What sailors want for Christmas...Dutch court allows 14-year-old to sail...no turkey for Christmas for kidnapped sailors ....guess who's visiting Cairns... and much more

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Many types of tidings for sailors at Christmas

What a picture! - Rapture getting ready for the Hobart in Sydney Harbour  Andrea Francolini ©
Christmas brings many types of tidings for sailors both here and in the rest of the world.

There's one Dutch 14-year-old sailor with the best Christmas present she could want. Laura Dekker is 'jumping a hole in the sky' over being allowed by a Dutch court (pending some conditions) to sail away on a circumnavigation quest next summer.

Up in Cairns an unlikely visitor has joined them for Christmas – the world's longest sailing yacht EOS, is celebrating Christmas at Cairns marina. She's not hard to find...

Over in the Caribbean more than 200 boats of many nationalities, including several Aussie boats, are celebrating Christmas along with their successful completion of this year's ARC and now have a whole season of blissful sailing ahead – lucky them.

Whether you're interested in racing or not, the beginning of the Sydney to Hobart Race is a spectacular sight every year on Sydney Harbour on Boxing Day, and this year is no exception. See the pictures of the lovely cruising/racing yacht Rapture, as she gears up for the start.

Over in WA Bob Williams is saying 'so far so good' about preparations for the first Great Around Australia Rally in 2011, happy that he has more than 200 registrations.

It's a sadder Christmas for kidnapped British sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler, who are still in the hands of Somali pirates.

And out in the middle of the Pacific, just a small speck on that vast ocean, 16-year-old Queenslander Jessica Watson will be having a lonely Christmas Day as she heads for the Southern Ocean in her third month of sailing.

As well this week, don't miss reading the spectacular story of a voyage through the Gulf of Oman pirate zone by skipper Stuart Broom, and his valuable information for anyone thinking to sail in that direction.

'...and don't forget that it's .05 on the water as well as the roads,' says Ports Minister Paul McLeay as we head into our biggest holiday and cruising season.

Sail-World Cruising takes this opportunity to wish you the best Christmas and we hope that all your ambitions – sailing or otherwise – will be fulfilled in 2010.

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Sydney Hobart - In Raptures about Rapture
She's 100 foot long and one of super super maxis heading south to Hobart, but she is not one of those stripped down racing machines. She is a cruiser-racer cruiser... [more]
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Basic seamanship recommendations after Flinders Islet sailing incident
Nancy Knudsen,
All cruising sailors, indeed all sailors, are well advised to attempt to learn from the mistakes of other sailors to help avoid making their own. However, the preliminary recommendations that have come from the inquiry into the recent tragic incident during the 92 nautical mile race from Sydney Harbour to Flinders Islet and return are amazing for their implications.... [more]
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14-year-old Dutch sailor given the green light to sail
Nancy Knudsen,
In an amazing reversal, a Dutch court has ignored child welfare workers' plea that would-be circumnavigating teen sailor Laura Dekker be put in the care of a foster family. Further, they have assured her that, pending certain conditions being met, she will definitely be allowed to go sailing next summer. This means that the young sailor will still be 14 when she sets out.... [more]
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Rolex Sydney Hobart - Follow the action with Bass & Flinders Cruises
On Boxing Day Bass & Flinders vessels Ocean Dreaming I, Ocean Dreaming 2 and Sun Cat will follow the Sydney to Hobart fleet right from the start. ‘We take our boat out with 200 passengers and we are able to follow them down the leading boats because our vessels do travel at about 28 knots, so we can keep up with them out on the ocean.... [more]
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Cairns Marina plays host to world's longest sailing yacht
Sail-World Cruising,
If you go down to the Cairns wharf today, you're in for a big surprise. While the Maltese Falcon is probably the most famous sailing yacht in the world (that's the one that can't tack without reefing), the world's longest sailing boat is currently sitting at Cairns marina, with her crew busy on maintenance work (so what's new?) before she embarks again for the Solomon Islands.... [more]
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No turkey Christmas for kidnapped sailors
Nancy Knudsen,
Kidnapped sailors Paul and Rachel Chandler, into their third month as captives of Somali pirates, will miss out on Turkey, but will be allowed 'chips, pasta, fish or beer' to celebrate Christmas, according to a pirate commander - but there is no sign of any meaningful negotiations for their release... [more]
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Suez to Oman, not for the romantic or faint-hearted
Tracey Johnstone,
In early October Stuart Broom and his crew of three on the 92-foot Lisheen Lady left Cyprus heading for Thailand on a 5,500 nautical mile trek through the pirate infested waters of the Gulf of Aden. While Broom is well experienced in delivering yachts around the Pacific and Australia, none of that experience prepared him for a once in a lifetime delivery voyage as in his role as captain, he was... [more]
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The new-generation soft-mud boat anchor
Sail-World Cruising,
While third generation anchors (Spade, Manson, Roca etc) boast a quantitative leap in anchor design, there is always room in the market for a 'special purpose' anchor. Here is a specialised soft mud anchor which, when disassembled takes very little space, and can be assembled in a matter of minutes.... [more]
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2009 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers Wraps Up In St. Lucia
Jeremy Wyatt,
Over 200 yachts have arrived at Rodney Bay Marina, Saint Lucia over the past two and a half weeks, and the celebration on Saturday 19 December, marked the close of the 2009 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. Upwards of 600 participants and their families attended the prizegiving ceremony to applaud the winners and mark the achievements of all the crews.... [more]
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Boaters warned to go easy on the drink
NSW Government Media,
With around 30% of all boating fatalities involving alcohol, Ports and Waterways Minister Paul McLeay today reminded boat skippers to take care this festive season and stay under the limit. The legal blood alcohol limit of 0.05 applies on the waterways just as it does on the roads.... [more]
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Let's go sail on the moon - no, not our moon, Saturn's
Des Ryan,
It must take the prize as the most outrageous idea of 2009, but a professor at the University College London is suggesting that the way to explore Titan, Saturn's largest moon, is to go sailing on one of her lakes, and the scientific team behind the idea is about to propose it to NASA.... [more]
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Still looking for that last minute gift?
Still looking for that last minute gift? Then look no further than Sail-World.com's extensive Advertisers Directory.... [more]
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Jessica Watson - 60 days, 7000 miles and UP THE MAST
Nancy Knudsen,
This is the view of Jessica Watson's yacht Ella's Pink Lady, taken by Jessica when she climbed the mast this week to check the rigging. The photo was taken when she was passing the 60-days-at-sea mark (about 25% of the planned journey), having covered 7,000 miles since she left Sydney in her attempt to become the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the world non-stop and unassisted.... [more]
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A sailing destination to pine for - Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Anne Kazel-Wilcox, Chicago Tribune/Sail-World,
Looking for a last minute New Year sailing holiday? You couldn't do better than Tortola in the British Virgin Islands - or BVI as it is called by those who have long loved its perfect sailing, secluded anchorages and excellent diving.... [more]
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How to create a great around Australia event? Learn from the best!
Bob Williams,
As the 2011 Around Australia Ocean Race will finish in October-November 2011 depending on starting point, this allows ample time for our international competitors, battle hardened after 7500 nautical miles around the Australian coastline to fine tune their boats for the 2011 Rolex Sydney Hobart Race. Every yacht that is eligible to compete in the Sydney to Hobart is eligible to compete in the Arou... [more]
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Pictures reveal Antarctic marine life in area of rapid climate change
British Antarctic Survey,
New photographs of ice fish, octopus, sea pigs, giant sea spiders, rare rays and beautiful basket stars that live in Antarctica's continental shelf seas are revealed this week by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). BAS photographer Peter Bucktrout took stunning images of an astonishingly rich and unusual variety of life from on and above the deep continental shelf.... [more]
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Christmas Book Ideas for your favourite sailor
Lisa Mylchreest,
There's nothing like a good nautical book as a Christmas present for the sailor in your life - or even for the would-be sailor in your life. Sail-World has selected a few suggestions to take the pain out of at least some of your Christmas shopping:... [more]
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What sailors want for Christmas...
Lisa Mylchreest,
American sailors, like other Americans, are very good at counting things, and hence the country comes up with many more statistics than your average sailing nation: But BoatU.S. this week takes the prize, with their announcement that, according to a recent survey of members, 5.5% of them want new front teeth for Christmas.... [more]
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Boat builder wins Excalibur Manslaughter Appeal
Rob Kothe,
An Australian boatbuilder has won his appeal against a manslaughter conviction over the deaths of four people when their yacht lost its keel and capsized at sea. Melbourne boat builder Alex Cittadini 51, was sentenced in July 2009 by the NSW Supreme Court over the deaths of Christopher Heyes, 51, Peter McLeod, Anne-Maree Pope, 30 and Tracey Luke, 32.... [more]
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