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 25 May 2011

Sail-World New Zealand: 25 May 2011

Elliott 6's racing in the fifth round of the ISAF World Cup, Medemblik  Margje Tempelaars
Welcome to Sail-World.com's New Zealand newsletter for 25 May 2011

Yesterday we had the privilege to sail aboard TeamVodafoneSailing - Simon Hull's ORMA60 which has become a familiar sight on the Waitemata.

We've sailed aboard a few fast boats, several supermaxi's, AC45's and now the ORMA60.

Never before have we done 30kts in a sailboat - and certainly not in less than 15kts of breeze. But we did yesterday.

What's it like? We try and give you some idea in this edition of Sail-World as we clambered and clung to the netting and crossbeams with camera and microphone to get it on video.

TeamVodafoneSailing winds up in a puff hitting close to 30kts on the Waitemata  Richard Gladwell

Oddly enough, like with all the quick boats we have mentioned, there is little real sensation of speed. The sensations are more of a low level flight - and trying to read a speedo that looks like it has an electric drill running its mechanism.

On board TeamVodafoneSailing was Jon Bilger from PredictWind.com. After the ORMA60 had docked he gave a quick demonstration of the software and hardware which make up the wind and routing package aboard TVS. While sailing TVS was very impressive - so too is this package.

What PredictWind have done is develop a set of hardware and software, at a very reasonable price, which is completely integrated - meaning that it is designed to fit and run together. It is also cheap to run in terms of mobile communication costs - is simple to drive, and easy to read and comprehend. The detailed information is there at the end of the report as well.

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand. On the final leg of their 2000 mile qualifier approach Auckland. 15/5/2011  Emirates Team New Zealand / Photo Chris Cameron ETNZ ©

In this edition we have another video, shot in very cosy conditions down below TVS, as Jon Bilger takes us through the features of PredictWind and what it can do for you, whether you are a cruiser, a racer or just sitting at home wondering what the wind and weather is going do over the next few days.

Last Friday afternoon, we interviewed yacht designer Greg Elliott, who never seems to be too far from the spotlight. He was certainly firing on all cylinders - before we turned the recorders on - over the decision by the International Sailing Federation to drop the Keelboats from the 2016 Olympic Games.

He'd quietened down a little for the formal interview - which stretched to two parts. The first, in this edition, covers his design development and philosophies for both cruisers and racers. Elliott talks about how he started as a designer and grew from the Elliott 5.9 project into the 140ft schooner, Mari Cha IV which nailed the TransAtlantic record for a manually winched yacht in 2005, and then talks of his more recent projects.

Mari Cha IV, the 140ft schooner for Robert Miller (HKG). Elliott Marine had a five year involvement in this project which set a TransAtlantic Speed Record   

Elliott certainly makes some interesting points. He has stayed true to his design philosophies without being perverted by rating rule considerations. We've always liked his cruising boats, they are fast, simple and different. His racing boats speak for themselves.

Read the story, and watch the video, to get the true nuance of what Elliott is saying.

We'll have the second part of the interview later this week, where he talks of the ISAF decisions and gives his views as to where the sport is headed.

Lancer in the Sub Antarctic islands  

Lancer are one of the success stories of the New Zealand marine industry. It is hard to believe that this company has been operating for almost 40 years producing inflatable boats, also known as RIBS. In this edition of Sail-World we profile the company and its commitment to quality. If you flick onto the link at the bottom of the story, you'll be taken to their 'skite-sheet' of achievements and milestones over almost 40 years of RIB construction. What is impressive is that while most think of RIB's as small tenders, which is certainly one use, Lancer has certainly moved on the large RIB side of the market, including developing RIBs for the military and others of a similar ilk.

One of the things you soon learn about the New Zealand marine scene, is that there is a very close relationship between the sport and the industry. The the three stories we have featured above certainly underline that relationship, to the point where it is sometimes hard to see where the sport stops and the industry starts.

New Zealand get s agood start on the opening day of the 49ers at Medemblik  Delta Lloyd Regatta 2011 - © Sander van der Borch

The fifth round of the ISAF World Cup has got underway in Medemblik, Holland. NZL Sailing Team members are contesting just three events and after the first day were leading two of them.

We have a report and images from the regatta in this edition and will be providing full coverage all week.

A 49er gets close to the point of no return on Day 1 of the ISAF World Cup, Medemblik  Delta Lloyd Regatta 2011 - © Sander van der Borch

Many thanks to those who have contributed to this edition, particularly those using our online submission and image loading facility which can be accessed by clicking here

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor


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PredictWind demonstrates new weather routing and receiving systems
Richard Gladwell,
Jon Bilger of PredictWind.com demonstrated their new onboard weather and wind package along with routing functions, yesterday aboard the ORMA60 TeamVodafoneSailing. For racers or cruisers, the system offers a very cost effective solution for wind and route prediction, with relatively low-cost reception units to receive email and weather data feeds, using the Iridium network.... [more]
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NZL Sailing Team: Two NZL crews lead World Cup regatta in Medemblik
Richard Gladwell,
The NZL Sailing Team is competing in three events at the fifth round of the ISAF World Sailing Cup, being sailed in Medemblik Holland. At the end of the first day's racing New Zealand crews are leading two events and are handily placed in a third.... [more]
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Ponsonby Cruising Club: Results from Saturday and Sunday 21 and 22 May
Ponsonby Cruising Club,
Ponsonby Cruising Club held two days racing on the weekend. there was an excellent line up for the first race of the PCC Winter Series 18 entries (and only one missed the start due to rigging problems) Gorgeous, sunny day with a light Southerly breeze of around 8 knots. The Fleet lined up for a very close start and were across the line with only meters separating them.... [more]
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Greg Elliott: From Sports boats to record holders and cruising tourers
Richard Gladwell,
Latterly Greg Elliott has been better known as the designer of the Elliott 6, the Womens Keelboat to be used for the 2012 Olympics. His focus on easily driven racing designs transfers well into Elliott's cruisers. 'Cruising boats to me are about safety, comfort and speed. Once you have sailed what I call the Tourer version, you'll never go back.'... [more]
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Lancer - at the forefront of inflatable boat construction for 39 years
Lancer Media and Sail-World,
Lancer has developed an enviable reputation over the past 39 years for supplying inflatable boats and structures around the world - while also manufacturing a wide range of recreational inflatable boats Lancer's strength lies in its ability to make specialized inflatable products for commercial or industrial application.... [more]
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'Too fast for Lake' Moths foil at Takapuna in 'Freshwater' series
Georgia Schofield,
After being kicked off Lake Pupuke for (according to the boys) 'being too fast' by the Laser fleet, sailing in the CollinsonFX North Shore Freshwatre Laser Championships, the Int Moths joined in the 470 World Trials at Takapuna Boating Club. With five competitors and an organised committee the racing went off without a hitch.... [more]
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ISAF World Cup, Medemblik: Images of Day 1
Sander van der Borch and Margje Tempelaars,
Sander van der Borch and Margje Tempelaars were on the water for day 1 of the fifth round of the ISAF World Sailing Cup at Medemblik and provided these superb images of the days action in fresh winds.... [more]
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TeamVodafoneSailing hits 30kts on the Waitemata + Onboard Video
Richard Gladwell,
Sail-World's New Zealand Editor, Richard Gladwell, had the privilege to sail aboard the ORMA60 trimaran yesterday afternoon on the Waitemata. What started out as a foggy windless day in Auckland developed into a moderate breeze of around 12 knots. Not sure from which direction as we always seemed to be sailing on the wind, or with just cracked sheets. Welcome to the world of apparent wind sailing... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race: Camper set for dash to Fiji
Emirates Team NZ Media,
CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand goes racing next week – a 1141-nautical mile dash from Auckland to Musket Cove, Fiji. For skipper Chris Nicholson the Fiji race will be an acid test of more than a year's work by designers, boat builders, shore crew and the yachtsmen themselves. The yacht will be in full race mode, the crew will number 13 rather than the 11 permitted for the Volvo Oce... [more]
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Sailrocket 2 hits 40 knots - heading for 60?
Paul Larsen,
It really was effortless. We made some changes to the pitch of the main foil in order to help lift the rear float clear of the water and it all worked a treat. The steering was great and it all just felt smooth. To be honest I was surprised that we hit 40 knots.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12 to stop in Sanya, China
Volvo Ocean Race,
Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12 will make a stop in Sanya, China. This comes after the Chinese city of Sanya held a star studded press conference in Beijing this past Friday, celebrating the stopover.... [more]
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Delta Lloyd Regatta day one for the breeze lovers
Corinne Rolland-McKenzie,
Delta Lloyd Regatta 2011 is the fifth event on the ISAF Sailing World Cup circuit and is following in the trend of previous European events, with quite a windy opening day.... [more]
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WMRT Match Race Germany live coverage
Conditions for the Qualifying Sessions for stage 2 of the World Match Racing Tour, Match Race Germany are forecast to be light and shifty. Alongside the recognised faces of the Tour Card Holders stand William Tiller (NZL) Full Metal Jacket Racing, Eric Monin (SUI) Team Ocalys Corum, Eugeniy Neugodnikov (RUS) Team Synergy and Stefan Meister.... [more]
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Clipper 2011-12 Round the World Yacht Race start from Southampton
Heather Ewing,
Clipper 2011-12 Round the World Yacht Race will start from the historic maritime city of Southampton on the south coast of England on Sunday 31 July 2011. At 40,000 miles the event is the world's longest sailing race and will take the ten identical 68-foot ocean racing yachts almost a year to complete their circumnavigation of the globe.... [more]
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Velux 5 Oceans skipper Brad Van Liew battles storm in North Atlantic
Velux 5 Oceans,
Velux 5 Oceans final sprint end is in sight for American ocean racer Brad Van Liew as he predicts Friday finish for the ultimate solo challenge.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12. Pepe Ribes joins Telefonica
Volvo Ocean Race,
Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12 today saw Team Telefónica announce that Spanish sailor Pepe Ribes will become a part of their crew. The upcoming VOR will be his fourth but, fifth circumnavigation after his fourth place finish in the Barcelona World Race only a few weeks ago.... [more]
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Musto Winters: Seven year itch eased with move to Etchells class
Tracey Johnstone,
Moving from Sydney to Airlie Beach, leaving behind one-design class racing, led Robert Holm to taking seven long years away from his passion. But now, back on the water in charge of an Etchells and having again experienced the pleasure of racing in a one-design fleet, Holm has thrown himself right back into the fray so much so he is working on setting up a new Etchells fleet in the Whitsundays.... [more]
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Sailrocket 2 - 30 knots and a bottle of champagne
Paul Larsen,
It was quite a promising day today as Vestas Sailrocket 2 thrust the team effortlessly into the fridge for the 30 knot bottle of Pol Roger champagne.... [more]
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TeamVodafoneSailing pulls out the stops for Fiji race record + Video
TeamVodafoneSailing Media,
All going well, TeamVodafoneSailing will treat New Zealand's biggest offshore yacht race, the Auckland Fiji Race, as a sprint - expecting to complete the course in just a few days. The 1140 nautical mile race starts on 4 June from Auckland, and finishes in Musket Cove, Fiji. Enroute the 60 foot trimaran, which is capable of sustaining speeds of up to 30 knots, could encounter anything the o... [more]
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America's Cup: Oracle Racing News - Edition 11 - Coutts at Orewa
Oracle Racing Media,
Oracle Racing's newsletter for 23 May 2011 covering the latest entries and America's Cup World Series and more.... [more]
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Delta Lloyd Regatta 2011
Corinne Rolland-McKenzie,
Delta Lloyd regatta will be the fifth event on the ISAf Sailing World Cup circuit and is set to begin on Tuesday May 24th in Medemblik, Holland.... [more]
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Velux 5 Oceans 2010-11 drama onboard Spartan
Velux 5 Oceans,
Velux 5 Oceans skipper Chris Stanmore-Major feared his yacht was sinking after finding the cabin flooded with hundreds of litres of water in the middle of the North Atlantic.... [more]
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Volvo Ocean Race Legends latest ambassador is Skip Novak
Volvo Ocean Race Legends,
Volvo Ocean Race Legends Regatta and Reunion latest Ambassador is the American skipper of Drum, raced by British rock star, Simon Le Bon (Whitbread 1985-86). Novak has completed The Whitbread (forerunner of the Volvo Ocean Race) race four times, finishing second as navigator with King's Legend at the age of 25 in 1977-78.... [more]
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European Access Class Championships 2011 preview
David Staley,
Competitors are now arriving at Circolo Vela Gargnano, on Lake Garda in Italy, for the 2011 European Access Class Championships. Teams from France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Italy will challenge the Hungarians.... [more]
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Platu 25 Alpen Cup Second Act on Traunsee Lake
Sabrina Bonaiti,
Second Act of the Platu 25 Alpen Cup took place in Ebensee, on the Traunsee Lake from the 21 to the 22 of May. The Italian 'Euk II' helmed by Sandro Montefusco won the second act.... [more]
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Getting more Kids into Sailing
Steven Bond, a well known Melbourne big boat sailor discovered why big boat crew was so hard to find. He found that junior sailing participation rates had dropped and realised a robust junior sailing program was needed.... [more]
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Delta Lloyd Regatta next stop for Women's Match Racing teams
The Women's Match Racing competition has seen three different winners for the three Sailing World Cup regattas so far this season.... [more]
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Audi MedCup Cascais Trophy images by Guido Trombetta
Guido Trombetta images,
Audi MedCup Circuit Cascais Trophy action from photographer Guido Trombetta... [more]
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Audi MedCup Circuit Cascais Trophy more action images by Chris Schmid
Chris Schmid images,
More images of the final day's action at the Audi MedCup Circuit Cascais Trophy by photographer Chris Schmid.... [more]
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Audi MedCup Circuit Cascais Trophy action images by Chris Schmid
Chris Schmid images,
Audi MedCup Circuit Cascais Trophy final day's action images by photographer Chris Schmid.... [more]
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New Zealand's Full Metal Jacket win ISAF Grade 2 event in Finland
Will Tiller,
Young New Zealand match racing team, Full Metal Jacket, report form the Maritim Cup, sailing in Finland, it is an ISAF Grade 2 event: 'After three days of racing in picturesque Finland we have won the Maritim Cup grade 2, topping the round robin with a score line of 9-1 and then taking out the semis and finals 2-0 and 3-0 respectively'... [more]
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Audi MedCup Circuit Cascais Trophy - A splash of green
Sabina Mollart-Rogerson,
Cascais Trophy Portugal. Quantum Racing came into the regatta well behind their desired schedule but were soon able to reveal excellent upwind speed in the brisk winds. Consistency was the watchword in the Soto 40 fleet. Cascais has proven consistently windy, with the reliable NW'ly Portuguese trade winds regularly building to more than 20 kts, peaking at 22-24 kts for the second race today.... [more]
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Young Laser sailors meet Masters in Collinson FX Freshwater regatta
Garth Briden,
Shifty breezes let Masters get in amongst the young guns of Laser sailing. Fifty eight sailors turned out for the 2011 Collinsons FX North Shore Freshwater Laser Championships event raced on Lake Pupuke over the weekend 21-22 May. The seven-race series was concluded in winds of six to twelve knots, continually oscillating from 155' thru 210'.... [more]
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Audi MedCup Cascais Trophy day 4 action images by Chris Schmid
Chris Schmid images,
Chris Schmid presents this action packed gallery of images from the Audi MedCup Cascais Trophy, day 4.... [more]
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