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 15 Aug 2012

After the media hurly-burly of the Olympic Games, things seem a bit quiet all of a sudden. There has been much talk of 'legacy' and 'inspiring a new generation' - which is all very good. But it would be well to remember that performances at the Olympic level are almost impossible to create without huge amounts of support.

In Asia, that translates into governments and their sports departments waking up to the fact that they will have to invest real time, real money and real effort into nurturing their future stars. The Olympics may be all about inclusiveness and turning up and having a go, but if you really want your athletes to bring home the medals, well... must try harder.

We are repeatedly told that Asia has all the money these days, in both private and public hands. So how about doing something with it? It's just a matter of priorities in the end. And planning. Roll on Rio 2016, sure, but start planning now for the 2020 Olympics.

London Olympics: All Done but for the Partying
Mark Chisnell,
It was the last day and school was almost out. All the lessons had been cancelled, except for twelve girls from the lower fourth who'd been made to stay and do extra lines... And so, while everyone else partied, the Women's Match Racers finally finished what they had started two weeks earlier. It was finals day, on the final day of the 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition.... [more]
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Marina opens by offering free berths - in Oman
Des Ryan,
There's nothing like offering a free marina berth to attract cruising sailors, but this one may be too far away to take advantage of the offer. Still, when the Indian Ocean becomes less hazardous it might be interesting to know that there are good berths for from 10metre boats upwards in Muscat Oman.... [more]
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Yellow Sea International Yacht Race - First leg complete + Video
Michalis Pateniotis,
The first leg of the Yellow Sea International Yacht Race is now complete. The first boat to cross the line of the 210 nautical mile leg was Team Irene who finished after two days at sea on the afternoon of the 13th. This was due to the lack of wind during the first night, which made the pace of the race drop significantly.... [more]
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Cowes Week - A truly international regatta
Sue Pelling / CWL,
Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week has established its position as a truly international regatta with at least thirteen different nations taking part. Competitors have travelled from as far as Australia, Norway, Hong Kong, Sweden and Antigua to take part, and international journalists from India, Russia and China are here to experience the qualities of this unique British sporting occasion.... [more]
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Optimist British National and Open Championships - Tricky Day 1
Pip Holloway,
Volvo Gill Optimist British National and Open Championships 2012 - Eagar Optimist sailors were greeted with tricky conditions on day one. The morning opened with strong winds and rain, bringing with it a choppy 3-5ft sea state.... [more]
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l'Hydroptère DCNS crew await favourable weather window
l'Hydroptère DCNS,
l'Hydroptère DCNS has been on stand-by in the Rainbow Harbor Marina of Long Beach for the past three weeks. The crew is awaiting their first favourable weather window to set sail for Honolulu. The flying trimaran is ready for take-off and all eyes are on the wind gods now.... [more]
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Bic Techno 293 Windsurfing World Championships preview + Video
Patrik Pollak,
The Bic Techno 293 Windsurfing World Championships 2012, Raceboard Youth and Raceboard Masters are being held from 11th to 19th August at the International Sailing Center in Medemblikv. Record breaking participation from all continents except Antarctica (But, if the Bic techno 293 class continues to grow this fast, I am sure penguins will be windsurfing on Techno in no time).... [more]
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So far so good - Hallberg-Rassy's new route in Northwest Passage
Nancy Knudsen,
>Three adventure sailors are attempting to sail a 31ft Hallberg-Rassy, the Belzebub II, through the Northwest Passage, following a route that has previously only been used by icebreakers and never tried by a sailing boat before.... [more]
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British set sail for Cocos Island in search of fabled lost treasure
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
It doesn't just happen in story books and movies. A British explorer is preparing to set sail for a deserted Pacific 'treasure island' to search for pirate loot worth €200m. Shaun Whitehead, engineer and lecturer, will lead the expedition to the Pacific's Cocos Island, about half way between Panama and the Galapagos, but owned by Costa Rica, with the aim of retrieving the fabled treasure.... [more]
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Yellow Sea International Yacht Race Day One + Video
Michalis Pateniotis,
Yellow Sea International Yacht Race, hosted by the Incheon in Korea, started with a magnificent opening ceremony yesterday, where the fireworks drew everybody's attention. Early next morning the crews prepared their boats for the many miles they waited ahead at this first offshore leg of the race. But first they had to compete at an inshore race where the light winds were the main characteristic... [more]
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470 Junior European Championships day 1
Luissa Smith,
The first day of racing for the teams, all of whom have to be aged 21 or under in the year of the Championship, showcased some of the 470 Class' youngest talent... [more]
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World's largest sailing boat on the drawing board
Des Ryan,
Those who watch the yachting world closely are used to seeing the world's billionaires competing to see who can build larger and ever larger superyachts, but the word 'sailing' mostly doesn't figure - until now.... [more]
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The effects of ocean acidification on shellfish
British Antarctic Survey,
An international study to comprehend and predict the likely impact of ocean acidification on shellfish and other marine organisms living in seas, from the tropics to the poles, has been published this week in the journal Global Change Biology.... [more]
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