Idiot's prize for the week goes to...Bruce Arms set for record...cruising rally in the Canaries...Announcing Yellowbrick 3...ten top sailing skills for less-skilled partners...sad day for Najad... gourmet sailors go adventuring...and much more...

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 11 Aug 2011

Lounge-chair adventuring can be almost as much fun...

Taking the Idiot's Prize in the most embarrassing incident of the week, 33ft British yacht Atlanta of Chester was either calling right-of-way over a 120,000 tonne tanker(she had the tanker to port), or thought she could sneak past the bow. See the video in the story...

Bruce Arms is now in the vicinity of Tasmania, just about to escape from the driving conditions of the Southern Ocean and make his home run to Mooloolaba to claim a new record for a solo circumnavigation of Australia - however it hasn't been all smooth sailing...

A warning to all sailors to be cautious when crossing a bar - another two boats rolled on the Ballina bar this week. You'll also find some handy hints for skill building for that less-skilled sailing partner; and the product of the week is Yellowbrick 3 – what a tough little beauty it is too.

A couple of cruising tales – from Canada and the Mediterranean - might make you drool to be there, and, talking of drooling, wouldn't I love to be sailing in the cruising rally being organised by Sunsail in the Canary Islands. I was there a few years ago, at that time sailing myself around the world, but would have loved to stay longer to explore...if you can't be there, what about the coming multihull rally in the Whitsundays?

So many whales off the coast, and no lack of incidents - Did you know humpback whales cannot hear you at all?

All these stories and more, so browse down the headlines to see what catches your interest, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Tanker and yacht collision drama watched by 100,000
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
An estimated one hundred thousand yachting enthusiasts were watching the sails on the Solent when this dramatic sequence was captured by the camera of Herbert Westervelt. It was sent to the Island Pulse during the Cowes Week Regatta, reputed to be the largest gathering of its kind of yachts in the world... [more]
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Canadian gourmet sailors adventure on the wild side.
Lee Mylchreest,
When most cruisers set off to remote places they regard provisioning as a necessary evil and part of the preparation of the boat. Having to forage for food during the cruise is definitely not part of the agenda. However, three young Canadian sailors are turning that concept on its ear by sailing in search of a novel adventure on the wild side - new ingredients to make fresh culinary creations!... [more]
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Bruce Arms, set for a solo round Australia record, 'terrified' by wave
Des Ryan,
Solo sailor Bruce Arms on his catamaran Big Wave Rider is now about three-quarters of his way around Australia, and is still on track to set a new record for the circumnavigation. However, it hasn't been all smooth sailing.... [more]
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Another single-handed sailing teen goes for a challenge
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Yet another teenager has taken up the challenge of a single-handed longer voyage, with 18-year-old British sailor Tom Webb successfully more than half way through a circumnavigation of Britain. Like many other adventure sailors, he is also raising money for charity by his exploits... [more]
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Cruising Rally in the Canary Islands - the ultimate in exotica
Nancy Knudsen,
Maybe you're a pretty experienced sailor and you've sailed in lots of magic places, but here's one that you may not have experienced. A cruising rally in the Canary Islands could fulfill many dreams even for the well-experienced roving sailor - fantastic anchorages, interesting overnight sails, exotic touring in active volcanic lands.... [more]
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Sailing with Balvenie: Excursion to Ronda, 'Andalusia's Gem'
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell,
New Zealander cruising couple Amanda Church and Mark Farrell continue to cruise in their 47ft yacht Balvenie. They have now reached Gibraltar, where maintenance issues and the weather are keeping them from sailing on. Leaving their yacht in Ocean Village at Marina Bay, they spend their time touring and here they describe their journey to Ronda, 'Andalusia's Gem'... [more]
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Wild Rose hits whale on return from Southport
Jenifer Wells,
One of the things that many racing crew love about sailing is that we rarely run out of new experiences. The other off-watch crew reported that Hickman shot out of his bunk after the first blow only to be knocked to the floor when the 1985 Bob Oatley commissioned ‘Wild Oats' hit the whale for a second time.... [more]
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Two boats rolled on Ballina Bar
Neil Patchett,
NSW Maritime today issued an alert to skippers to take extra care when considering crossing any coastal bar. Regional Manager North Jim Green today issued the warning following two separate incidents at Ballina bar this morning. Two boats rolled on the bar in what Mr Green described as ‘unfavourable conditions'.... [more]
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Heavy handed financial police scare boats away from Italy
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
It's not only on land that Italians are suffering financially. Marina operators are complaining that, between new checks being carried out by Italian financial police, the flight of yachts to other countries and the fact that so many boats in marinas are for sale, the year 2011 is forecast to be even worse than 2009 and 2010.... [more]
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Is it a virus? Second power boat drives onto a beach
Lee Mylchreest,
Is it a virus? Last week a superyacht shocked beach-goers in Croatia by driving up onto the sunbaker's beach after he hit nearby rocks, now it has happened again on the coast of Massachusetts in the US.... [more]
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6 Day Multihull Rally in the Whitsundays 28 August to 2 September
Lynette Chalmers,
Only three weeks to go before the cruising yachties in the Multihull Solutions Multihull Rendezvous Rally. Each night will be spent anchored in the secluded bays of the scenic Whitsunday National Park islands. During the day the Multihull Solutions rally sails to many interesting places.... [more]
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Oyster nomination for European Yacht of the Year 2012

Any Oyster on the water can be guaranteed to turn heads, but the nomination of the Oyster 625 for the best Luxury Cruiser in the European Yacht of the Year Awards for 2012 shows that this is an all round winner.... [more]
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Hunter River: Navigation restriction for power boat races
Penny Robins,
A section of the Hunter River will be restricted for parts of this weekend in order for power boat races to take place safely. NSW Maritime Regional Manager Hunter/ Inland Sonia McKay said boat skippers would need to avoid the area on the Hunter River at Raymond Terrace, downstream of the Fitzgerald Bridge between Bourke and Swan Streets, between 10am and 5pm on Saturday and 9am and 5pm on Sunday... [more]
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Humpbacks cannot hear you - a message for sailors
KFSK/Sail-World Cruising,
Research round the world suggests that the number of whales in the world is increasing, and it certainly seems true on the Australian east coast. Now new research in Southeast Alaska suggests the number of collisions between boats and whales is on the rise, perhaps caused by the inability of humpback whales to hear through echo-location or sonar.... [more]
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Ten Top Sailing Skills Your Sailing Partner Needs to Know!
John Jamieson,
With short-handed cruising sailors, it is often the case that one partner is the excellent sailor and skipper, and the other partner is willing but not really a sailor. Mostly it is the male who is the more skilled, but not always. Whatever the gender, are you confident that your less skilled spouse or partner can 'take the helm' of your sailing boat in an emergency?... [more]
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New Maritime Advisory Council for NSW
Penny Robins,
As part of the Government's commitment to restore accountability and give boaters a real say, a new Ministerial level Maritime Advisory Council will be established under legislation by Minster for Roads and Ports, Duncan Gay.... [more]
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A sad day for Najad as economic decline claims another victim
Des Ryan,
One of the best known names in international boat building for the last forty years has fallen victim to the economic downturn across the Western world. Swedish boat-builder Najad (Najadvarvet AB) has announced that it has submitted a petition for bankruptcy in the District Court at Addevalla, and the court has declared them bankrupt.... [more]
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NSW Maritime Alert - Dangerous seas
Neil Patchett,
NSW Maritime today issued an alert following the official forecast for adverse weather. Dangerous surf conditions are forecast for the NSW coast south of Smoky Cape on Monday. NSW Maritime advises skippers and owners of small craft to be on high alert and to check the conditions before considering heading onto exposed waters or offshore.... [more]
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