Hopes raised for release of kidnapped sailors...two new cruising guides...super yacht dubbed a 'moving island'...sailor crushed as he tries to save yachts...amazing dog sailing videos...protecting your propeller shaft...and much more...

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Belly laughs are the best medicine

Belly laughs are the best medicine - o no, not more beans...  .
They say the best mistakes to learn from are other people's, but that also goes for tips and tricks, hints and inspirational tales – and this week's issue has them all.

I was inspired by the 80-year-old sailor who 'did it his way' for 29 days after both his motor failed and his main shredded, then by the kindness of the locals who rescued him from their reef.

I learned yet again how dangerous it is to fend off with your feet or try to get between a heavy boat and its fate by the story of the sailor crushed when he tried to save runaway yachts.

I was reminded that most of the problems for the well-prepared sailor when sailing far from home are going to be technical or mechanical ones, by Dilip Donde's circumnavigation so far.

The two mothers who expressed the dilemma of how to deal with teenagers like Abby Sunderland who want to sail away from home showed the poignant face of every parent's conflict between protection and liberation.

... and Rolf Fricke's bean story was a reminder that belly-laughing is known to be the best medicine there is! - and it still gave a few tips on the best way for a sailor to go fishing.

As for tips, the e-mag abounds in them. There's the new boat swapping idea that could have you sailing in exotic climes for just the cost of the airfare, two new cruising guides will be helpful to those who want to sail Turkey or Central America, and some excellent advice for those who want to take their dog sailing (and see the amazing video of the dog crew member in action).

There's more too, so read on, keep sending your vybes or prayers across the waters to the kidnapped Chandlers for their early release, and...

Sweet Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Hopes raised for cruising sailors kidnapped by Somali pirates.
Sail-World Cruising.,
A senior Somali official says a British cruising sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler snatched from their yacht by pirates more than four months ago will be released soon. Both have medical problems, with Paul Chandler reported to be in danger of losing his sight from a disease contracted while in captivity, and Rachel to be covered in sores from scabies... [more]
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When sailing and fishing blend - all because of the beans...
Rolf Fricke,
Just because you sail, does it mean you can't fish? Certainly not, particularly if you are engaged in long distance sailing away from supermarkets which dispense meat and fish in quantity, and particularly if the alternative is that you have to live on beans - as Rolf Fricke, travelling on catamaran Ketoro with his wife Irene, and currently in the Chagos Archipelago, describes:... [more]
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Worldwide boat exchange club launches at Dubai International Boat Show
Saltwater PR,
The world launch of the world's first global online boat exchange club, a concept pioneered by BVC International, has introduced a unique concept in boat exchange at the Dubai International Boat Show.... [more]
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Two new cruising guides - Turkey and Central America
Sail-World Cruising,
Two new cruising guides will be a welcome addition for those who plan voyages in Turkey or Central America. The Turkey Cruising Companion, by Emma Watson will be out in April, and the Sarana Guide, by Eric Baicy and Sherril Watson is available now, in its updated 10th Edition... [more]
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Abby Sunderland and Jessica Watson - what mothers think...
Sail-World Cruising,
One of the chief aspects that differs the two 16-year-old solo sailors currently trying to circumnavigate the world from other adventure sailors is the controversy that follows them. In one corner we have the liberals, who applaud encouraging their spirit, in the other corner the protectors, who think it's too dangerous, they're too young and should be in school. But what do mothers think?.... [more]
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Solo Sailors and they trouble they get into - India's Dilip Donde
Taschica Pillay, Times Live/Sail-World Cruising,
The sailor setting out to be the first Indian solo sailor to circumnavigate the world has reached Capetown after one of the last legs in voyage. In this account Commander Dilip Donde tells of his ups and downs during the journey.... [more]
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Dogs and thrills - how they love sailing
Glen and Eddie Tuttle/Sail-World Cruising,
Do you take your dog on the boat with you when you go sailing? Just as most dogs just love a ride in the car, most dogs get just as much of a thrill out of speeding along with all sails flying as we do. Watch the extraordinary video below to see what dogs are capable of, and hear some good sense from those who have been sailing with dogs for years.... [more]
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Sailor lost and found: the amazing story of 80-year-old Lon
Terry Sailingknitter/Sail-World Cruising,
You just can't keep a good sailor down. A yacht with a solo sailor on board missing for over a month in the Caribbean, and given up for lost, has been found. His extraordinary story has been spread among cruisers in the area and reported to Cruisers Network Online.... [more]
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Protecting your propeller shaft
Canadian Yachting/Sail-world Cruising,
When was the last time you had the propeller shaft checked on your sailing boat? How old are your engine mounts? Have you replaced your cutlass bearing recently? Do I sound like your mother?... [more]
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Missing British-flagged sailing boat in the eastern Pacific
Sail-World/C. Solyom, The Gazette,
The SS Columbia, a 13 metre steel sailing boat, is overdue by 10 days in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. It departed Ecuador on 16th January, and was due to sail into Coquimbo, 460 km north of Santiago in Chile, on 24th February.... [more]
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Sailor crushed as he tries to prevent yacht collision
News Mail/Sail-World Cruising,
It's an early lesson we all taught as sailors, but the occasional sad example of someone ignoring the lesson brings it home again. A sailor was rushed to hospital yesterday after he tried to prevent two boats from colliding by getting between them.... [more]
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The newest super-yacht dubbed a 'moving island'
Lisa Mylchreest,
When does 'so much' become 'too much'? Mega-yachts for the super-wealthy have long been labelled ludicrously lavish and preposterously pretentious, but just how far can you go? A Monaco-based boat designer in collaboration with a famous French ship building company debuted a yacht so large at the recent Dubai Yacht Show, that it has been dubbed a “moving island.”... [more]
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'No fault' Canada body in parallel investigation on Concordia sinking
Government Monitor/Sail-World Cruising,
The tall ship classroom Concordia which sank on February 17 off the coast of Brazil with all 64 lives saved is flagged in Barbados, so Barbados authorities are conducting an investigation. However, in a surprise announcement the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) have announced that they will conduct a parallel investigation - on a 'no fault' basis, as is their rule... [more]
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Kidnapped cruising sailors reunited
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
British cruising sailors kidnapped by Somali pirates and held near Haradheere in northern Somalia in separate locations have been temporarily reunited after weeks apart, a doctor(pictured) who treated the two in February is reported to have said... [more]
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