Industry and stakeholders respond to Australian Marine Park Plan

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 15 Jun 2012

Industry and stakeholders respond to Australian Marine Park Plan

Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke released the Government's final network of marine reserves which - once proclaimed under national environmental law - will increase the number of marine reserves from 27 to 60, expanding the national network to cover more than a third of Commonwealth waters.

Tony Burke announcement  .. ©

The new marine reserves take the overall size of the Commonwealth marine reserves network to 3.1 million square kilometres, by far the largest representative network of marine protected areas in the world.

The commercial fishing sector has responded to the plan, expressing disappointment and concern about the scale of the new zones, no details of the compensation package - leaving entire communities in limbo - and the long-term effects on the broader marine industry.

Marine Park Zones  .. ©

Australian industry organisations have advised the public to express their own views to their local members and the office of Tony Burke and the Prime Minister, but Minister Burke already considers it case closed.

He said at the media event held at Sydney Aquarium yesterday: 'We now go through one final 60 day consultation period. It's too late for people to say I want this line shifted or I want this zone painted a different colour. The question now is very straight forward. Do we go ahead with the most comprehensive marine park network in the world or do we not?'

Announcement from The Hon Tony Burke MP

Jeni Bone, editor

Industry claims: 36,000 jobs, food security lost in Marine Park Plan
Jeni Bone,
In what is being described by Australian marine industry proponents as 'a knee jerk reaction', 'placating the Greens' and a 'distraction from the Carbon Tax', the marine park announcement has hit the fishing and marine industries like a sledge hammer.... [more]
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Super trawler given the green light for Tasmania
Media Services,
The world's second largest commercial fishing vessel, the super trawler 'Margiris', will soon begin fishing in Tasmania, approved by the federal government.... [more]
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Marine Queensland urges holistic approach to ocean management
Jeni Bone,
Marine Queensland and the BIAA are opposed to the Marine Park proposals. According to Don Jones, CEO of Marine Queensland the process for the development of an appropriate management regime has been 'a sham and driven by tokenism and green fundamentalism'.... [more]
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Gillard Government solution to sustainable marine legacy is archaic
Australian Marine Alliance,
The Australian Marine Alliance (AMA) today released a first draft cost benefit analysis of the Marine Bio-Regional Planning Process (MBPP) that is destined to arbitrarily close large areas of marine environment with negligible environmental benefit but significant financial and social consequences for coastal communities.... [more]
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Still time for public comment on proposed marine reserves
Media Services,
The public and industry still have time to comment on the proposed Marine Parks - here's how.... [more]
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Marine Parks announced - challenges for fishing and boating industries
Jeni Bone,
The Australian government has unveiled the world's largest system of marine reserves with plans that put limits on oil and gas exploration in Western Australia, extend reef protection in the Coral Sea and possibly open the flood gates for compensation potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars for the fishing industry.... [more]
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Marine Park plan provides zero conservation benefits in WA
ReFish West,
Recfishwest is disappointed the Federal Government has met the demands of foreign-funded conservation groups while locking Western Australian fishing families out of the water following today's announcement of its Commonwealth Marine Park plan.... [more]
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GBRMPA Chairman responds to release of State of Conservation Report
Statement from Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Chairman Russell Reichelt about today's release of the State of Conservation Report and draft decision for the World Heritage Committee: 'The World Heritage Centre has released a State of Conservation Report and draft decision for the World Heritage Committee to consider.... [more]
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