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 21 Jul 2011

The changing world of the cruising sailor

What you find out there is ever changing  .. .
The story of the gradually changing profile of the world of the cruising sailor is traceable every week in this e-magazine.

While we have frequent reports of the dramatic increase in boat ownership in Asia, China, Malaysia, Vietnam for instance, boat sales in Western countries are still depressed, with more and more sailors hanging on to their current model, or giving up and flooding the market with cheap used boats.

In the Indian ocean circumnavigators are faced with a new challenge – it's round Africa or take your chances with Somali pirates – a life-or-death chance since the tragic killing of four Americans last year. Scientists are even being impeded in their climate observations because of pirate danger.

Having said that, thanks to GPS technology and comprehensive rescue systems in place, there are more and more cruising sailors setting out to cross oceans, sometimes without sufficient expertise or safety gear. Gone are the days when one needed celestial navigation skills and the seamanship of Joshua Slocum.

Other marine technology and internet information on cruising grounds are also improving dramatically so that would-be cruising sailors can sail for years with the latest knowledge about their destinations and without ever being out of touch with their friends.

Where will it end? Keep reading, as we bring you every week all the up-to-date news of the changing world of the cruising sailor.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

USA demand for cruising boats 'disappointing'
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
A wide-ranging survey of 288 dealers in the USA confirms that 2011 has been a disappointing year for yacht and boat dealers. According to a report from Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Capital Markets, '2011 is not the transition year that many hoped for going into the selling season.'... [more]
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Volunteer receives award: full rescue story
Tamsin Thomas,
A Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) volunteer is to receive the Institution's prized 'Thanks of the Institution on Vellum' for his bravery in the dramatic rescue of two sailors grounded on rocks in breaking seas. The full details of the precarious rescue, along with the determination and courage of the volunteer and his other crew are recounted here:... [more]
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Getting ready for the ARC - Welsh sailors tell
Jason Evans, South Wales Evening Post/Sail-World,
Every year for over 20 years, enthusiastic sailors have ventured from all parts of the globe to join the ARC, or Atlantic Rally for cruisers. Some of these come back year after year, but many others are starting on one of the greatest sailing adventures of their lives so far, crossing the Atlantic Ocean. This is the case for five hardy Welshmen, who are determined to cross this year in the great... [more]
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New for 2012: Jeanneau's Sun Odyssey 44DS
Sail-World Cruising,
Jeanneau, French yacht manufacturer since 1957, is planning big things for the 2012 season, and among them is the almost revolutionary Sun Odyssey 44DS... [more]
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15-year-old solo sailor Laura Dekker reaches Fiji
Nancy Knudsen,
Laura Dekker, 15-year-old Dutch sailor embarked on a solo world cruising voyage in her 38ft ketch Guppy, has reached Suva in Fiji, and is now well on her way to have conquered her second ocean... [more]
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New product: Millenium for halyards
Sail-World Cruising,
When next you are wanting to replace your aging halyards, there's a new line to check out. French rope manufacturer Lancelin have brought out Millenium, a new rope suitable for halyards. It is the combination of two fibres in the core that makes this a high performance rope with extremely low creep... [more]
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Indian Ocean pirates impede climate observations
Australian scientists have sought the help of the United States and Australian navies to plug a critical gap in their Argo ocean and climate monitoring program caused by Somali pirates operating in the western Indian Ocean. 'We have not been able to seed about one quarter of the Indian Ocean since the increase in the piracy,' says CSIRO Wealth from Oceans Flagship scientist, Dr Ann Thresher.... [more]
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Sailing with Balvenie: Excursion to Morocco
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell,
New Zealander cruising couple Amanda Church and Mark Farrell continue to cruise in their yacht Balvenie, a 47foot fractional rigged, centre cockpit, sailing sloop built in 1991. Cruising the western end of the Med, they take a short side excursion to Morocco: With Balvenie closed up we left her sitting in the marina in Ceuta, took a short walk up the road and caught the No 7 local bus...... [more]
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So you still want to sail through the Gulf of Aden?
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
So you have an ambition to circumnavigate the world, and, in spite of all the warnings you still want to sail your cruising boat through the Gulf of Aden to the Red Sea? Despite the horrors and the incidents in the last year - nine cruising sailors still in captivity and four shot dead, scores of sailors did take yachts into the dangerous waters off the Horn of Africa this year.... [more]
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Coastguard frustration after unlogged cruising boat incident
Nancy Knudsen,
More coast guard authorities - many of them volunteers - are frustrated by the lack of diligence of skippers when going to sea about safety issues. In Australia this week the volunteer marine rescue authority is again pleading with skippers of all yachts, large and small, to log their trips, after a yacht - it was a powerboat - exploded and sank... [more]
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Product of the Week: touch screen interface on G2 Series Watermakers
Sail-World Cruising,
The Racor Village Marine Stowaway G2 Series are compact watermakers for marine applications. Working with the design house Robrady (Florida), and their team of Racor VMT design engineers, they have updated their Stowaway Series and created a new generation of watermakers which include a new touch screen interface control panel... [more]
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Windjammer Celebration - 75-years-old and counting
Sail-World Cruising,
To celebrate the 75th anniversary of windjamming in America, the Maine Windjammer Association pulled out all the stops this week to give windjammer guests and spectators an event to remember!... [more]
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New website for Australia-bound superyachts
Sail-world Cruising,
A new website has been developed specially for superyachts wanting to visit Australia, but there's much information there that could be useful for the 'normal' long-range cruising yacht as well - weather and tides, suggested itineraries, quarantine (particularly challenging in Australia) and other formalities... [more]
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How to Steer Your Cruising Sailboat with Pinpoint Accuracy!
Captain John Jamieson,
Have you ever noticed how new sailing crew sometimes struggle to 'keep the course' after only two to three minutes at the wheel or tiller? Here John Jamieson (Captain John) shares the following sailing tips, guaranteed to make cruising, especially short-handed cruising, easier, more fun and less tiring: Imagine driving your car down the highway with your eyes glued to the speedometer...... [more]
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Animated Knots by Grog - Part 2
Jeraldine Kennedy,
The website and now iPhone app that leads the way is Animated Knots by Grog. You can click through to those animated knots on our website, as well finding links to the iPhone apps. Here is part two of our interview with Grog himself.... [more]
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