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 02 Jun 2011

PlanetSolar - largest solar craft successfully crosses the Pacific

PlanetSolar arriving in Brisbane  .. .
Turanor PlanetSolar, the largest solar-powered craft in the world, has finished its crossing of the Pacific – its second ocean – and is now happily berthed in Brisbane Australia.

There was a daunting message about MOB situations in a sailing incident this week. When a British skipper was washed overboard in rough conditions his three experienced crew were unable to pull him back on board in spite of his wearing a life jacket and harness. Rescuers had to be called, and he was losing consciousness by the time they arrived. Read the story.

Bermuda is in the news, showing that they value the yachting community at last. The normal three week visa has been changed to three months – bravo! On the other hand Fiji, where most nationalities don't even need a visa for the first four months and the yacht can stay for 18 months, is having trouble keeping up with its yachting boom. Where you welcome me I shall come!

Awareness is the sailor's best friend, and I must admit I sailed for years without any thought that there was an ever-present potential danger when trying to reach the yacht in my dinghy. But when the planets line up the wrong way a dinghy can be lethal, as our story about 'dinghy danger' this week explores.

Lightning is also an ongoing potential threat on a sailing boat, so check out the ten tips about actions you can take to minimise the danger.

Keeping the servicing of various pieces of equipment on your boat up to date can be a challenge. With so many dates to remember it's easy to forget one, so this week's Product of the Week, is worth a try, and the basic version is free.

Lots of other news and useful and practical stories too, so browse down the headlines to find your interest.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Going it Alone: Failure and Self Reliance at Sea
Daniel Johnston,
Lee Winters, solo sailor and campaigner for SOS childrens villages provides an insight into solo-sailing: Keep the standing rig up and the water out. It is a simple mantra but is the essence of sailing solo. My boat epitomizes classic plastic, but she is seaworthy. That is until 9000 nautical miles into my singlehanded circumnavigation my forestay parted in the South Pacific.... [more]
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Largest solar yacht in the world arrives Australia
Des Ryan,
On Sunday next, Planet Solar will arrive Brisbane Australia having crossed its second ocean, the Pacific. The largest solar-powered vessel in the world, it will cut an unusual figure, berthed at the city's very central Rivergate Marina.... [more]
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Bloodhound - a right Royal charter opportunity
Lee Mylchreest,
Want a unique sailing adventure but can't think of anything original? With royal weddings in the spotlight, what better than chartering a piece of British history with a VERY royal flavour? Bloodhound, the 63ft fully restored classic 1930s yacht which once belonged to Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, is available this summer for charter in Scotland.... [more]
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Boaters ignore simple safety precautions
Petty Officer 3rd Class Tara Molle/Sail-World,
Feel for the frustration of the various rescue services around the world as their pleading for common precautions seems to go unheeded. In the USA National Safe Boating Week has just passed (May23-30) with much publicity in all forms of media about fundamental safety precautions. Yet on the west coast of Florida alone, there were 23 search and rescue missions during the week.... [more]
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Sula visits Bermuda before sailing the Atlantic
David and Heather Churcher,
Cruising sailors David and Heather Churcher are sailing the world on their Discovery 55, called Sula, having started from Melbourne Australia. They have spent some months in the Caribbean and are now poised to cross the Atlantic with two extra crew, Andrew and Rob Stead, on board.... [more]
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Bermuda: More red carpet, less red tape
Bernews/Sail-World Cruising,
Bermuda has long been concerned about illegal immigrants, allowing yachts only a three week stay before an involved process for an extension. Now the country is recognising the value of the yachting fraternity by allowing yachts a three month stay.... [more]
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Ten Tips to prepare for a lightning strike on a sailing boat
BoatUS Seaworthy Magazine,
Lightning strikes can bring fear to the heart of even the most experienced of sailors. While a storm at sea may bring difficult conditions from wind and sea state, the experienced sailor has a range of techniques for avoiding disaster. However, lightning is another story. BoatUS' Seaworthy Magazine has these tips:... [more]
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Fiji copes with yachting boom
Sail-World Cruising,
Fiji is having to expand its customs and immigration facilities to cope with a yachting boom. According to the Biosecurity Authority of Fiji(BAF) thirty-two officers are to be recruited because of the increase in workload created by the recent influx of yachts, particularly superyachts.... [more]
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Skipper overboard incident - three crew powerless to retrieve him
Mark Bell/Sail-World Cruising,
All the Man OverBoard (MOB) training in the world will not necessarily rescue a crew fallen overboard. An experienced crew were this week unable to pull their skipper back on board, even though he was tethered and was wearing a life-jacket which inflated as he hit the water.... [more]
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Sailing Academy takes the lead against marine degradation
Cailah Leask,
With the degrading state of the world's oceans receiving more and more focus by marine scientists and a growing media consciousness, many arms of the sailing world are beginning to take a role at the forefront of campaigning against global marine degradation. This week there is more evidence of this growing leadership role, from Britain's Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy... [more]
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Product of the Week: - Online Yacht Management
Sail-World Cruising,
Do you easily remember when your dinghy needs servicing, or the outboard? or even when the oil need changing in your yacht's diesel engine? What about the liferaft? the flares? and the medicines in your first aid kit? These are only a few of the items which need regular attention, and to make this and many other maintenance tasks easy has a new Online Yacht Management on offer.... [more]
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Sailors for the Sea - two worthwhile positions vacant
Sail-World Cruising,
There can be no greater satisfaction for any sailor who love the ocean and wants to see it return to health than to join an organisation devoted to just that. Non-profit organisation Sailors for the Sea are have two positions vacant and are inviting applicants.... [more]
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UN appoints teen sailor Jessica Watson rep for World Food Programme
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) appointed Jessica Watson of Australia, the youngest person to sail alone non-stop around the world, as the agency's Youth Representative in support of the global fight against hunger.... [more]
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Dinghy Danger - could it happen to you?
Nancy Knudsen,
It's night, there's a high wind blowing off the land. You want to reach your boat in the anchorage, but it's one of the boats far from shore. Beyond the anchorage, there is only hundreds of miles of ocean. On the way to the yacht in your dinghy the outboard engine fails. You try to row, but the wind is too strong, and keeps blowing you sideways out to sea. You call out, but no one hears you...... [more]
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Rally Portugal - The ensuing high sea adventure
Andy Sinclair,
Rally Portugal's international field promises a colourful spectacle before setting off on a high seas adventure from Plymouth's Mayflower Marina.... [more]
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