdrew their Application to the International Jury due to a lack of time to compile evidence, according to their Rules representative at the Hearing, Tom Ehman, who is also Vice Commodore of the Cup Trustee, Golden Gate Yacht Club.... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Cup: Not only history repeats - Finals, Race 6
Bob Fisher,
As the America's Cup moves into its 163rd year (America won at Cowes on 22nd August 1851), there was a degree of inevitability about the result of the sixth race of the Louis Vuitton Cup final. Held in 13-17 knots of south-westerly breeze, Emirates Team New Zealand totally dominated her opponent, Luna Rossa, finishing almost two minutes in front over the ten-mile course.... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Cup: Spectacular Am-Cam video of Kiwis foiling upwind
John Navas,
Videographer John Navas was in his favorite position on the edge of San Francisco Bay and captured this video of Emirates Team New Zealand foiling upwind on Leg 3 of Race 6 of the Louis Vuitton Cup Final. This is the first close-up video of a boat foiling upwind during a race, as Emirates Team NZ hit 30kts for a sustained period upwind.... [more]
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America's Cup: 1974 My name is Bond.. Alan Bond - New video
Maritime Productions presents another from its video library of America's Cup. As Bob Fisher describes below, the 1974 America's Cup saw the entrance of Alan Bond, and the team who were to win the America's cup nine years later. Alan Bond, his strategist Warren Jones, designer Ben Lexcen, and skipper Jim Hardy all descended on Newport, bringing a new attitude to the America's Cup.... [more]
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420 and 470 Junior Europeans - Gold to Israel, Italy and the Ukraine
International 420 and 470 Class Associations,
A tense final day waiting game at the 420 and 470 Junior Europeans in Pwllheli, Great Britain as teams waited for the forecast nine knot breeze to fill in. But local knowledge, which had predicted no breeze this morning, unfortunately won through, with the Race Committee waiting until the last possible timeframe before abandoning racing at 1530 hours.... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Cup: Two straight for Kiwis on Day 4 of Final
Bob Fisher,
Emirates Team New Zealand proved superiority and reliability on a day when the west-south-westerly breeze was down to 12-14 knots and demonstrated that, barring breakdowns, that it will be the team that progresses to the America's Cup. The two races in the final of the Louis Vuitton Cup were one-sided, but considerably closer than anything that has preceded them.... [more]
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America's Cup turning 162 years young
America's Cup,
America's Cup, the competition for the oldest trophy in international sport, will celebrate its 162nd birthday this week. It was August 22, 1851, when the yacht America beat the best of the British fleet in a race around the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England.... [more]
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