Beacon malfunction delays search...Drunk Captains tarnish the image...Jessica Watson now No. 1 author...the last word in nautical chart accuracy...Jeanneau with new docking system...and much more...

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 19 Aug 2010

Ship's Captains - an image tarnished

..hic..  .
When you see movies which show the action on the bridge of a large ship, there's always an autocratic officer giving instructions and lowly crew saying 'aye aye, Sir!' and similar obsequiousnesses. They are all straight-backed, in smart uniforms with shiny buttons.

So when I try to contact a large ship from my tiny sailing boat, (and the AIS is great for knowing the ship's name so that they can't avoid answering) I imagine a similar scene. Not necessarily so.

In this edition, read how not one, but TWO ship's captains were found drunk this week – one had collided with the ground, never a good look, and the other was declared too drunk to get his ship to sea.

From now on, when I get fuzzy answers from a bridge, I won't necessarily be putting it down to a lack of English – AND I'll be increasing my minimum distance by a mile or two.

Everybody loves a winner. Read how teen sailor Jessica Watson's book has become Australia's No. 1 seller, while Abby Sunderland and her family are licking their wounds, and Holland's fourteen-year-old tearaway Laura Dekker is about to begin her own voyage around the world.

Talking of books, Ian and Andrea Treleaven's new book on their sailing experiences in the Caribbean – 'Letters from the Caribbean' is just out too. It's both a delightful read and a gorgeously illustrated coffee table book.

In other news, Ian Thomson, just completed a record-breaking Australian circumnavigation, is just about to do another one - in Brindabella; we profile another finalist for 'European Yacht of the Year'; there's the ultimate guide from the Australian Hydrographic Service on navigational chart accuracy; tales to make you envious from Balvenie cruising in the Med; and our Product of the Week is AnchorSaver – you'd be crazy not to have one on your boat.

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Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Two Ship's Captains found drunk - this week
Des Ryan,
Next time you encounter a large ship while sailing, just because it is big, don't automatically think that it will behave rationally - those controlling ships have been found dozing, or worse. Ships are subject to the same variances as drivers on a highway, most are responsible but some not, as the following stories, both within the last week, will attest:... [more]
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European Yacht of the Year finalist: The Elan 350
Sail-World Cruising,
It's not the first time the Elan Group has walked towards the winner's podium, but they have done it again. If you are in the market for a new boat, a boat building company that keeps taking out impressive accolades would have to be under consideration, no matter what style of yacht you are seeking.... [more]
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How accurate are your nautical charts? - The Ultimate Guide
Sail-World Cruising,
How accurate are the nautical charts that you use when going sailing? Do you really know how much faith can be placed in them? Unfortunately, the answer is quite complex – far more complex than simply saying one chart is accurate whilst another is not... [more]
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Ian Thomson to chase circumnavigation record on Brindabella
SOS media,
After taking the solo circumnavigation of Australia record, reducing it by 26 days, in June this year on SOS Ocean Racing, Ian Thomson announced that he wanted to go around again next year on classic yacht Brindabella to break the monohull record held by David Pescud's 'Kaz'. Kaz was part of the sailor's with disabilities program when it set the current record of 37d:1h:23m:7s.... [more]
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No. 1 sailor Watson becomes No. 1 author
Sail-World Cruising,
No. 1 sailor Jessica Watson has become a No. 1 author this week, when Hachette Australia announced week that the teenage sailor's memoir of her recent voyage had become the biggest selling book in Australia.... [more]
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Malfunction of beacon delays search
Sail-World Cruising,
The news that the recent fatal air crash in which former United States senator Ted Stevens was killed was hampered because the plane's automatic distress device did not activate is an important heads-up for sailors. I am now going to have our onboard and personal EPIRBs tested – the ones I hope we will never never have to rely on... [more]
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Laura Dekker arrives Portugal, set to start solo circumnavigation
Nancy Knudsen,
Dutch teenage sailor Laura Dekker arrived in Portugal Saturday after a ten-day test and repositioning leg with her father leading up to her beginning of her solo circumnavigation on her 11.5 metre (38ft) Jeanneau Gin Fizz ketch called Guppy.... [more]
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Cruising with Balvenie: Island hopping in Italy
Amanda Church and Mark Farrell,
New Zealander cruising couple Amanda Church and Mark Farrell continue to cruise in their yacht Balvenie, a 47foot fractional rigged, centre cockpit, sailing sloop built in 1991. In this edition they are island hopping in Italy.... [more]
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Product of the Week: Anchor Saver
Sail-World Cruising,
Having your anchor stuck, even if the area is not particularly remote, can ruin any sailor's day. It'll be worse if the water is not clear, worse again if the water is too deep or cold to dive on it. Anchor Saver is such an easy idea, and so simple to work with any anchor, that it's almost crazy not to have one on board.... [more]
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'Letters from the Caribbean' - Treleavens' new book
Lee Mylchreest,
For years now, Sail-World has been publishing the serialised story of Ian and Andrea Treleaven, who cruised, first the Med and then the Caribbean, sending back 'Letters' telling of their adventures. After the success of their first book, 'Letters from the Med', they have now released a second, 'Letters from the Caribbean'.... [more]
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Sailors for a cleaner ocean: Introducing The Trash Hunters
Nancy Knudsen,
Many cruising sailors are environmentalists. Out there in secluded, uninhabited bays, we see the superficial evidence of what the modern world is doing to our oceans. But not many take it so seriously that they dedicate their life to cleaning up the ocean. Introducing 'The Rozalia Project', and the Trash Hunters... [more]
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Everybody loves a lady - and what a lady is Atlantic
Lee Mylchreest,
I heard my father say 'What a lady!', and rushed to his magazine to look, but it was a sailing magazine, and he was staring at a classic boat. I'm not so miffed these days, specially when someone reincarnates such a lady as Atlantic, and has her sailing again, as elegant as the original... [more]
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Spain relents for sailors - berth owners secure
John Sharp,
It's taken 12 months of frustrating campaigning but there is light at the end of the tunnel for thousands of berth owners in Spain where the authorities have finally called-off plans to impose the dreaded ‘Ley de Costas'.... [more]
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Jeanneau launches new 360 Docking System!
Mainsheet Media,
Jeanneau has launched the first production-built yacht equipped with the new 360 Docking manoeuvring system. It marks the beginning of a new era in manoeuvring yachts at close quarters. The system integrates a pivoting sail drive and the bow thruster with a joystick control. The joystick makes complicated and stressful docking manoeuvres child's play.... [more]
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Bikini Atoll inscribed on World Heritage List
Republic of the Marshall Islands,
The Bikini Atoll was the site of atomic weapons testing during the early days of the Cold War. Between 1946 and 1954, 67 nuclear test were carried out in the Marshall Islands, 23 of them in Bikini. This equates 7000 times the force of the Hiroshima bomb.... [more]
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Beneteau - An exclusive look at first photos of the Sense sailing
Beneteau Vicsail,
Take an exclusive look at the first photos of the Sense (50') took in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie... [more]
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Noakes Group and Sydney Yachts alliance
Lisa Ratcliff,
Noakes Group, Australia's longest running and most extensive boat yard business, has joined forces with one of the country's leading yacht manufacturers, Sydney Yachts, to provide Sydney Yacht owners with a cost effective service and maintenance solution.... [more]
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GME's GPS EPIRB price breakthrough
Matthew Heap, GME,
Back in 2004 Australia's GME revolutionised the marine safety world with the award winning MT400 406 MHz EPIRB. The MT400 concept, evolutionary design and price point set a new standard in beacon design and became the benchmark to which all other manufactures aspired.... [more]
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UN body to use Piracy theme for World Maritime Day
Des Ryan,
While the good news was that there were no recorded piracy incidents against yachts this last 'pirate season', the even better news was that the International Maritime Organisation, the United Nations' specialized agency responsible for improving maritime safety and preventing pollution from ships, has approved the theme for World Maritime Day 2011 as Piracy: Orchestrating the Response... [more]
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Seawind Whitsunday Bareboat Open Day has vessels and fashion parades
Seawind Whitsunday Bareboat Open Day,
Seawind Whitsunday Bareboat Open Day has vessels and fashion parades - The fashion parades at 10.00am and midday are themed Beach, Boat and Bay and include rleading international and local fashion and nautical brands, along with a bit of fun.... [more]
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Climate change hits south-east Australia fish species
CSIRO's Climate Adaptation and Wealth from Oceans Flagships have identified 43 species, representing about 30 percent of the inshore fish families occurring in the region, that exhibited shifts thought to be climate-related.... [more]
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BIA Victoria supports Marine Safety Bill
BIA Vic,
Boating Industry Association Victoria support Mr Tim Pallas MP, with the introduction of the new Marine Act, following the extensive and consultative processes involving the industry and Government to produce a Marine Act that provides for safer boating in Victoria.... [more]
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