Supermoon sailing...Cruising Masterclass...liferaft stowage...more

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 06 Jun 2013

Supermoon sailing...Cruising Masterclass...liferaft stowage...more

I know it's cold on the water at this time of year, but on the shortest day of the year it will be worth taking the boat out for the evening. On 22/23 June there'll be a Supermoon, larger than usual because it will pass closer to the Earth than at any other time this year. Go on, brave the cold!

There's a reminder about how the Sydney International Boat Show is introducing a new feature this year, common in other international boat shows, but not in Australia before. It's a Cruising Masterclass - two days of intensive seminars in a private classroom which will ensure that you are up to date with all you need to know to go on that longer cruising voyage. Read and register your interest early as places are limited and registration is essential.

Some pertinent questions raised this week too... First one is for the sailing clubs: Why do Australian kids find sport too competitive? A new report says it is so. Second question for the Kiwis: Why do so many New Zealanders own a boat but never go to sea? This is a question taken up by Matt Vance in a just published book. What do YOU think?

Westhaven Marina in Auckland - but why do so few yachts leave their berths?  .. .

It's never boring in the world of the cruising sailor. While many sailors have nothing heavier to think about than how quickly they can depart for their next cruise, over in Istanbul some of the sailors in the Bosphorus Cup helped the demonstrators in the fabulous city with their demonstration over a shopping mall. Boycotting the event they sailed up and down the Bosphorus sporting placards with messages of support.

Wherever you plan to sail, leave Gulf of Guinea out of your plans unless you are suicidal – it has taken over from the Gulf of Aden as the most dangerous waters in the world.

There's a salient warning about stowing your life raft. This story tells how some lives were lost because of poor stowage of a life raft which meant it failed to open as the boat sank. There's no lessons to be learned, however, from the sad loss of a solo sailor in Bass Strait this week. It may never be known what happened as mystery surrounds his drowning.

Aspro II location when she hit rocks and sank. The skipper appeared to have made a navigational error, but how he ended up overboard is a mystery  .. .

Finally, it's always great to see a local marine company doing well, and congratulations are due to a company with a familiar name in the sailing scene. Muir Windlasses, who export to more than 40 countries, have won a major industry award.

Read all these stories and much more too, for instance don't forget to read about the two Apps that are new for the cruising sailor this week, and...

...sweet winter sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor


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