Cruising Yacht Club goes cruising to Tasmania...yacht hits 'metal object' in the Atlantic...Ten Top Sailing Tips...Smart phone app 'out of this world' Rainbow Warrior launched... and much more...

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 27 Oct 2011

CYCA Rendezvous Cruise to Hobart in 2012/3 summer

Wineglass Bay: Hobart 2013 Rendezvous Cruise - idyllic cruising in the summer  .. .
It's good to see that members of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, best known outside Sydney circles for its sometimes grueling Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, are starting to validate the name of their club by indulging in some serious cruising.

Just announced is the Third Rendezvous Cruise to Hobart, not this summer, but next. Time to start planning, cruisers. It's idyllic sailing in Tasmania in the summer, and the company will be excellent (Register early - the numbers will be limited).

In sadder news, read how in New Zealand they are still battling the tragic oil spill in the Bay of Plenty, with thousands of the wildlife already dead, and there's a heads-up for Australia in the damning US Department of Energy just released report into E15.

Greenpeace is set to go sailing new missions with the launch of Rainbow Warrior III, and China is really getting into the action with an amazing Dubai-style project designed to get the Chinese sailing.

Paul and Rachel Chandler, retrieved pirate hostages, are in the news again as they claim that the British Police, not the Foreign Office should have been called when they were kidnapped.

The bad news of the week for cruising sailors is the knowledge that there are still hard objects floating in the ocean that can sink your boat. Read of the collision with a 'metal object' by a mini Transat boat in the Atlantic. What could it be if not a container? We thought they were perforated to sink these days.

John Jamieson is here again with some great sailing tips, Balvenie has a dreamy sailing tale in Morocco and we're featuring another neat safety device that will allow your friends and family to stop panicking if you're overdue on a voyage.

Much more too, newsy, educational, quirky, or just plain amusing, so make sure to browse down the headlines to find your particular interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Hobart 2013 - Rendezvous Cruise - time to start planning
Nancy Knudsen,
CYCA cruising sailors are going it alone for the third time next summer (2012/3) in a Rendezvous Rally Cruise to Tasmania. Although the rally is not an 'official club organised' event, it provides a way for members of the club, better known for its Sydney to Hobart yacht race, to live up to their club's name - 'The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.'... [more]
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Lifejacket campaign in Hunter region this weekend
Penny Robins,
NSW Maritime will lead a multi-agency campaign in the Hunter region this weekend focusing on the new lifejacket rules which came into effect in November 2010. NSW Maritime Hunter/ Inland Regional Manager Sonia McKay said Maritime Boating Safety Officers would be joined by local Water Police Officers and volunteers from Marine Rescue NSW for the campaign.... [more]
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A smartphone App that's 'out of this world'
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
This week we feature a smartphone App that can stop your relatives or friends driving AMSA crazy when you're not where you said you'd be the next time you go sailing, and enable you to sound the alarm when there really is a problem. It's out of this world, literally, because it depends on satellite communication.... [more]
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Gold Coast Marine Expo - sowing the seeds for boats and boating
Gold Coast Marine Expo,
In the market to try, buy or see how a boat is made? All these and much more will be on show at the inaugural Gold Coast Marine Expo – Australia's Working Boat Show – 4, 5 and 6 November at the bustling Coomera marine precinct on Queensland's Gold Coast.... [more]
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French sailor in Transat race hits 'metal object', sinks
Veronique Largeau/Sail-World Cruising,
Was it a whale? The skipper didn't think so. A runaway container? We all thought they had perforations that allowed them to sink these days. An abandoned vessel? The bad news for cruising sailors is that we shall probably never know, but there ARE still hard objects in deep oceans. A French sailor in the Transat race has had to abandon his yacht mid-Atlantic when he hit a 'metal object'.... [more]
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Somali hostages claim Police, not Foreign Office, appropriate
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Kidnapped cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler have put a new spin on the business of assisting cruising sailors after they have been kidnapped by pirates. They have made the point that, as they were kidnapped on the high seas, and lawless Somalia has no diplomats to contact anyway, the police should have been the ones to handle the case of their abduction, not the British Foreign Office.... [more]
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Safety rail snag saves yacht after collision
Round-up from New Zealand,
It was a sorry look for both yacht and motorised catamaran this week in New Zealand as a barge tries to retrieve the situation after a collision between the two. Only a small section of the yacht's sail and the tip of the mast were visible above water. The two boats were snagged with the yacht's mast caught on a safety rail at the front of the catamaran. The yacht was successfully retrieved... [more]
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Ten Top Sailing Tips for Safer Sailing
John Jamieson,
What ten top sailing tips top the list? Collected from cruising sailors around the world, John Jamieson (Captain John) recommends you add a handful of these to your 'best of' list of sailing skills, techniques, and tips for safer sailing worldwide.... [more]
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Sailing with Balvenie: Fascinating ancient Fés - Morocco
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell,
Balvenie is a 47foot fractional rigged, centre cockpit sloop ,being sailed by Amanda Church and Mark Farrell, who have so far sailed her 26,263 miles. Currently they are in Morocco........ [more]
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Online boat auctions the way forward
Jeni Bone,
Marine Auctions has added an online auction component to its sales arsenal, launching the innovation from 14 November as an additional medium for clients selling their boats and those interested in buying from afar.... [more]
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Greenpeace launches a new Rainbow Warrior
Alessandra Suardi,
At a ceremony in Berne-Motzen, Germany, Greenpeace launched the third version of its protest vessel the Rainbow Warrior. The construction of the Rainbow Warrior was paid for by over 100,000 individual donations. Donors were able to sponsor specific parts of the vessel and items of equipment.... [more]
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Malta, sailing paradise, island of contrasts
Marina Kienitz Wyss/Sail-World Cruising,
The stunning Republic of Malta really is a place unlike any other,yet oddly like many sailing-mad places one may have seen before. And why would they not be sailing-mad? Surrounded by the Mediterranean, it's not surprise that it plays host,from 22-29 October, to one of the Mediterranean's premiere offshore sailing events – the Rolex Middle Sea Race. but it's not all about racing... [more]
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Mud-foiled sailors airlifted to hospital
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
It was what you call a 'bad hair day' for a couple of British sailors. All they wanted was a day out in the yacht, but the two sailors ran into trouble when their yacht ran aground in the muddy Blackwater Estuary near Maldon on the Essex coast during low tide. Of course, it didn't seem such a problem at the time.... [more]
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Rena Oil Spill - Despite the Official Line, the same questions remain
Richard Gladwell,
Eighteen days ago the Liberian registered MV Rena, struck the Astrolabe Reef off Tauranga. From the outset questions were asked, when little appeared to be done in the initial period of fine weather that ran for a four day period. Now that oil is being successfully retrieved the lights have dimmed on this issue a little but the questions remain.... [more]
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Kudos for New Zealand yacht builders with international awards
NZ Marine Export Group Inc,
Kiwi yacht builders and marine industry suppliers feature among the finalists of two significant international design awards with the winners being announced later this month.... [more]
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Incredible opportunity to land exceptional Cumberland 44
Kim McKee,
Multihull Solutions has just announced one of the most exciting brokerage listings of the year with a superb 2007 Cumberland 44 power catamaran in ‘as new' condition and comprehensively outfitted. The Cumberland 44, Valelevu is arguably one of the finest pre-owned Cumberland 44's currently for sale. All offers are now being invited to purchase the catamaran at well below her original value.... [more]
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Vale to Petrel, 70ft 1938 wooden yawl- 'there's got to be another way'
MV Times/Sail-World Cruising,
Many cruising sailors can tell you that yacht that you sail in for years becomes a part of you, holding a cache of precious memories, probably both idyllic and traumatic. So there was much sadness around this week when Petrel, a 1938 70ft wooden yawl was ripped apart with heavy equipment in Vineyard Haven in Massachusetts in the US, and hauled away in dumpster loads.... [more]
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Coming to China - yachting for all budgets
China Daily/Sail-World Cruising,
Many Chinese regard yachting as a sport for the rich, but Australian entrepreneur Les Glover wants to make it a recreation everyone can enjoy, with the help of an amazing new project. 'Boating is a pastime everyone can enjoy at their own level and budget in Australia,' says Glover, chairman of Success Group International.... [more]
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Lake Macquarie PWC races exclusion zone: Sunday
Penny Robins,
NSW Maritime has granted an exclusive use aquatic licence for a section of Lake Macquarie, at Cams Wharf this Sunday, 23 October. NSW Maritime Regional Manager Hunter/ Inland Sonia McKay said boaters should avoid the area of Cams Wharf, Lake Macquarie between 10am and 4.30pm... [more]
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Tiny company with world reach wins 'Best of the Best' Excellence Award
Nancy Knudsen,
A world-wide specialist marine electronics company with only ten employees and based in West Sussex in the UK has won multiple awards including 'Best of the Best' at British Engineering Excellence Awards 2011, proving again that you don't have to be big to be excellent.... [more]
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Effects of bacterial communication on the earth's climate
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution,
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) scientists have discovered that bacterial communication could have a significant impact on the planet's climate. In the ocean, bacteria coalesce on tiny particles of carbon-rich detritus sinking through the depths. WHOI marine biogeochemists Laura Hmelo, Benjamin Van Mooy, and Tracy Mincer found that these bacteria send out chemical signals... [more]
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Haines Group expands into caravans with Seachange
Martin Beeson,
The Haines Group has branched out into caravans, with the Seachange 640 Elite.... [more]
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Hawkesbury River Canoe Race exclusion zone: Saturday 22nd
NSW Maritime,
NSW Maritime has granted an exclusive use aquatic licence for a section of the Hawkesbury River this Saturday, 22 October.... [more]
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