Piracy nerves, NSW Maritime gets serious, sea-lion who came to dinner

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 19 Apr 2012

Piracy nerves, NSW Maritime gets serious, sea-lion who came to dinner

brand new boat in Sydney Harbour - a beautiful, classically lined day sailor, and guess where it was made? Burma! See the first photos...

With global warming making the Antarctic more navigable, it's likely that yachts will penetrate further and further south as the ice breaks up - but which is the most southerly sailing yacht? - some fallacious claims have been made and Andrew Troup sets the record straight.

NSW Maritime boating Safety Officers are getting serious about safety on boats, with particular emphasis on lighting. 161 fines have been given recently in random checks, not to mention a larger number of formal warnings. Read the details about where this has occurred.

The Indian Ocean is in the news this week – general piracy nerves quickly produced a search-and-rescue operation when the communications on a catamaran off the African coast failed; up in India sailing is taking off in a big way, especially with the children of Kerala where the vast inland waters make ideal sailing grounds; and in Sri Lanka they are about to build their very first marina for the growing leisure boating activity along the coastlines.

Due to arrive back in Annapolis in Maryland USA in the next few days is Matt Rutherford who has just completed an extraordinary feat – the solo circumnavigation of the Americas on an old sailing boat that sounds as if it may fall apart soon after he arrives at the dock.

There's another adventure almost over too, though this one has a strong environmental message for the world. The first ever totally solar-powered yacht PlanetSolar has almost completed its circumnavigation.

Speaking of adventure sailing and environmental messages, Cameron Dueck's book on the North West Passage crossing of Silent Sound is out – and a worthwhile read.

On a practical level, there's an article on the importance of having at least ONE crew member on your boat who is not prone to seasickness, and why; and a long time yacht delivery skipper offers ten tips for passage making that you WON'T learn at sailing school.

...but my favourite quirky tale of the week is of the sea lion who seemed determined to come to dinner, and what obstacles he had to overcome to make it to the table.

Guess who's coming to dinner  .. .

Browse down the headlines to find your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Wooden Boat Festival of Geelong - Incredible spectacle of workmanship
Bob Appleton OAM,
Whyte, Just and Moore Wooden Boat Festival's recent display of wooden boats really displayed the skills, care and attention given to absolutely beautiful classic wooden boats that obviously, had been carefully restored and maintained and then, obviously painstakingly preened, polished and popped into their pens by particularly patient owners!... [more]
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Double the fun at Pittwater Multihull Rendezvous
Kate Elkington,
Participants at the recent 2012 Pittwater Multihull Rendezvous proved that more hulls means more fun, so, for those of you who missed out and are close enough to get to Pittwater, put it in your diary for next year. Alternatively, there's another Rendezvous scheduled in the Whitsundays in August.... [more]
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Solar-powered yacht's circumnavigation - in the home stretch
Sail-World Cruising,
Turanor Planet Solar, the largest solar yacht in the world, has conquered the Red Sea and the Suez Canal and arrived in the Mediterranean. With the threat of pirates keeping all prudent sailors away from the Gulf of Aden approach to the Red Sea, theirs is not only a solar power triumph but also a pretty unusual voyage.... [more]
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Ringle 39 - first onwater photos
John Curnow,
The world continues to change - here are John Curnow's first images images of the new Ringle 39, the Andy Dovell designed day sailer built in Burma... [more]
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When a sea lion comes to dinner...
Kate Elkington, Multihull Solutions/Sail-World,
Cruising sailors Jackie and Graham had been warned that on arrival in the Galapagos they should try to prevent the sea lions from sleeping on the trampolines of their catamaran. However, word of the comfort of their beautiful Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41 must have leaked out. Read the story:... [more]
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Southernmost sailing voyages - who really has the record?
Andrew Troup,
Recently a Ukrainian/Russian sailing boat, the 98ft steel-hulled Scorpius reached 77 degrees south and claimed a world record. This was greeted by a storm of protest from our readers, one of whom pointed out that in 1965 a tiny Moth was sailed at (but not to) 77.5 degrees. There were other claims too. Andrew Troup here corrects the records...... [more]
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Boat skippers receive fines for insufficient lighting
Penny Robins,
Operation Lights on, a Roads and Maritime Services Easter campaign targeting boat lighting compliance, has found some skippers in the dark as to what is required for safety reasons. Twenty skippers received fines or penalty notices for insufficient lighting during the campaign, which saw Maritime Boating Safety Officers randomly check lighting and safety equipment supplies... [more]
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When ALL the crew becomes seriously seasick...
thisisthewestcountry/Sail-World Cruising,
Before undertaking a serious voyage, it is worthwhile checking that at least one person on your yacht is never subject to seasickness, as was demonstrated again with a rescue this week which proved harrowing for all involved. We all know individuals who are NEVER seasick, and they can be like-gold when conditions defeat other crew members. Read the story... [more]
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Book Review: The New Northwest Passage
Nancy Knudsen,
In the summer of 2009 Cameron Dueck and the rest of the crew of the 64ft steel-hulled expedition yacht Silent Sound completed a journey made by fewer people than have climbed Everest; they sailed through the infamous Northwest Passage. These waters are normally locked in ice, but due to climate change it is now possible to sail here for a few short weeks each summer.... [more]
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Yacht found safe after searchers fear pirate attack
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Piracy nervousness is rife in the western Indian Ocean. When Dandelion, a 47ft Leopard catamaran with seven on board sailing between the island Mayotte in the Indian Ocean and Pemba in northern Mozambique, hadn't been heard from for several days, families and rescue authorities quickly feared that they had been 'sea-jacked' by pirates. A major search was launched.... [more]
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Keep the romance in sailing with 10 common sense tips
John Jamieson (and anonymous delivery skipper),
Cruising sailing is not all about electronic gear, navigation, even sail plans...and the sailing won't go on being romantic unless backed up with practicality. These common sense tips come from a delivery sailor, who, like a cruising sailor, is not backward about wanting the magic of sailing without stress. The tips have developed over many years of passage sailing... [more]
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Matt Rutherford around the Americas solo - almost home
Nancy Knudsen,
Weather has not been kind lately to Matt Rutherford - gale conditions, his yacht's engine is out - the alternator failed and the hand crank doesn't work, the wind generator and solar panels wore out some time ago. But it's not surprising - Matt Rutherford hasn't touched land for ten months. He set sail 10 months ago from Annapolis to solo sail around the Americas non-stop, and he's nearly home.... [more]
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Are there winners and losers amongst corals in a warmer world?
Coral COE,
There are both winners and losers amongst corals under the accumulating impacts of climate change, according to a new scientific study. In the world's first large-scale investigation of how climate affects the composition of coral reefs, an international team of marine scientists concludes that the picture is far more complicated than previously thought... [more]
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Adastra - controllable with the touch of an iPad
Lee Mylchreest,
The problem with my iPad is that it just can't make me a cup of coffee when I need it - but it can do almost everything else, including operating the extraordinary new trimaran super yacht, just in the water, the Adastra. With its shiny body and smooth curves the unusually shaped yacht could be confused for a spacecraft if placed on a runway.... [more]
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ISAF Presidency – Candidate Kellett explains his plans
Marine Business-World.com,
‘I have received overwhelming support from ISAF MNA's to continue my campaign to be the next President of our great sport. ‘I now take this opportunity to outline the direction, which I feel ISAF must follow during the next four years. - I have identified four principal goals: Leadership, Governance, Service and Development... [more]
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Rise and rise of sailing in India - the magic of Lake Vembanad
Jimmy Shallet/Sail-World Cruising,
Sailing is on the verge of exploding in India, and there's no surer sign than the number of children that are discovering the sport. The state of Kerala is ideal for such activies, with its vast 'backwaters' full of waving palms and gently flat waters. Adjoining Vembanad Lake is the longest freshwater lake in India and was home this week to some young trainee sailors, as Jimmy Shallet describes:... [more]
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Adastra launched at McConaghy Boats China facility
McConaghy Boats,
The greatly anticipated Adastra was launched earlier this week at the McConaghy Boats China facility. Described as 'one of the world's most amazing Superyachts' she has already been turning heads in China and Hong Kong where she is performing a series of sea trials.... [more]
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Second Indian Ocean marina planned
Lee Mylchreest,
With pirates keeping away circumnavigating cruising yachts from the north Indian Ocean, one would have to wonder at the timing, but top Sri Lankan boatbuilders, Cey-Nor have announced that they will be building a 'marina park' in the southwest coastal city of Beruwela. Beruwela, located between Gall and Colombo, is considered an ideal location for such a marina development.... [more]
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Marine Rescue NSW to 'practise its tricks' Sunday, Pittwater
Marine Rescue NSW,
If you see urgent rescue operations taking place on Sydney's Pittwater this Sunday morning, don't be alarmed, there's no-one sinking, missing or drowning - it's just Marine Rescue NSW practising its tricks. Rescue specialists from across Sydney and the Central Coast will gather at Newport this weekend (April 14 and 15) for the region's annual marine Search & Rescue Exercise (SAREX).... [more]
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