Sailing adventures, help for kidnapped sailors, Esse 750 and more...

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 08 Mar 2012

Sailing adventures, help for kidnapped sailors, Esse 750 and more...

Esse 750 - now that's my kinda boat!  .. .
Jeanne Socrates never ceases to amaze me. She has spent more time on the sea than on land over the last few years and last year became the oldest female solo circumnavigator (no-one can compare with Japanese sailor Minaru Saito). Now she's off again, and I can only wish that, at the age of 68-going-on-69, she will this time achieve her ambition to complete a non-stop circumnavigation.

There's plenty going on in the Australian sailing world, so check the headlines for where you live - Pittwater has a Multihull Rendezvous soon, there is a Sydney Harbour Regatta this weekend guess where, Brisbane has word of a new Boat Show on the river and there's a Wooden Boat Festival in Geelong this weekend - and that's just some of the hightlights.

Just as British Somalis kick-started the flagging efforts to free British cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler, so is the South African Somali community coming together to help the plight of South African cruising sailors Bruno Pelizzari and Deborah Calitz who have been captives now for an agonising sixteen months. Let's hope their help will comprise more than the much appreciated money they have raised.

Also in the news is PlanetSolar, world's largest and longest travelled solar yacht has finally broken her radio silence. With plenty of funding for security guards and high slippery sides, she has negotiated the pirate-infested Gulf of Aden successfully.

If you are into small boat day sailing you will just love (whether to drool or seriously consider) the Esse 750, the ultimate in a 7.5 metre boat and completely made of carbon fiber, which won the 'European Yacht of the Year' this year in the Special Yacht category. Check it out!

Personally I love reading about long range sailing achievements, so the Cruising Club of America awards have me wanting to throw away the dock lines again and keep sailing on to new adventures - they all seem to be Americans who won this time, but frequently this prestigious Club recognizes a variety of other nationalities, including our own Alex Whitworth in 2010.

Many other stories of particular interest depending on where you intend to sail - Italy's berthing tax for foreign yachts is off, as is the move to make Red Diesel illegal for sailors who buy it in Britain and then visit Europe – browse down the headlines and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Louisiades Rally - it's on again!
Guy Chester/Sail-World Cruising,
It's on again. The Fifth Louisiades Yacht Rally is being held in Spring 2012. This has been facilitated by ongoing interest from this very welcoming community to host the Rally, for whom it has become a major annual event, and there remains strong support from the Provincial Government and the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority.... [more]
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Oldest female solo circumnavigator off to the Southern Ocean again
Nancy Knudsen,
Jeanne Socrates just can't stay on land. In May last year the 68-year-old grandmother became the oldest woman to sail solo around the world by crossing her outbound route south west of Cape Town. Since then she's been resting and relaxing and preparing her boat. Now she has left Cape Town and is half way across the Southern Indian Ocean heading for Tasmania.... [more]
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Esse 750 - European Yacht of the Year, Special Yacht
Nancy Knudsen,
The Esse 750 this year won the European Yacht of the Year in the 'Special yacht' category. The Esse 750, at just 7.5 metres length overall, is designed for the sailor who wants to go fast but doesn't want to deal with recruiting crew. Or maybe your crew is one of your family members. If you want to get someone hooked on sailing, this is a great way to start.... [more]
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New for Brisbane - Rivergate International Boat Show
Jeni Bone,
Brisbanites who love the boating lifestyle won't have to travel far this year to see what's new on water. Brisbane is to welcome a new boat show to the ranks of major marine showcases, with the anticipated launch of the Rivergate International Boat Show in October 2012.... [more]
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Wooden Boat Festival at Royal Geelong YC
Bob Appleton,
Wooden Boat Festival of Geelong is being held this weekend, 10th and 11th March 2012, at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club. Entry is free and the general public can enjoy an amazing array of close to 100 different types of wooden boats. Onshore displays and demonstrations will add to the historical aspect of our nautical heritage.... [more]
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Pittwater Multihull Rendezvous 2012 - Last chance to join the fun
Kate Elkington,
Entries are filling fast for the 2012 Pittwater Multihull Rendezvous from 17-18 March, but spots are still available to join this superb weekend of sailing and social action. Hosted and organised by Multihull Solutions, this year's event also includes a special St Patrick's Day party on Saturday 17 March.... [more]
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Cruising Club of America recognises great sailing achievements
Kirsten Ferguson/Sail-World Cruising,
There are no more auspicious winners than those who set out on adventurous expeditions without competing or known reward. Such is the life of the cruising sailor, yet every year the Cruising Club of America celebrates the achievements of some who have excelled in extraordinary ways. Last week the Cruising Club of America (CCA) celebrated its outstanding sailors of 2011... [more]
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South African Somalis help effort to free kidnapped cruising sailors
Sail-World Cruising,
On October 26, 2010, Bruno Pelizzari and Deborah Calitz were helping a yacht owner move his yacht south to Richards Bay in South Africa where they intended to see their first grandchild when they were kidnapped by Somali pirates. For the last seventeen months, in spite of money raising efforts by the family and intermittent publicity by the mainstream press, they are still in captivity.... [more]
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Gulf of Aden crossing and a pirate rendezvous - PlanetSolar
Raphaël Domjan,
The crew of Turanor PlanetSolar, the largest solar-powered yacht on the planet and aiming to be the first to complete a circumnavigation, now break their radio silence to give the story of their trepidatious journey through the Gulf of Aden. Here, Raphaël Domjan, co-founder and expedition leader, tells the story:... [more]
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JOB2SEA - global matchmaking for the sailing industry
Jakob le Fevre/Sail-World Cruising,
Maybe you can't 'run away to sea', but if you love sailing and the sea so much that you would like to be involved in the industry, a new global website could channel you to a job in a faraway country. Or maybe you're already professionally involved in the industry and would value knowing what's going on in the global job scene, rather than merely your local one.... [more]
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Spit Bridge NSW closure to marine traffic postponed
Neil Patchett,
Please be advised that due to a delay in delivering components required to upgrade the Spit Bridge (NSW) drive system, the planned fourteen day period when the bridge will not open to marine traffic has been postponed by two weeks and will now occur from Monday 30 April to Sunday 13 May 2012, inclusive... [more]
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Sydney Harbour Regatta - An iconic 'must see' event
Di Pearson,
The Middle Harbour Yacht Club (MHYC) will host the 2012 Sydney Harbour Regatta which is set to run from Saturday 10 to Sunday 11 March, 2012. The Sydney Harbour Regatta is an iconic landmark sailing event for Sydney, with over 220 yachts and 2,500 crew members competing inshore and offshore, over two days of racing, on 10 course areas and up to 26 divisions spread across Sydney Harbour... [more]
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Greenest, fastest and pirate-proof - it's the Ocean Supremacy
Richard John Sauter /Sail-World Cruising,
It looks as if it could cruise through Space just as easily as on the ocean, but the 42 metre Ocean Supremacy is merely the largest and greenest among the ten fastest superyachts in the world. While she has a pirate-proof 53 knots as her top speed, her 14 knot Zero Carbon Cruising Speed certainly makes her among the most advanced of Eco luxury superyachts that money could buy... [more]
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Italy rethinks! - no berthing tax for foreign yachts
Nancy Knudsen,
Cruising sailors thinking of sailing in Italian waters any time soon can relax about the cost. A new law coming into effect in May 2012 would have incurred a 'berthing tax' to stay in Italy. The tax has been amended so that only Italian-owned yachts are affected. The tax would have cost 10 euros every day for yachts from 14-17 metres, and reached as high as 703 euros a day for mega yachts.... [more]
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New theory: Neanderthals were great sailors
Sail-World Cruising/,
Last week Sail-World published a story about a 4,500-year-old Egyptian felucca being restored from a burial site. But that story pales considerably if the findings of an archaeologist, George Ferentinos of the University of Patras in Greece, are found to be true. He says that Neanderthals sailed the Mediterranean possibly hundreds of thousands of years ago, long before humans.... [more]
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Spacecast project to forecast space weather goes live
Athena Dina,
A new European Union system to forecast space weather goes live today (1 March). Led by researchers at British Antarctic Survey (BAS), the €2.54m Spacecast project will provide frequent and reliable web-based forecasts so that satellite operators can take action to protect their satellites from space radiation damage.... [more]
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New Zealand yacht lost on reef off Venezuela
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Reports just received indicate that a New Zealand owned yacht, Chinook Wind, has been wrecked on a reef about 100 nautical miles from the Dutch island of Bonaire in the Caribbean, off the coast of Venezuela... [more]
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Win an iPad 2! - complete the Awlgrip and International Paint Survey
Chris Toole,
High Standards – We have them, you have them, but do they agree? Now, more than ever, customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business. Many companies talk about improving it, many claim to ‘understand' their customers. How many bother to actually ask!... [more]
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Maritime Safety Queensland announce bank slippage occurrence
Maritime Safety Queensland,
Maritime Safety Queensland have announced a bank slippage occurrence in the Brisbane pilotage area, at the Quarantine Flats Reach, Brisbane River.... [more]
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Sydney Harbour Regatta- Action aplenty on and off the water
Jess Mulquiney,
All eyes will be on the Sydney Harbour Regatta this weekend as over 250 yachts compete for the 2012 Champions title.... [more]
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Please Note - Its Google Analytics not Google Statistics
The SEO Guy & TetraMedia,
Google Analytics is NOT designed to record website traffic statistics accurately. Google Analytics is far from accurate, especially when compared directly against server log files. G A is intended to track and analyse what people do when on the site. That's why its called 'Google Analytics' and not 'Google Statistics'... If you want webstats you must use server log data stats.... [more]
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