Solar circles, Louisiades Rally, ISAF warning, yacht feature

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 10 May 2012

Solar circles, Louisiades Rally, ISAF warning, yacht feature

Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, starting May 24 - several stories below about it, and MarineBusiness-World and Sail-World will be there in force!

In the adventure stakes this week the alien-looking craft Turanor PlanetSolar has just completed the world's first circumnavigation purely on solar power, and just as they finished, a team in the USA announced a plan for just such a solar-powered journey around the 'Great Loop' of the USA – in a VERY different-looking boat... all in a good cause.

An adventure closer to home to take part in is Guy Chester's annual Sailing Rally to the Louisiades - there's still time to get to Cairns for the start - or maybe charter a yacht?

On the subject of alternative solutions in search of sustainability, this week we're featuring cargo sailing ship Tres Hombres that is actually completing its third Atlantic crossing carrying a wide range of goods. It's a start (but there's a long way to go!).

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) is now determined to dissuade cruising sailors from undertaking a journey through the pirate-filled North Indian Ocean – they have put out strong message this week as yet another alarm was sounded about missing cruising sailors feared kidnapped by Somali pirates.

Our Product of the Week is the Parasailor - not seen much in Australian waters, but many long-range cruising sailors swear by them... take a look!

Salona 38 - for cruising or racing  .. .

Our yacht feature this week is of the Salona 38 – worth considering if you want to combine racing and cruising in the one package and it's heading for Australia very soon; the success of the recent Antibes Yacht Show is further evidence of the ongoing strength of the superyacht industry – someone isn't suffering from the current global economic woes; and finally there's the sad tale of the Californian boat builder forced to move his half-built dream boat to the back yard because it's an 'eyesore'.

More too, so browse down the headlines to find your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Sail adventure from Cairns - the fifth Louisiades Rally, mid-September
Guy Chester,
There's still plenty of time to get there! The fifth Louisiades Yacht rally is being held in mid-September 2012. The Early Bird entry has been extended and there are various crewing and sail training positions for those interested in a great adventure.... [more]
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PlanetSolar - she's arrived! First around the world on solar energy
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
On Friday 4th May, after precisely 32,401nm, the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar arrived back into the Hercule Harbour in Monaco, thereby achieving the first around-the-world voyage with solar energy!... [more]
Share this story Pavilion underway at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show
Jeni Bone,
Construction of the main pavilion at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is now well underway, just 19 days out from the start of the show, 24-27 May.... [more]
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Transport options for 2012 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show
Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show,
This year, visitors to Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show will be able to park and ride from Warner Bros. Movie World, with a FREE Park 'n' Ride service just a short 10 minute luxury coach ride to the show.... [more]
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Sanctuary Cove preview on Seven's 'Creek to Coast'
Jeni Bone,
Channel Seven's 'Creek to Coast' will feauture all the innovations and new releases in the line-up at this year's Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, 24-27 May, on Queensland's Gold Coast, screening Saturday 12 May at 5pm in Queensland and nationally on SevenTwo, Sunday morning.... [more]
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New GME products on display at Sanctuary Cove 2012
Matthew Heap,
With their new range of small boat AIS solutions, Australia's GME has certainly raised the bar when it comes to performance, ease of installation and affordability with their soon to be released Automatic Identification Systems. Debuting at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, the GME product line consists of a Class B transceiver, Receiver and Antenna Splitter.... [more]
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Weed-eating fish beneficial to jobs, livelihoods and ecotourism?
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
Having a diverse supply of weed-eating fish on the world's coral reefs can be beneficial to jobs, livelihoods, and the ecotourism industries, marine researchers say. Despite their small size, relative to the sharks, whales, and turtles that often get more attention, herbivorous fish play a vital role in maintaining the health of coral reefs, which support the livelihoods of 500 million people... [more]
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Product of the Week: The Parasailor
Sail-World Cruising,
Our product of the week, the parasailor, ideal for a short handed crew, was used on 33 sailing boats that took part in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers at the end of last year.... [more]
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Use this simple secret for anchor holding power!
John Jamieson,
The other day, a reader sent in a query as to why I recommend a 7: 1 scope on anchor rode as opposed to 3:1. After all, less rode means less hassle with having all that line messed up by gooey mud, slimy bottom crud, and other unknowns beneath the sea.... [more]
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Ludo Bennett-Jones - around Britain in a 16ft dinghy
Nancy Knudsen,
Yet another fund-raising sailor is sailing around Britain, and this one is doing it in a dinghy! 21-year-old Ludo Bennett-Jones is hoping to break two world records when he completes a circumnavigation of Great Britain from the Isle of Wight. He is bidding to become the youngest person to sail a 16ft Wayfarer dinghy two-handed around the coast and in the shortest time.... [more]
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Yacht feature: Salona 38 - heading for Australia
Lee Mylchreest,
Croatian company Salona has used the latest technology and high tech materials in their newest release, the Salona 38. They've benefited, they say, from the experience building all their previous models from 34 to 60ft. But you'll b able to judge for yourself soon, because she's heading for Australia.... [more]
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Tasmanian Shipwrecks
Carl Hyland,
As an island colony and later state of the Commonwealth of Australia, Tasmania has always been fundamentally dependent on shipping services to connect it to the outside world. However, lying in the path of the winds known as the 'roaring forties', the waters around Tasmania have proved treacherous to mariners.... [more]
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Barque Picton Castle collecting supplies for South Pacific outreach
Susan Corkum-Greek,
She's circled the world five times, introducing hundreds of people to the challenges and rewards of traditional sailing, and this summer the Barque Picton Castle is on the East Coast sailing with the Tall Ships fleet and preparing for her next voyage – to the islands of the South Pacific.... [more]
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18 May: Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day
Sail-World Cruising/MCA,
The message does not seem to be getting through, so a multinational effort is on to make boaters wear life jackets AND YOU CAN HELP. It's the 'Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day'.... [more]
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RYA and marinas: Berthing without embarrassment
Sail-World Cruising/RYA,
I've heard it said that sailing across an ocean is sometimes not as nerve racking as getting into a difficult berth without embarrassment. Just the fact that other boat owners are watching nervously is enough to put you off, not to mention the other marina wanderers who have nothing else to do but watch the berthing skills of the latest arrival. So one UK marina, with the RYA, has taken action... [more]
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Is your vessel Ocean Safe Certified?
Ian Thomson,
As boaters, the ocean is our playground, and for some, it is our office. Every day we go out on the water we make an impact on our ocean, yet so many people are unaware of that very impact. So here are some alarming stats for you:... [more]
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Tres Hombres - another sailing cargo ship
Nancy Knudsen,
Along with the large-scale desecration of the planet in so many spheres are signs that aware activists are making small inroads into how to live sustainability - and getting back to sailing is part of the plan. One of these is a sail cargo company that has been operating out of Den Helder in Netherlands for the last 3 years - The Fair Transport company and their sailing ship the Tres Hombres.... [more]
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Sailors are online – is your marine business advertising?
Rob Kothe and the Team,
We live in a ‘now' world, sailors want NOW news! Forget about an audience waiting two months for print news, many of them can't wait two hours!!... [more]
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Message from ISAF: Let your yacht take the ferry
The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has a message for all cruising sailors in or approaching the Indian Ocean. Let your Yacht take the ferry – when considering a passage through the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and western Indian Ocean, north of 10 degrees south and west of 78 degrees east... [more]
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Another Solar Odyssey - around the USA's 'Great Loop'
Cirina Catania, Technorati/Sail-World,
Just as Swiss/German inspired spectacular-looking Turanor PlanetSolar has completed the world's first ever circumnavigation on a craft powered by solar alone, a new venture is being prepared to traverse the entire 'Great Loop' of the United States in a very different-looking solar craft.... [more]
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Piracy jitters cause international search - yacht found
Des Ryan,
Piracy jitters have caused yet another international search for a catamaran in the west Indian Ocean, but the search was successful, locating the yacht before it arrived at its destination. The yacht had merely had 'engine problems and bad weather.'... [more]
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Are Australia's sea snakes in greater danger of extinction?
ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies,
The sea snakes of Australia could be in greater danger of extinction that previously thought, marine scientists say. New research on turtleheaded sea snakes that frequent coral reefs in Australia and nearby New Caledonia, has found they are strongly attached to their home reef and rarely venture even a few kilometres to neighbouring reefs.... [more]
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Antibes Yacht Show thrives against the trend
Sail-World Cruising/Fraser Yachts,
While it is common knowledge that the yacht industry has been suffering greatly since the onset of the global recession, the same can not be said of the luxury end of the market, which continues to perform against the trend. The first few months of 2012 has seen interest in luxury yachts for sale remain high and this has been again confirmed with the success of the recent Antibes Yacht Show.... [more]
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'Eyesore' sailing ketch to be moved to the BACK yard
Lee Mylchreest,
Restoring a classic boat is something many a yacht lover aspires to, and it's often done at home. But the City of Newport Beach California claimed that one man's half-restored 1916 ketch was an eyesore, was 'destroying the residential character' of the neighbourhood, and demanded he remove it.... [more]
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Disabled boat saved from cliffs by Marine Rescue Shoalhaven
Ken McManus,
Two men, at risk of being swept on to rocky cliffs south of Beecroft Head, were rescued from a disabled vessel yesterday by Marine Rescue Shoalhaven's Steber vessel SA 30, proving its worth again. The unit's base at Crookhaven Heads, the Pilot Station, was notified about 4.15pm of a disabled 17 foot half-cabin vessel broken down off Beecroft Head at Currarong with two men aboard.... [more]
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Exclusive use of Lake Albert, Wagga Wagga this weekend
Penny Robins,
An exclusive use aquatic licence has been granted by Roads and Maritime Services for the safe staging of water ski races on Lake Albert, Wagga Wagga, this weekend. Maritime Regional Manager Murray/ Inland Scott Kidd said boaters should keep clear of the whole of the navigable waters of Lake Albert between 7am and 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday for the safe staging of the event.... [more]
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Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie rescue three teenagers off Caves Beach
Ken McManus,
Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie rescued three teenagers after they were dumped and stranded in the surf off Caves Beach, a popular ocean beach just south of the entrance to Lake Macquarie late yesterday afternoon (Monday, May 7). Two of the boys lost their boogie boards when they were dumped by a big set of waves, leaving all three clinging to the remaining board.... [more]
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Exclusive use area on Murray River this weekend
Penny Robins,
Roads and Maritime Services has granted an exclusive use aquatic licence for the safe staging of a power boat event on the Murray River between Mildura and Gol Gol from Friday to Sunday this weekend. Maritime Regional Manager Murray/ Inland Scott Kidd said boaters should keep clear of the area of the Murray from 500m downstream of the Mildura Ski Club... [more]
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Codi-K II latest addition to Marine Rescue NSW fleet
Ken McManus,
Codi-K II, a $260,000 8.5 metre Gemini Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat, is the latest addition to the Marine Rescue NSW fleet. The formal commissioning ceremony for the Codi-K II will take place at Port Stephens today, Monday 7th May. Marine Rescue NSW Commissioner Stacey Tannos said the Codi-K II would be a valuable addition to marine search and rescue capability in the Hunter region... [more]
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Crew wanted to sail the North West Passage
Wave Train/Sail-World Cruising,
Spring in the northern hemisphere means there will be a collection of sailing boats planning a North West Passage transit, lured by the promise of clear passage in summer caused by a rapidly warming planet. American Nicolas Kats is one of these, and he's looking for extra crew for a journey from Ireland to Portland.... [more]
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