Sail-World New Zealand: June 26, 2012

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 26 Jun 2012

Sail-World New Zealand: June 26, 2012

Remember Bullit (FRA)? Now restored and sailed by Peter Morton - Coutts Quarter Ton Cup 2012  Paul Wyeth /
Welcome to's New Zealand newsletter for June 26, 2012

The agony continues in the Windsurfer vs Kiteboarding 2016 Olympic debate. In this edition we have published a rebuttal from one of the Councillors Ajay Balram (IND) and a retraction from one of the accusers, the President of the Windsurfing Association of Singapore.

However these comments and developments should not detract from what happened in Stresa in May 2012. Both really confirm that there was no discussion between the Councillors involved and the involved bodies prior to the Mid-Year meeting. Why? Probably for the simple reason that few thought the matter of the 2016 Windsurfing/Kiteboarding Event would be decided in May, but rather that the decision would be decided in November 2012, at the Annual ISAF Conference.

That sets the scene for discussion between various National Authorities (NA's), as to (a) who will put forward a submission for reversal of the decision and (b) whether the NA's will work with their affiliated members to come up with a decision in accordance with their views, and require their representatives to vote accordingly.

Oracle Team USA shows a hoisted L-dagger board while trialing in San Francisco on the AC45's  Guilain Grenier Oracle Team USA©

There lies the conundrum for the NA's and ultimately Council. Do they back the views of their affiliated windsurfers, who are usually members of sailing clubs, as well? Or do they turn their backs and opt for the views of a group who are generally not in any form or organised association, but are recreational sailors, and have nothing to do with clubs? Why you would not support your own, is beyond us.

Around lunchtime yesterday, Sail-World NZ received a series of photos of Oracle Team USA trialling foils on their AC45 off San Francisco. While it was expected that most teams would go down this route, the surprising aspect of this development is that the next America's Cup looks set to become contested between hydro-foiling catamarans - with potentially the AC72's being completely foil-borne.

Oracle Team USA shows a hoisted L-dagger board, to windward, with the leeward hull fully supported and flying, while trialing in San Francisco on the AC45's. The T-foil rudder is also evident, just clear of the water on the rear of the windward wull  Guilain Grenier Oracle Team USA©

The matter came up, or AC72's rather dominated an international media conference held at Newport overnight. Bob Fisher reports in this edition of's newsletter. The issue being the limitation of just 30 days sailing in the next six months on the AC72's which should begin being launched in early to mid-July.

This is the period when developments like foils would have been expected to get a thorough working over, prior to starting race training in February 2013, when the second AC72's are launched.

23/06/2012, Newport (USA,RI), 34th America's Cup, America's Cup World Series Newport 2012, Free training Day 4  Gilles Martin-Raget/©

But 30 days is very tight, and the logical thing to do is to stretch his time. However with Artemis Racing sidelined for the time being with a broken wingsail, Team Korea being a later starter, it would only take one of the others, or maybe another late entry to stonewall any extension to the allowable days.

Research undertaken last night indicates that this is not a new development for Oracle Racing, but that they have been sailing with these foils since February - we have a photo of the foil (not a team release either) showing the width of the L-dagger board.

The recently restored J class, Endeavour, sailing off Falmouth with a suit of 3Di sails  J Class Association

Also featured in this edition of Sail-World s the first of a two part series looking at 3Di sails, following a look through North Sails Auckland loft - where J class sails were flowing out the door at a regular rate. Most of these are in 3Di, which is a substantial step up from the better known 3DL technology.

Locally these sails are featuring in the keelboat racing fleets - Young 88's and were also in evidence at the recent Sail Noumea 2012 start.

Matt Smeaton (left) and Burns Fallow (right) unroll a J-class 3Di blank at Norths Auckland loft.  Richard Gladwell

We talk with long-time North Sails designer Burns Fallow and Production manager Matt Smeaton, about the new technology and the issues in making the massive J class sails - which weigh 400kgs - and megayacht sails handled by the loft can weigh as much a a tonne.

Coming up this week the America's Cup World Series gets underway and the Volvo Ocean Race also starts its circuit of Practice, ProAm, Inport and Start for the final Leg to Galway, Ireland.

Stay tuned to for full coverage of these events.

The ultimate pad? Right in the course for the America's Cup World Series Newport 2012,  Gilles Martin-Raget/©

Many thanks to those who have contributed to this edition, particularly those using our online submission and image loading facility which can be accessed by clicking here

More cats. S-W NZ's Sub-Editor asleep on the job, yet again  Richard Gladwell
Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

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America's Cup World Series Newport 2012, Free training Day 3  Gilles Martin-Raget/©

North Sails: Working with Classics in an Aramid Age
Richard Gladwell,
In the Aramid Age of Sailmaking, grey sails are becoming an increasing sight amongst harbour and club racers, as well as on the international racing scene. The rapid take up of the new technology of 3Di has surprised even North Sails' NZ Designer, Burns Fallow. 'Two years ago we would have had ten 3DL sails for every 3Di. Now it is about even.'... [more]
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Fisher's View: Day minus 3 ACWS Newport - The Elephant is in the Room
Bob Fisher,
Day minus 3: While the attention should be on the completion of the 2011/2012 AC-45 World Series, much of the talk is of the AC-72s. It runs from the AC hierarchy right through to the sailors and the topics are wide and various, from whether the size of the boats will produce too heavy demands on the crews to the way in which the boats themselves are designed and structured.... [more]
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America's Cup: Oracle Team USA show off hull lifting foil developments
Richard Gladwell,
Oracle Team USA have released the first images of their L-Board daggerboards and T foil rudders, which have been used in a testing session in San Francisco. The effect of the foils is very dramatic, lifting both hulls completely clear of the water, increasing stability and reducing drag - both of which will substantially increase speed, providing the 'flying' can be controlled.... [more]
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2016 Olympics: Councillor denies receipt of instruction on Kiteboard
Richard Gladwell,
The International Sailing Federation Council member for Area K, Ajay Balram, has denied that he received on instruction from the Yachting Association of India (YAI) or any other nation within Area K (India, Indonesia, Malayasia, Myanmar, Pakistan,Singapore, Sri lanka and Thailand)... [more]
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Volvo Ocean race: Camper tries two more hulls in Lorient
Hamish Hooper,
Multihulls can polarise sailors. It used to be you were either into them or you weren't. That however is now changing and with multihulls moving into the mainstream they are very much at the forefront of competitive sailing. If France is the spiritual home of multihulls then Lorient must be its beating heart with the likes of Banque Populaire, Groupama 3, and many others based out of the port.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race: Camper - the ride so far + Video
Hamish Hooper,
Some eight months ago the 2011/12 Volvo Ocean Race got underway in Alicante, Spain. Since then it has been roller-coaster ride for Camper with plenty of ups, a few downs, some amazing sailing and a heap of fun. With only one leg and two in-port races left to go here's a quick look back at some of the highlights of the campaign to date – from injuries in the Atlantic and a visit from King Neptun... [more]
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Collinson FX Market Commentary: June 26, 2012 - Aversion drops ANZAC
Collinson FX,
Collinson FX market Commentary: June 26, 2012 -Markets continued to meltdown in the lead up to the EU Summit at the end of the week. The aversion play pushed the AUD below parity and the KIWI back to 0.7850. In the US, sentiment tanked despite some positive Jobs data. New Home Sales leaped 7.6% surprising many. The AUD may well test parity and the KIWI dips under... [more]
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Coutts Quarter Ton Cup - Fast, furious, nail-biting day 1 + Video
Fiona Brown,
Opening action for the 2012 Coutts Quarter Ton Cup in Cowes is best summed up as fast, furious and nail-biting fun! The thirty teams enjoyed three amazing races in near perfect conditions. With only seconds separating many of the finishers, both on the water and on corrected time, the Quarter Tonners once again demonstrated why so many sailors have an enduring love affair with the class... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race - Camper's Pammenter back in for final leg
Volvo Ocean Race,
In the Volvo Ocean Race, Camper with Emirates Team New Zealand bowman Mike Pammenter has been given the go ahead to re-join the race for the final leg to Galway and the two in-shore races. After some six weeks on the sidelines with an injured back, the South African can hardly wait.... [more]
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Myth of Malham (Round Eddystone) Race - 30 knots and big seas
Louay Habib,
The 2012 Royal Ocean Race Club Season's Points Championship has been a difficult series of races and the 230-mile Myth of Malham (Round Eddystone) Race was probably the most difficult so far. With a forecast of 30 knots of wind and big seas, many yachts took the decision not to race. However fifteen yachts decided to start the race. Twelve retired, mostly with sail damage, however, the entire... [more]
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Newport Bermuda Race - No single winner determined
Talbot Wilson,
In the Newport Bermuda Race, no single boat has emerged as the winner. This classic ocean race has five divisions and 16 classes. The 166 boats entered in 2012 raced for over 100 trophies including five major division trophies under the Offshore Racing Rule (ORR) system, and one major prize for IRC that combines most boats in the St. David's and Gibbs Hill Divisions that choose to be dual scored... [more]
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La Solitaire du Figaro Leg 1 - Significant marks ticked off
La Solitaire du Figaro,
La Solitaire du Figaro - Eric Bompard Cachemire fleet has successfully ticked off two of the most significant marks of leg one: the Chenal du Four, between the island of Ushant and the northwestern most tip of France, and the Raz de Seine. But a key moment of this leg in fact occurred before this as the boats attempted to get around the Portsall cardinal mark this morning.... [more]
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International Moth Nationals Day 3 - Bumpy conditions
UK International Moth Class Association,
International Moth UK Nationals third day dawned with a forecast not too dissimilar to the previous cancelled day – a gusty 25 knots gusting 30 in a tidal estuary kicking up a short, sharp chop challenging for even the grandmasters of Stokes Bay. Undeterred, however, following several postponements the class sent out two crash test dummies in the form of Simon Hiscocks and Olivier Vidal... [more]
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RS Feva Inland Championships at Rutland SC
Debbie Darling,
RS Feva Inland Championships 2012, sponsored by, were hosted by Rutland Sailing Club over the weekend. The forecast was windy but with the wind hiding behind the clubhouse the conditions looked perfect and the 57 strong fleet headed out without a care in the world. It may not have been champagne sailing all weekend but it proved to be good quality cava!... [more]
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America's Cup: More Images from Newport
Daniel Forster,
Top international photographer, Daniel Forster is in Newport for the next round of the America's cup World Series and filed this second gallery of images of the teams practicing, in the traditonal home of the America's Cup. The event will be sailed off Fort Adams and not the traditional America's Cup course... [more]
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Clipper Round the World Yacht Race fleet contemplate tactics
Isabel Hokken,
Clipper 2011-12 Round the World Yacht Race fleet are on day ten of race thirteen from Nova Scotia to Derry-Londonderry. The teams are busy studying weather files and contemplating tactics once again, in a bid to find the fastest route to the finish line in Northern Ireland.... [more]
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Superyacht Cup Palma images by Ingrid Abery
Ingrid Abery images,
Superyacht Cup Palma 2012 images from photographer Ingrid Abery... [more]
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TelcoinaBox Airlie Beach Race Week shaping up to be the best yet
TelcoinaBox Airlie Beach Race Week media,
The 23rd annual TelcoinaBox Airlie Beach Race Week, which will run from August 10th to 16th, is shaping as the best ever says Regatta Director Denis Thompson. 'It's going to be a wonderful sight with the two big ORMA 60 trimarans. Even just the sound of the wind howling in their rigging is exciting.'... [more]
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Newport Bermuda Race - Sailors experience enchantment and thrill
John Rousmaniere,
A Newport Bermuda Race veteran of times gone by described his initial steps when he staggered ashore following a Thrash to the Onion Patch this way: 'We made tracks for the yacht club, and now, at last, with one foot on the rail of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club bar, we might truly be said to have reached our goal.' And so again after the 48th Bermuda Race. When the boats poured into Hamilton Harbou... [more]
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America's Cup: Images from Newport
Daniel Forster,
Top international photographer, Daniel Forster is in Newport for the next round of the America's Cup World Series and filed these images of the teams practicing, in the traditonal home of the America's Cup. The event will be sailed off Fort Adams and not the traditional America's Cup course... [more]
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America's Cup: Great to be back at Newport - Rod Davis
Rod Davis,
Rod Davis writes from Newport: As I look around at the teams involved in the ACWS there are only a handful of people that know, thus appreciate and value, the history of the Newport's long association with the old Mug. Like art or history, if you understand and place importance on it, it has meaning. If not, life goes on about the same.... [more]
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Musto Skiff Pre-Worlds day 1
Rick Perkins,
The ACO Musto Skiff World Championships started today with the first of a two day pre-worlds warm up regatta. At the committee boat the breeze and sea state had become quite challenging and the race-officer made the sensible decision to send the fleet ashore. Then after a short time the decision was made to postpone to tomorrow.... [more]
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Kiel Week conditions challenging
Kieler Woche,
'The conditions were challenging and tricky', said Kieler Woche Race Director Peter Ramcke. In the OK-Dinghy, the top ranks remain unchanged. Thomas Hansson-Mild from Sweden is leading, followed by Greg Wilcox from New Zealand. Reigning World Champion Nick Craig (Great Britain) did climb up on rank three.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race: Skippers try sailing at 34kts aboard Groupama
Volvo Ocean Race,
Chris Nicholson of Camper and Sanya's Mike Sanderson, along with Telefónica shore boss Horacio Carabelli, had the ride of a lifetime aboard record breaking trimaran Groupama 3. With around 20 knots of wind and some big seas off Lorient on Friday morning, Cammas gave the monohull sailors an exhilarating two hour taste of high speed multihull sailing, blasting along at up to 34 knots.... [more]
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Australian sailing legend Rolly Tasker sails away
The Sail-World Team,
West Australian Rolly Tasker, an Australian sailing legend, died at 2am this morning in Perth at the age of 86. Rolland 'Rolly' Tasker AM (21 March 1926 - 22 June 2012). He started sailing at age six and won Australia's first ever Olympic sailing medal at the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne.... [more]
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2012 Rose Cup Underway
Dave Perry,
The 2012 Rose Cup, a U.S. youth national match racing event, is underway in St. Petersburg, Florida, with six teams battling hard in close match racing action.... [more]
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