Around Americas non-stop..piracy's largest yacht..more..

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 26 Apr 2012

Around Americas non-stop..piracy's largest yacht..more..

solo and non-stop around the Americas in a very ancient donated Albin Vega boat, so small he couldn't stand up in it, was the stuff of impractical dreamers.

Well, he did it, through the icy North West Passage, down the vast Pacific and around the dreaded Cape Horn. Both the boat and he were a little the worse for wear when he turned up in Annapolis, but it's not only an achievement it's heart-warming story of real grit and seamanship.

Talking of difficult sea routes, if you have a yen to explore where few have been before, Des Ryan tells us of three possible sailing routes opening up through the Arctic in the near future thanks to Global Warming.

The annual piracy report is out and makes interesting reading – it's also worth sparing a thought for the non-leisure sailors caught up in Somali piracy net. This is highlighted in a story this week of some Yemeni sailors on a traditional dhow who have just been released to the Yemeni coastguard thanks to EU naval forces patrolling the area.

Read about the largest sailing yacht in the world, Dream Symphony just being constructed in Turkey, made of wood! - and how the oldest sailing junk still in existence it finally going home to China.

Dream Symphony - artist's impression  .. .

John Jamieson has some Winch Wisdom to spread around, there's a new fuel purifier (not a filter) on the market, and a world-first personal device with AIS is a big technological step up in MOB rescue. Of course, I have add there's no safety measure to beat just making sure you stay on the boat.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Missing yacht Polska Miedz - call for help to cruising sailors
Sail-World Cruising,
On the 30th June 2011, Polish sailor Tomasz Chichocki departed on a solo sail around the world on his Delphia 40.3 yacht Polish Copper (Polska Miedz). It had taken eight years preparation, and he had a great following, particularly from his home country of Poland. Now he is missing somewhere in the Atlantic and all cruising sailors on his intended route are asked to assist.... [more]
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World-first AIS/GPS personal device approved for sale
David Pilvelait/Sail-World,
With the approval this week of the Safelink R10 SRS (Survivor Recovery System) by the USA's FCC (Federal Communications Commission), a new level of survivor recovery technology is reached. The small device, which combines GPS and AIS technology in a personal locator beacon, was the Overall Winner of the Pittman Innovation Awards, but had to wait approval before going on sale.... [more]
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Sea Shepherd scout vessel Brigitte Bardot relaunched in Fremantle
Captain Locky Maclean,
The Sea Shepherd scout vessel Brigitte Bardot was relaunched in Fremantle near Perth in Western Australia on 16th April 2012 after three months of repairs needed from damage suffered by a rogue wave in the Southern Ocean. Ship's manager Simon Ager was euphoric, stating 'the last three and a half months of repairs by professionals and passionate volunteers alike have brought us to today,... [more]
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Piracy down in Indian Ocean, but up in West Africa, Indonesia
International Chamber of Commerce,
Piracy in the waters east of Africa is slightly down, but it is still a no-go zone for yachts and a nervous crossing for ships. West African shores are experiencing increased piracy attacks, and there have been five kidnappings in Indonesia, according to the Global Piracy Report by the International Maritime Bureau.... [more]
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Five simple steps to Winch Wisdom
John Jamieson,
Did you know that in just 15 knots of wind, a large 150% Genoa can exert over 750 pounds of pressure? Or that without the correct number of wraps around a winch, you will lose pulling and hauling power--and need to work harder than necessary?... [more]
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Yacht Review: wooden Dream Symphony to be the largest yacht ever
Lee Mylchreest,
She purports to be the largest sailing boat ever built, yet, in a decision that classicists will love, she will be made of wood. The largest sailing boat in the world, a four-masted schooner, is currently being constructed near Marmaris in Turkey. She is such an amazing craft that she's our yacht of the week and she hasn't even touched the water yet.... [more]
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Mystery Chinese sailing junk is finally going home
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
The Free China is an authentic Chinese sailing junk - the oldest surviving wooden Chinese sailing vessel in existence and the last of its kind. Its first fifty years are a mystery, but in 1955 the Free China made headlines when it beat all odds to cross the Pacific with a crew of five young Chinese men and one American diplomat. Now it is going home.... [more]
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He's done it! Sailor sets Around-Americas solo sailing record
Nancy Knudsen,
He's done it! Matt Rutherford crossed the finish line at the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge in Norfolk, Va., at 10:48 a.m. Wednesday, becoming the first solo sailor to circumnavigate North and South America nonstop. Rutherford, who is sailing a 27-foot boat called the St. Brendan, steps on land for the first time today (Saturday) at noon during a public ceremony in Annapolis in Maryland, USA.... [more]
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EU Warship Escorts Freed Dhow to Yemeni Coast
EU NAVFOR/Sail-World,
Dhows have for centuries been sailing the coasts of Africa and the Middle East, for fishing and for transport. But today's dhow crews are also vulnerable to the attacks of Somali pirates Unlike the rest of us, they depend completely on these waters. So there is always great joy when the crew of a dhow is freed by the efforts of the coalition and EU forces in the Indian Ocean.... [more]
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Product of the Week: New MLS Fuel Purifier
Sail-World Cruising,
This week's product of the week addresses a major problem for cruising sailors, especially when they start to leave home waters, or even as a result of the use of marine fuel containing Ethanol, in jurisdictions where that applies. It's the MLS Fuel Purifier, which is NOT a filter.... [more]
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Sailing the Arctic - the opening sea routes
Des Ryan,
Want to sail the Arctic? With global warming gradually changing the profile of the world's northern seaways, many of the world's seafaring nations are looking at the northern sea routes for alternative shipping routes. But where a ship may go, so may a yacht, so if you're after adventure, there are routes possible that one could have only dreamed of once.... [more]
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