Fastest ever solo Circ...lessons from a lost sailor...'genuine' fakes

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 02 May 2013

Fastest ever solo Circ...lessons from a lost sailor...'genuine' fakes

Most cruising sailors want the same things – to leave the squared-off, man-made world behind for a while, to enjoy a sense of freedom in the natural world of the sea. But you can only achieve that without anxiety if you 'sail with confidence'. Jack Klang this week explains in a mere couple of paragraphs which cover a world of sailing wisdom.

Sad to report another cruising sailor lost overboard this week, wearing a life jacket but without a personal locator beacon, in a remote part of the Pacific. In a too typical scenario, his fiance, the only other person on board, was an inexperienced sailor and was lifted off by helicopter, the boat abandoned, now a navigation hazard. After a huge two-day effort by rescuers, the search has now been called off. What's the message for us all? Stay clipped on.

'Genuine' fake products can have their drawbacks. Read how one cruising sailor is in danger of having his whole boat confiscated because the fake cigars he bought were just too good!

A wide range of stories from the world's ocean's again this week. The yacht of the week is the just-about-to-be-launched Alpha 42 catamaran – very interesting boat pictured below, and the book of the week is Dag Pike's 'Cruising under Sail'.

Alpha 42 View from stern  .. .

Browse down the headlines to find your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

New World Record for 40ft circumnavigation set by Guo Chuan (CHN)
John Reed, WSSR,
The World Speed Sailing Record (WSSR) Council has announced the establishment of a new World Record, by Guo Chuan, the first Chinese sailor to have sailed completed a singlehanded circumnavigation. In doing so he also set a record for the singlehanded 40ft division maintained by the WSSR - reducing the previous mark set by Alain Maigan (FRA) by over 48 days.... [more]
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Alpha 42 - new innovative performance cruising catamaran
Des Ryan/ Sail-World Cruising round-up,
There is a lot of hype around the introduction of a new Alpha 42 catamaran set to be introduced to the world yachting market in the next weeks. Reputed to be very cool looking and forecast to be produced at a very low price, can it really be true?... [more]
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The Six Minute Safety Sailing Spiel
BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
It takes only six minutes to brief your new guests on board your boat for a day sailing, but could save the boat - or a life, and the briefing will make sure the day stays fun and relaxed. Here is the six minute safety briefing - six points, each taking only a minute:... [more]
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Skipper missing, non-sailor rescued mid-Pacific, updated
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
Update: The search has been called off. The only thing as horrifying as watching your boat sail away from you because you weren't clipped on could be realising your skipper has gone overboard and you, who can't sail at all, are left in the middle of an ocean alone.... [more]
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US Sailors to vote on Loaner Kids Lifejacket locations
BoatUS/Sail-World Cruising,
USA sailors are being asked to vote for locations at which they would like to have loan life jackets available. BoatUS Foundation, which runs a Life Jacket Loaner Program for Kids at specific locations throughout the USA, is looking to expand their operations.... [more]
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Old Gaffers gather to celebrate 50 years
Nancy Knudsen,
Gaff-rigged sailing boats have never really lost their charm - or their passionate followers, and this year the Old Gaffer Association is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.... [more]
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Book Feature: Dag Pike's Cruising under Sail
Des Ryan,
This is a highly practical book, taking cruisers through all the steps from departure to arrival at their destination.... [more]
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Words of wisdom from a Cruising Guru
Jack Klang/Sail-World Cruising,
These are the smartest words of wisdom that we've heard for a long time at Sail-World Cruising, and they come from a cruising guru of long standing. He's musing on the idea of 'Sailing with Confidence.' What does it actually mean - sailing with confidence? Here is what Jack Klang, of Quantum Sails, thinks:... [more]
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World's fastest Hydroptere to go for Pacific record
Des Ryan,
The world's fastest sailing boat has announced that it will attempt to break the speed record crossing between San Francisco and Honolulu.... [more]
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Sailor's boat confiscated for carrying cigars
Lee Mylchreest,
Long-range cruising sailors, be careful what you carry and be careful what you sign in unfamiliar ports. One American sailor has had his sailing boat confiscated because he was carrying some cigars on board.... [more]
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Royal Yachting Association - some success on new harbour bill
Des Ryan,
Since 2008 there has been a bill before the British Parliament to give British harbour authorities additional powers. However, the Royal Yachting Association has been working hard to give harbour users some protection against the new criminal offences being introduced without any apparent right of defence. Now they have had a measure of success.... [more]
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The moment 750,000 people won't forget
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
This is the moment that 750,000 people will never forget and now the British ex-Naval Officer skipper has to stand trial on a maritime negligence charge. It was a yacht crewed by Royal Navy Officers who made this embarrassing mistake in August 2011 (See Sail-World story and video).... [more]
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The Singles only Sailing Club - encouraging new sailors
Barbara Thomas/Sail-World Cruising,
Yacht Clubs are always dreaming up ideas to encourage new sailors who may be intimidated by the idea of sailing boats that tip and just might tip over - here's a great idea, used by the Shoreline Sailing Club, sailing on Long Island Sound. The Shoreline Sailing Club is geared for singles 35 and older, held regularly throughout the sailing season.... [more]
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