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Soldiering On

American skipper Brad Van Liew, who is currently leading the first leg of the Velux 5 Oceans race, skippering an Eco 60 class yacht (a 'recycled' Open 60) called Le Pingouin, managed to do his bit for the environment during the first few days of this initial ocean sprint from La Rochelle, France, to Cape Town, South Africa. Unfortunately for Van Liew, this involved seriously taxing his hydro-generator. 'Ironically my super-duper, eco-friendly hydro-generator picked up a trash bag which got wrapped around it and broke the system for holding it down, so I have been trying to find a new way to hold it down.'

Brad Van Liew on board his yacht, Le Pingouin  Velux 5 Oceans ©

And while Van Liew did manage to keep the offending bag out of the drink, keeping Polish skipper Zbigniew 'Gutek' Gutkowski off his heels is likely going to be a 30,000-mile knife fight as the two skippers wind their way around the planet. And to further compound the situation aboard the hometown boat, Van Liew is sick. 'I have had a couple of 20 minute naps but that's about it. I can race the boat and I can do all the physical stuff but my head still feels pretty stuffed up and my throat is very sore.' We're barely three days into the race and Van Liew is already demonstrating the gumption that has served him so well during his two previous laps. The mounting competitive drama between 'Gutek' and Van Liew will be an interesting one to follow.

On far more local waters, the Etchells class held their North Americans at the New York Yacht Club's Harbor Court Facility in Newport, Rhode Island. Hank Lammens, Moose McClintoch and Dirk Kneulman topped the 33-boat fleet, earning this competitive class' new national-level crown.

And on a granular level, here in the Pacific Northwest a century-long spate between the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and the Seattle Yacht Club will be settled this weekend when the Alexandra Cup is raced. Be sure to check out the singularly arcane rules surrounding this. Stay tuned.

May the four winds blow you safely home,

David Schmidt, Sail-World USA Editor

Gladwell's Line: Olympic Decision - will ISAF get caught by a Yorker?
Richard Gladwell,
In just over a couple of weeks the International Sailing Federation's Council will have to make a decision as to whether they have the courage to make the biggest changes ever proposed in the Olympic side of the sport; or, will they compromise and try to almost please almost everybody.... [more]
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Sail-World Mailbag: The Week that Was - Olympic Decisions
Sail-World Readers,
Sail-World readers comment on the Olympic decisions for November - following the 'Olympic Decision - will ISAF get caught by a Yorker?' and the earlier 'Olympic sailing destined for another major jolt at Athens in November'. You can have your say by clicking on the reply form on the bottom of!th... [more]
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Match Racing in Monohulls or Multihulls – Have your say!!
The Sail-World Team,
Now Sail-World gives everyone in the sailing community, both match racers and other sailors the chance to have your say, or rather vote, as we conduct a survey to find out the 'People's Choice' Complete the quick survey below and go into the draw to win one of six Musto fleeces... [more]
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U.S. Customs Agents disrupt various maritime smuggling attempts (US Homeland Security),
U.S. Border Patrol agents stopped three maritime smuggling attempts over the weekend in San Diego County. Agents arrested 26 illegal aliens, seized a panga, a 40-foot sailboat, and more than $63,000 in smuggling proceeds.... [more]
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2010 MCSA Match Race Championship
Tod Reynolds,
2010 MCSA Match Race Championship. This marks the first year that college sloop nationals will be held as a match race, as opposed to a fleet race, a shift that reflects match racing's growing popularity nationwide.... [more]
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Ker 46 Tonnerre De Breskens is RORC Yacht of the Year
Sydney Yachts Media,
This result has international significance as Sydney Yachts Managing Director Darren Williams pointed out. 'Early this year, Jason Ker and his team started development of the Sydney GTS 37 and 43, building on the design work they had carried out for the Ker 46 'Tonnerre'. It is therefore very pleasing to see Tonnerre voted RORC 'Yacht of the Year.... [more]
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Oliver Hazard Perry - BankNewport grant supports new headquarters
Barby MacGowan,
Oliver Hazard Perry - BankNewport grant supports new headquarters - It is the second time BankNewport has come forward to support the non-profit organization, which is building Rhode Island's education at sea tall ship SSV Oliver Hazard Perry. In 2008, BankNewport's grant for $25,000 helped with the acquisition and shipbuilding plan for the ship.... [more]
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Rolex Middle Sea Race - Champion ready to defend title
Alex Bocage,
Rolex Middle Sea Race - Flying into Malta it's hard not to be struck by the landscape: the buildings all a blinding beige in the hot sun, the landscape fairly arid and dry. It's more reminiscent of the Northern African coast. This year's fleet reflects that more than any year past, with numerous entries from throughout Europe, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.... [more]
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Monsoon Cup space up for grabs at Malaysian Match Racing Championship
World Match Racing Tour - With the promise of a berth at the World Match Racing Tour's (WMRT) Championship finale - The Monsoon Cup - on offer for the winner, The Malaysian Match Racing Championship (MMRC) has attracted a stellar field of Malaysia's finest match racers, including two former winners of the MMRC.... [more]
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Student Yachting World Cup - California Maritime are Team USA
Peter McGroarty/California Maritime Academy,
California Maritime Academy is a school of less than a thousand students based in Vallejo California, there sailing team under director Charlie Arms carte and coach Jessy Cartee have just pulled off the biggest upset in college sailing. They beat out all the competition which included Navy and Coast Guard to lift the right to be Team USA and represent the Country at the championships in France... [more]
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Velux 5 Oceans Day 2 - Leaders round Cape Finisterre
Velux 5 Oceans,
Leaders round Cape Finisterre in search of trade winds. With two full days at sea now under their belts, the skippers racing in the Velux 5 Oceans are finding their rhythm and enjoying the psychological boost of the first major milestone - rounding Cape Finisterre and getting out of the busy shipping lanes.... [more]
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Lady Van wins the Alexandra Cup,
Day 3 of Alexandra Cup competition started with a whimper. While the sunny skies were welcome, the lack of wind was a concern. After an hour delay ashore, the breeze finally started around 11:10 and filled in to 9 kts by the time the first race was underway at 12:30. With a 5 point lead going into Day 3, clearly Don Martin and the Lady Van was going to be careful and not let events overtake them.... [more]
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Antigua Sailing Week's Ocean Series tailor-made to thrill
Louay Habib,
Antigua's third annual Ocean Series of races will be run in tandem with Antigua Sailing Week 2011. The Series consists of three offshore or coastal races ideally suited for ocean-going yachts that revel in Antigua's trade wind conditions.... [more]
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America's Cup: Teams to meet in Paris, and new Extreme 40 alliance
Stuart Alexander. The Independent,
Stuart Alexander, highly respected Yachting Correspondent for the Independent (UK) reports on the latest developments in the America's Cup. This week sees a meeting in Paris for potential teams for the next America's Cup in 2013.... [more]
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Etchells US National Championship - New champion crowned
Jonas Fyre-Panz,
Etchells US National Championship - Hank Lammens, Moose McClintoch and Dirk Kneulman won the Etchells Championship, graciously hosted by New York Yacht Club at Harbor Court in Newport R.I. over the weekend of Oct 2-3. Thirty three boats from as far a field as Michigan, Miami and Canada traveled to the US Nationals which was the grand finale of the Zhik Etchells Atlantic Championship series.... [more]
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Velux 5 Oceans - Racers settle into life at sea
Velux 5 Oceans,
After a perfect start in ideal weather conditions yesterday, the five Velux 5 Oceans skippers have been settling into life alone at sea. Their 60ft Eco 60 yachts will be their homes for the nine months as they sail 30,000 miles around the planet. After 24 hours of racing, American skipper Brad Van Liew is leading the fleet as they make their way through the notorious Bay of Biscay.... [more]
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Barcelona World Race - Renault Z.E. to sail with Rivero and Tono
Isabel Genís,
Barcelona World Race - Antonio Piris and Pachi Rivero will be flying the Renault colours on their IMOCA Open 60 in the upcoming Barcelona World Race, which start on 31st December. The motor vehicle brand, one of the main sponsors of the race for a second time, has chosen to give its support and its name to the entry skippered by the Spanish duo.... [more]
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Velux 5 Oceans - Start day video
Velux 5 Oceans,
The skippers and their yachts have left, but it will be a few days before life returns to normal in La Rochelle following following yesterday's start of the Velux 5 Oceans race.... [more]
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Linda Elias Memorial Women's One-Design Challenge – Consistency pays
Rick Roberts,
Linda Elias Memorial Women's One-Design Challenge this year saw that consistency was the winning formula for Colleen Cooke and her team from Southwestern Yacht Club on Sunday, an event sponsored by the Long Beach/Los Angeles Women's Sailing Association and hosted by Long Beach Yacht Club.... [more]
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Rolex Farr 40 North American Championship - Jabin's Ramrod dominates
Rolex Farr 40 North American Championship,
Rolex Farr 40 North American Championship - Jabin's Ramrod dominates - On Friday (Oct. 15), the first of three days of racing, Ramrod won two races straight off the bat, in each case leaving second to defending champion Helmut Jahn (Chicago, Ill.) on Flash Gordon. When the two teams traded finish positions in race three, it left some hope.... [more]
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USA wins 2010 Canada's Cup
Beth Paul,
Last match hard-fought, but U.S. comes out ahead 5-2; MBYC challenge issued now for 2011. In one fantastic finale to a hard-fought series, where both teams traded the lead and the tension was always high, Don Wilson's Team Chicago Match Race Center has successfully defended the 2010 Canada's Cup for the U.S. in a three-day challenge made by Grant Hood's Vincere team from the Port Credit YC.... [more]
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Rolex Farr 40 North American Championship - Ramrod dominates to win
Barby MacGowan,
Rolex Farr40 North American Championship 2010 - It didn't take long for Rod Jabin (Annapolis, Md.) and his Ramrod team to show who was boss at the 2010 Rolex Farr40 North American Championship. On Friday (Oct. 15), the first of three days of racing, Ramrod won two races straight off the bat, in each case leaving second to defending champion Helmut Jahn (Chicago, Ill.) on Flash Gordon.... [more]
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Canada's Cup - Canada wins today, but U.S. still leads 4-2
Beth Paul,
Canada's Cup - Canada wins today, but U.S. still leads 4-2 - This takes the overall score to 4-2 with one day of racing left tomorrow, so the Canadians must win the first match to stay alive in the first-to-five point series held at the Chicago Match Race Center (CMRC). Racing in this year's Canada's Cup is in Farr 40 class yachts.... [more]
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New America's Cup Rule - second wingsail but big advantage remains
Richard Gladwell,
A revised version of the measurement rule has been released which will be used for the new AC72 class of catamaran to be sailed in the 34th America's Cup. As with any rule revision, the second release - just a few weeks after the first, tidies up some areas and clarifies others.... [more]
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New World Speed Sailing Record to Alex Caizergues plus Video
Luderitz Speed Challenge,
Alex Caizergues has officially set a new World Speed Sailing Record at 54.10 knots during his first run at 15h38 yesterday afternoon. Five New National records were broken on the same day. Insane videos from the trench at the speed record venue at Luderitz in Namibia.... [more]
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New World Speed record - Alexandre Caizergues, kitesurfer hits 54.10 k
Tanguy Blondel,
Alexandre Caizergues beat the outright world speed record under sail with an average of 54.10 knots (100.19 km/hr) over 500 metres of the Luderitz channel (Namibia) yesterday. The young Frenchman is the new outright speed record holder. He has deposed Hydroptère and its 51.36 knots.... [more]
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Boaters speak up - No more Ethanol without testing it first
BoatUS - In the battle to add up to 50% more ethanol to the nation's gas supply without first providing scientific evidence it won't harm boat engines or cause serious safety issues, America's recreational boaters have spoken. Of the over 22,000 Americans who have emailed President Obama urging him to stop the EPA from approving, nearly three-fourths of those are from recreational boaters.... [more]
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