What rights do Customs have to board your boat?...can you recognise drowning? It's not what you think...Paul and Rachel Chandler one year as captives...41 Clubs combine for 'Try Sailing Day'...Channel 16 block can endanger life...and much more...

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 28 Oct 2010

Can you recognise drowning?

Is this child drowning, waving or in distress?  .
As a cruising sailor, you probably have a good idea of how you would go about rescuing a drowning person. But do you know how to recognise one?

Movies and TV have brought some wondrous changes to the modern world, but also some dangerous myths, and one is that drowning people are likely to scream and raise an arm. NOT TRUE. Not true at all, and Mario Vittone's graphic description of what a person does when they are drowning could allow you one day to save a life.

What a great communal effort of 41 NSW and ACT sailing clubs who are holding 'Try Sailing Day' on 7th November. This is a chance for your non-sailing friends or children to possibly transform their lives with an introduction to sailing.

Not all cruising sailors are the even-tempered practical and friendly characters that you find around your typical marina. Read this week about a sailor, newly arrested for sailing the third largest ever haul of drugs into Australia, who is under suspicion of pushing a fellow sailor overboard in 2007. And in Brisbane this week it was a cruising sailor who brought the CBD to a standstill when he had what appeared to be a violent psychotic episode at a Brisbane River dock in the heart of the city.

In world news, the saddest of the week is the fact that cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler have passed the one year mark in captivity with Somali pirates, in spite of several hundred thousand dollars being paid by supporters to an intermediary. After receiving the payment, the pirates doubled the demand.

The EU Naval force has taken the opportunity to warn sailors against transiting the Gulf of Aden, a seemingly hopeless plea as hundreds of sailors each year continue to make the hazardous journey, travelling in convoy and close to the Yemeni coast.

What is curious to me is the fact that, while the Somali pirates continue to command world attention even without any further attacks on cruising sailors, it is in the south and west of the Caribbean – in Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Venezuelan and Colombian waters that pirates and thugs continue to attack with arms, sometimes fatally. Read the latest incidents this week.

How careful are you not to leave Channel 16 open on your VHF radio, thereby blocking all transmissions? British coastguard are so frustrated by carelessness of some radio operators that they are going public and issuing a plea for caution. Marine NSW have also experienced problems with blocked airways, and advise operators to be super careful with their VHF radios to ensure that Channel 16 is always left open. One day a careless mistake could cause loss of life at sea.

There are many more articles – among them the review of an amazing book, a brilliant product of the week, and a couple of amusing trivial tales to make you smile.

Browse down the stories to see what interests you, and...

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Australian Customs - can they board your yacht without permission?
Sail-World Roundup,
If you are spending a lazy weekend on a yacht, or sailing between ports, or if you have just arrived from overseas, can Australian Customs board your yacht to make a search without your permission and without a warrant? According to civil liberties lawyer Terry O'Gorman, the answer is an unequivocal 'NO!'... [more]
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Yachtie causes mayhem in central Brisbane
Sail-World Cruising roundup,
A New Zealander who had lived on his yacht on the Brisbane River for many months, described by other yachties as 'a nice guy, a Vietnam vet and a super guy' set his boat on fire and jumped into the river yesterday. This was at the end of a 16-hour stand-off episode.... [more]
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Calling Sydney boaters – Cruise for a Cure to help sick children
Denby Browning,
Sydney boaters are needed for a great cause – to help put a smile on the faces of children battling cancer and their parents.... [more]
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Get to know Matthew Flinders - Navigator at half-day museum symposium
Australian National Maritime Museum,
He is the man credited with giving Australia it's name, and on Sunday 31 October 2010 the Australian National Maritime Museum has invited four eminent speakers to join in celebrating the life and achievements of Matthew Flinders.... [more]
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Drug arrest yachtie also involved in sailor disappearance in 2007
Sail-World Cruising,
One of the yachties arrested last week over Australia's third-largest ever police drug haul has been in the news before in Sail-World, for the mysterious disappearance of a Coffs Harbour sailor. Andrew Witton was sailing from Tahiti to the Galapagos Islands with Simon Golding, arrested last week, when he disappeared from his yacht, Kaileia, on January 13, 2007. His body has never been found.... [more]
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How to recognise Drowning - it's NOT like shown on TV
Mario Vittone,
Have you ever witnessed someone drowning? Would you recognise it if you did? Leisure sailors spend all their sailing time in and around water, so knowing when someone is drowning is a vital skill. According to marine safety specialist Mario Vittone, it's nothing like what you see on TV, so learning to recognise it could save a life. In this excellent article, Mario explains... [more]
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Bravo for the 41 Clubs holding 'Try Sailing Day'
Boating Industry Association/Sail-World,
Forty one of the top sailing, yachting and skiff clubs in NSW and the ACT have pledged their support to the annual Try Sailing Day organised by the Boating Industry Association of NSW (BIA). The popular day is scheduled for Sunday, November 7 and whilst primarily targeted at children, it offers people of all ages the opportunity to try their skills under sail.... [more]
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Marine Industry Opportunity -Laminator- Boat Fitter NSW Central Coast
PSA Media,
An experienced laminator - boat fitter is required by the builders of the most popular sailing boat in the world - - the Olympic class Laser. This is a full time position, with an exciting event oriented company and a background in dinghy sailing will be regarded favourably.... [more]
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Book of the Week: A Nautical Odyssey
Nancy Knudsen,
If ever there was a book that the lover of fine sailing vessels and fine art would want, it has to be the splendidly produced 'A Nautical Odyssey: An Illustrated Maritime History from Cook to Shackleton'. When it arrived in the mail I had to 'stop everything' and spend the next half hour browsing its pages. It must be one of the most gorgeously produced maritime books of all time.... [more]
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Product of the Week: Torqeedo Electric Motor 503/1003
Sail-World Cruising,
Electric has long been the way to go, with its silence and green characteristics, but it just needed to get better and cheaper. Torqeedo have now refined their earlier versions of outboard motors to come up with a stronger, tougher and smarter version, suitable for tenders, dinghies or even daysailers: The Torqueedo Travel 503/1003..... [more]
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Trivia: Rod Steward's 'Sailing' - the only song he ever recorded sober
Nancy Knudsen,
If you're the kind of sailor that likes to put Rod Stewart's 'Sailing' on full blast when you're running with a good strong wind on the quarter (like me) you'll be fascinated to know that 'Sailing', one of Stewart's greatest hits of all time, was the only song he ever recorded completely sober.... [more]
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Australia's Coral Sea home to over 300 Threatened Animal Species
PEW Environmental Group,
Forty-two percent of the world's critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable coral species, as identified by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), are found in the Coral Sea Conservation Zone.... [more]
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67-year-old grandmother starts solo non-stop circumnavigation today
Nancy Knudsen,
Today is the day for Jeanne Socrates, 67-year-old grandmother, to begin her solo non-stop circumnavigation. She's been held up by the weather for a few days, but today she is to be towed to her start line at Canada's Victoria Harbour entrance to be ready to sail away around 4pm local time.... [more]
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EU Naval Force says 'NO!' to Gulf of Aden for leisure sailors
SomaliSwiss/Sail-World Cruising,
Naval commanders have accused yachters of putting themselves at needless risk of kidnap by organising convoys through the pirate-infested Gulf of Aden. Undeterred by the abduction of their fellow mariners Paul and Rachel Chandler last year, the convoys hope for safety of numbers by sailing in formation during the trip through 'Pirate Alley'... [more]
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Aust photographer launches project supporting education in Pakistan
Andrea Francolini,
Australian-based yachting photographer, Andrea Francolini, has launched a fundraising project called 'My-First-School' which will raise money to buy much-needed school equipment to support the education of children in Northern Pakistan.... [more]
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Get your tickets now for the BIA VIC Women in Marine Business lunch
Women and men are invited to attend the BIA Vic luncheon event to celebrate Women in Marine Business, with special guest speaker Sail-World Cruising editor, Nancy Knudsen.... [more]
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Channel 16 blocked by careless radio operators
Nancy Knudsen,
Private yachts are putting lives at risk by accidentally blocking the airwaves, the coastguard in Britain has warned, and Marine Rescue NSW agrees, with some good advice. Rescue personnel have been unable to find vessels in distress because pleasure boats have left their radios transmitting, blocking the emergency frequency... [more]
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No MOB, no dismasting, just a poisonous cobra
Digital Journal/Sail-World Cruising,
Danger at yacht clubs is usually imagined to come from incidents at sea, but personnel at the Thorpe Bay Yacht Club acted with well trained precision when a poisonous cobra was sighted curled around some bike handlebars at the Club.... [more]
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Piracy threat growing in tropical America
Sail-World Cruising,
How vulnerable are cruising sailors to robbery and piracy? The simple answer is, 'Well it depends on where you go.' In the tropical waters of the Americas, security is an issue that all cruising sailors need to consider. Recent attacks have been alarming in that there have been serious physical threats made to cruisers.... [more]
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Cruising sailors one year in captivity-Somali Government wants release
Des Ryan,
As kidnapped cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler today mark exactly one year in captivity after they were taken from their yacht on their way to Tanzania, the Somali Minister of Information said his government would renew their efforts to have the couple released.... [more]
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Trans Atlantic robotic yacht Pinta missing - 'some useful lessons'
BBC/Sail-World Cruising,
Pinta, the robotic yacht from a Welsh university, has disappeared after travelling about 350 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean. The yacht had been launched as part of a transatlantic challenge last month. Before disappearing, however, she set a record for the longest distance and period of time for such a yacht to sail.... [more]
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