Lake Eyre Yacht Club not allowed to sail...Carbon monoxide threat - just a couple of breaths can do it...solo circumnavigator behind on speed...Russia opens its ports to cruisers...Cairns marina in good shape after cyclone...and much more

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 17 Feb 2011

Carbon Monoxide danger...Lake Eyre Yacht Club threatened

CO molecule - art by Randy Russell  .
By far the most vital news item of the week is the warning for boaters about carbon monoxide, even if it comes merely from the outboard motor or the generator. Marine surveyor Paul Slivka points out that it sometimes takes only a little to cause lethal damage.

He says, 'It can take as little as two breaths in the wrong circumstances. I am aware of several CO poisoning incidents including the death of... a personal contact... who was simply sitting by his boat stove on a winter's night heating up some beans while having a beer. Hundreds of people on boats in all developed countries every year get some degree of CO poisoning, it is just that they don't relate the symptoms to CO which is why it is so insidious.' Read the story...

Saddest news of the week is that one of our iconic yacht clubs, the yachtie version of the Pub with No Beer: the Yacht Club with No Water - aka Lake Eyre Yacht Club, may be not allowed to sail this year (or maybe any year) even though the floods are bringing veritable oceans of water. Read why...

British leisure sailors have voted by putting their hands firmly inside their pockets and keeping them there during the current economic downturn, with the result that the London Boat Show was a bit of a flop commercially, and the Liverpool Boat Show has just been cancelled. On the other hand Australia's Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is going from strength to strength, and our sibling e-magazine Marine is doing some major sponsoring this year.

In another really interesting move, Russia is just opening its doors to leisure sailors, hoping to increase its tourist potential - it would be surprising if there were not teething problems, but what an exciting new cruising ground!

Meghan Cleary entertains us with a tale many of us can identify with – the dragging of a boat in a busy anchorage, and solo circumnavigator Frenchman Thomas Coville tells of his stoicism after unfavourable weather as he rounds the Cape of Good Hope.

The very very good news is that the all-points bulletin for a missing sailor wanted in connection with a murder of a fellow cruising sailor, possibly two, has been located and arrested very quickly, thanks to the incredibly effective networking ability of cruisers worldwide.

Many more stories and useful articles too, so browse through to see what catches your interest.

Sweet sailing!

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Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Sailing Lake Eyre stopped by National Parks
Nancy Knudsen,
Even though the current inflow into Lake Eyre means that there'll be plenty of water for sailing in 2011, there's a risk that the Lake Eyre Yacht Club won't be able to sail this year, or maybe ever.... [more]
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Is your yacht safe? Marine surveyor sounds Carbon Monoxide alarm
Sail-World Cruising,
In the wake of Australia's Cyclone Yasi related death of a 23-year-old Queensland man by carbon monoxide poisoning, marine surveyor Paul Slivka has drawn attention to the danger of death by asphyxiation on board both sailing and power boats.... [more]
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Yachting industry suffers - Liverpool Boat Show cancelled
Nancy Knudsen,
There's nothing that shows the effect that difficult financial times have had on the yachting industry more than what happens at boat shows. Britain's Liverpool Boat Show, scheduled for April 2011, is the most recent casualty, with its cancellation just two months prior to its opening. After poor figures of the London Boat Show, organisers Marine Industry Events (MIE) decided to call it off.... [more]
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Russia opens its ports to cruising sailors
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
It has long been known as a very very difficult country to visit, taking about three months to get permissions, with ten separate authorities to give their stamp of approval. But Russia is now opening its port and canals to visiting yachts and superyachts, hopefully in time for summer sailing.... [more]
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Major New Media launch at Sanctuary Cove
Jeni Bone,
Publisher of,, Sail-World Cruising and, TetraMedia's Rob Kothe, said ‘As we all know Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, is where Marine Business does Business and where there a many significant new product launches and we too will be doing a major launch. 'We too will be making a major new launch at SCIBS 2011 – we will be launchi... [more]
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'I won't crack under pressure' solo circumnavigator Coville
Sail-World Cruising,
'I won't crack under pressure. I'll do my best.' Words of a true sportsman from French sailor Thomas Coville, who is on his 17th day trying to solo circumnavigate the world and set a record doing so. So what's the pressure? Coville has been singularly unlucky with his weather, which has put him far behind the man he is trying to beat, fellow Frenchman Francis Joyon, who currently holds the record... [more]
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Product of the week: Soft snatch block
Des Ryan,
The patent is still pending, but this soft snatch block might just become very popular for all sorts of reasons. It's strong, very light in weight and can be implemented without a line end. Their lightness means they're great for spares in the locker as well.... [more]
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Voyaging with Velella: Dragging anchor in crowded La Cruz
Meghan Cleary, American Sailing Association,
The American Sailing Association's Meghan Cleary, her partner Prescott and their kitten Nessie are on a planned 9-month cruise in the tropics, currently sailing the west coast of Mexico. An unattended yacht dragging in the anchorage can ruin your whole day, particularly if it's heading for you!... [more]
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NSW Maritime news: Review of Operation Blue Water
Neil Patchett,
NSW Maritime - Failure to comply with essential boating safety equipment requirements was the most common infringement issued during Operation Blue Water last weekend, according to NSW Maritime Chief Executive Steve Dunn.... [more]
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Major New Media launch at Sanctuary Cove
Jeni Bone,, publishing sibling of Sail-World Cruising and Powerboat-World has secured naming rights for Pavilion A at Australia's Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. Publisher, TetraMedia's Rob Kothe, said ‘As we all know Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is where the marine industry does Business and where there are many significant new product launches.'... [more]
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Destination New Zealand guide for visiting yachts
New Zealand Marine,
You can buy all the cruising and tourist guides, but nothing substitutes for the experience of cruisers who have been there before you! When Ken Machtley and Cathy Siegismund set off across the Pacific on yacht Felicity for New Zealand they bought all the guide books that cruisers normally buy- but many things weren't covered. Result? The sailor-specific e-book 'Destination Guide to New Zealand'... [more]
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Cruising sailor wanted in murder case 'could be anywhere'
Cruisers Network Online/Sail-World,
The skipper of a sailing boat is wanted as a person in interest in connection with the homicide of a French cruising sailor Janpiere Bouahard, and the disappearance of another, American Don North. The FBI in Panama City request assistance of all cruisers throughout the world as the wanted sailor,Javier Martin, skipper of the yacht Twlya, 'could be anywhere now'.... [more]
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Ten quick tips to make boat cleaning less of a chore.
Shurhold/Sail-World Cruising,
If you put off cleaning your boat, you are inviting expensive trouble, but cleaning can be such a chore. Here are ten quick common sense tips from Shurhold to make your cleaning go faster and be more effective.... [more]
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Cairns Marlin Marina untouched by Cyclone Yasi
Michael Barnett,
Cairns Marlin Marina is open for business and fully functional after Cyclone Yasi vented its wrath on Far North Queensland last week. The Marina is part of Cairns and the surrounding area that is fully open for business having weathered the storm and returned to blue skies and tropical breezes.... [more]
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Burke Marine's new L100 PFD
Burke Marine,
Burke Marine's trusty L1 has been superseded by their all-new front entry L100 PFD, not only in terms of regulatory compliance (AS4758.1) but in comfort and style. It embodies everything that Martin Burke has always strived for in PFD production.... [more]
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Operation Blue Water this weekend in NSW
NSW Maritime,
NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officers will target offshore boating safety this weekend with Operation Blue Water. NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officers will conduct on-spot-safety checks with a particular emphasis on lifejacket compliance. NSW Maritime's bar webcams can be viewed at [more]
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