Where's the Southport Yacht Club clock?

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 16 Aug 2012

Where's the Southport Yacht Club clock?

'funniest sailing video ever'. This briefly appeared as part of Olympic media coverage, but was quickly removed. You can see it here, however, much to the chagrin, no doubt, of the Irish. I feel sorry for the announcer. As a general sports commentator it's difficult keep up with every sport, but that didn't stop me guffawing in the last few seconds of the video.

Where has the clock from the Southport Yacht Club gone? Anybody know? Read the story... If you're a Sydney Sunday sailor and like to go into Middle Harbour, the Spit Bridge may be up and down like a yo-yo for the next few weeks.

The sailing adventurers are very active. In the Arctic there's a sailing boat attempting an even more difficult transit of the Northwest Passage; There are some modern day treasure hunters sailing for fabled riches on Cocos Island - not in the Indian Ocean, in the Pacific; young tearaway adventurer, still-sweet-sixteen sailor Laura Dekker, now the youngest ever to circumnavigate solo, is on her last leg headed for New Zealand, which she claims will be her new home.. But is New Zealand ready for Laura?

On a more serious note the findings of the enquiry into the now-infamous Farallones tragedy off the west coast of the USA have some salient messages for sailors, particularly relevant for cruising sailors – don't, at your peril, cut it too fine when rounding obstacles.

Low Speed Chase's 'too close' route is in red - notice one other boat took a similar route  .. .

The mega-billionaires are at it again – read about the Russian oligarch who has plans for the largest sailing boat in the world.

Some good practical advice is offered too – to boat buyers who might be tempted to buy a boat unseen, to those about to invest in a boarding ladder for your boat, and to those thinking of acquiring a most important piece of gear for sailing, a pair of binoculars.

That's just the beginning, so browse away to find your interest, and

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show gearing up for a massive 25th
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show,
In 2013, Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show will celebrate a major milestone of 25 years delivering success to exhibitors, sponsors and partners. Organisers are encouraging exhibitors past and present to 'make 2013 a landmark event'.... [more]
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Ten Tips for choosing the right boarding ladder
Sail-World Cruising,
Every boat of a certain size needs a boarding ladder. But choosing the right boarding ladder for your boat could make a critical difference to your life on the water some time in the future. Here are ten tips to help you make the right decisions:... [more]
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So far so good - Hallberg-Rassy's new route in Northwest Passage
Nancy Knudsen,
>Three adventure sailors are attempting to sail a 31ft Hallberg-Rassy, the Belzebub II, through the Northwest Passage, following a route that has previously only been used by icebreakers and never tried by a sailing boat before.... [more]
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Fountaine Pajot stops French traffic
Multihull Solutions,
The recent transport of a Fontaine Pajot catamaran from a little village called Aigrefeuille to the coast caused the traffic to slow down and attracted lots of interest along the way.... [more]
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Want a sneak preview of The Boat Galley Cookbook?
Carolyn Shearlock,
Looking for some new recipes that you can actually make in your boat's galley?... [more]
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16-year-old circumnavigator on last leg to birth country New Zealand
Nancy Knudsen,
Remember Laura Dekker - that 16-year-old no-fuss Dutch sailor who circumnavigated the world in spite of her government's best efforts to prevent her? Laura's long-held dream to desert Holland out of distaste for how they treated her, in favour of her birth country of New Zealand, is about to come true.... [more]
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Boat-buyers: Beware of scams when you can't SEE the boat
Daily Echo/Sail-World Cruising,
With the great variation in comparative sailing boat costs around the world - in retail prices and in construction costs, many would-be boat-owners are either having built, or purchasing, the yacht of their dreams in a foreign country. But this is fraught with difficulties for the unwary, as one British couple discovered when they commissioned a boat in Poland:... [more]
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British set sail for Cocos Island in search of fabled lost treasure
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
It doesn't just happen in story books and movies. A British explorer is preparing to set sail for a deserted Pacific 'treasure island' to search for pirate loot worth €200m. Shaun Whitehead, engineer and lecturer, will lead the expedition to the Pacific's Cocos Island, about half way between Panama and the Galapagos, but owned by Costa Rica, with the aim of retrieving the fabled treasure.... [more]
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The funniest sailing video ever!!
Sail-World.com Team,
I know this is a cruising site and the Olympics are all about racing, but that doesn't mean that the racers have exclusive rights to a sense of humour as well. Do watch this piece of 2012 Olympic sailing vision with an Irish commentary which has become the hit of the Games amongst the sailing media contingent.... [more]
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World's largest sailing boat on the drawing board
Des Ryan,
Those who watch the yachting world closely are used to seeing the world's billionaires competing to see who can build larger and ever larger superyachts, but the word 'sailing' mostly doesn't figure - until now.... [more]
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Book of the Week: 'Rescue in the Pacific' by Tony Farrington
Lee Mylchreest,
A must read for anyone considering blue water cruising. This story is a real page turner. In 1994 a massive, hurricane strength storm hit the South Pacific, which lasted for nearly four days. This storm is known as 'Queen's Birthday' and 'Pacific Fastnet', and hit an area north of New Zealand, where numerous yachts were battered and bruised from the 90 knot winds and 100 foot waves.... [more]
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The mystery of Southport Yacht Club's missing clock
Rob Mundle - SYC,
For some years now members of Southport Yacht Club, on the Gold Coast, have unfailingly met in the bar at around five o'clock to imbibe, and enjoy a liberal dose of camaraderie with their mates – but no more.... [more]
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Choosing the perfect marine binocular
John Jamieson,
Few sailing navigation tools top the marine binocular when it comes to sailing safety. As a matter of fact, this single item should be near the top of your 'pack before you leave' list.... [more]
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Farrallones Report on sailing deaths: They cut it too fine.
Sail-World Cruising,
Part of the point of an investigation into any sailing tragedy is, of course, instructional. Knowing what could have been done differently is a timely lesson to all sailors for the future, racing or cruising. It is particularly applicable to the findings after the sailing accident that occurred in April during the Full Crew Farallones Race out of San Francisco, California - they cut it too fine... [more]
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Changed traffic conditions on Spit Bridge announced
Penny Robins,
Motorists and skippers are advised of changed traffic conditions on the Spit Bridge in Middle Harbour from 12 August for testing of the newly upgraded bridge span lift system. Additional openings are scheduled for Sundays 12 and 19 August and Sunday 2 September between 11.30pm and 5am.... [more]
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Get onboard the 'Voice Your Choice' rally against marine park zones
Jeni Bone,
Kristina Georges of Samie's Girl Seafoods at Hamilton Brisbane is urging the fishing and boating public to get together with the fishing industry and express opposition to the Gillard government's proposed Marine Park Reserves, organising phase two of the 'Voice Your Choice' campaign with a boat rally scheduled for August 19 in Brisbane.... [more]
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Sailing Shack – specialist sailing classifieds
Brendan Maxwell,
Sometimes only the consumers can see the problem and the solution – in this case it's for specialist sailing classifieds.... [more]
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Marina opens by offering free berths - in Oman
Des Ryan,
There's nothing like offering a free marina berth to attract cruising sailors, but this one may be too far away to take advantage of the offer. Still, when the Indian Ocean becomes less hazardous it might be interesting to know that there are good berths for from 10metre boats upwards in Muscat Oman.... [more]
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Leveraging London - how to turn sailing gold into participation
Jeni Bone,
Sailing has taken the dais as Australia's most successful sport at the 2012 London Olympic Games and should reap a substantial funding boost as a result. But is there a flow on effect for participation?... [more]
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The Great Race: compelling Australian history
Random House,
In his latest tome, The Great Race, former chairman of the ABC, author and speaker, David Hill, is not talking about a sailing race. He instead reveals how two of the world's then superpowers became locked in a perilous race to complete the map of Australia.... [more]
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The effects of ocean acidification on shellfish
British Antarctic Survey,
An international study to comprehend and predict the likely impact of ocean acidification on shellfish and other marine organisms living in seas, from the tropics to the poles, has been published this week in the journal Global Change Biology.... [more]
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