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10 Oct 2009

Major Events


From Asia - the China Club Challenge Match, Singapore Youth Olympics, HK Oppie Nationals.

From the rest of the world - the usual suspects. Hey! You'd be disappointed if there wasn't another twist in the America's Cup tale, wouldn't you?

I have had occasion over the last few days to go back and remind myself of the history of the America's Cup. What I had forgotten, and have now re-discovered, was the astonishing depths to which previous competitors – usually the Defenders – have stooped in order to protect their position. The author of ‘The Racing Yachts', ABC Whipple, noted that "Occasionally, when honour and victory seemed to be mutually exclusive goals, some contenders chose the latter."

I have now realised that however low the Alinghi camp stoops in their obsessive attempts to hold on to the Auld Mug, there are those gone before that have stooped even lower. Remember, the America's Cup is not just a sailing match: it is a game of chess in which the boats are but two pieces on the board. In order to win, first you have to finish - but before that, even, you have to get to the race course.

However, while Alinghi's underhandedness may be breathtaking in its audacity, what should really be exercising our concern at the moment is that a supposedly impartial body, the International Sailing Federation, has allowed itself to be rogered, nay, prostituted, for €150,000.

Bob Fisher reminded me that John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote "money can't buy me love," and then added, "but the Societe Nautique de Geneve and ISAF appear to have moved a line further into the song - "I'll get you anything my love if it makes you feel alright" - when they signed their secret agreement relating to the next America's Cup match. In a seven-page document, which until recently was held secret, ISAF has given the Societe Nautique de Geneve carte blanche with the sailing rules."

The fact is, the Alinghi/BMW Oracle soap opera is really just "AC business as usual" and should be viewed as such. As Peter Gilmour said in a recent interview, the current state of the AC saga is “only a blip in a very colourful history of one of the world's greatest sports competitions”. The truly scandalous story is that of ISAF's demonstrated willingness to be rolled over and bought for little more than 30 pieces of silver.

Guy Nowell
Editor, Sail-World Asia

China Club Challenge Match 2009 - an event 'comes of age'
Al Skinner,
Over the last six days the China Club Challenge Match organised by Iron Rock Sailing Club has been run off Xiamen, China and the first thing to note is that the standard of the teams has risen quite incredibly from even last year. Numbers have risen also, with 18 teams entered instead of the 10 of last year. It's a small number compared with a European regatta, but as 'growth of sailing in China'... [more]
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ISAF President Göran Petersson elected as IOC Member
Göran Petersson, President of the International Sailing Federation, has today been elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee.... [more]
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Vestas Sailrocket flip video and images - Back in a week after repairs
Paul Larsen - Vestas Sailrocket,
Latest news from Paul Larsen, regarding Vestas Sailrocket. 'We are making great inroads into the long repair list and I feel that today will be the day that we 'break the back' of that list. Long, late nights can knock days of certain jobs.'... [more]
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World Match racing Tour Gold Cup - Perfect score so far for Ainslie
Talbot Wilson,
Ben Ainslie and his Team Origin sail through to the quarter final stage of the Argo Group Gold Cup undefeated. Today Ainslie defeated Seb Col (FRA) French Match Racing Team/K-Challenge, Adam Minoprio (NZL) ETNZ/BlackMatch and Bjorn Hansen (SWE) Alandia Sailing Team on another flawless day of sailing for the multi medal Olympian.... [more]
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Letters fly over America's Cup venue in Ras al-Khaimah
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World,
A terse exchange of letters has taken place over the designated America's Cup venue in Ras al-Khaimah, UAE. Today, Marcus Young of Golden Gate YC responded to an earlier note from Societe Nautique de Geneve, and a subsequent rejection by Dr Khater Massaad of Ras al-Khaimah of an accepted the invitation to visit San Diego and discuss the venue with the Challenger.... [more]
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TP52 World Championship - Neck and neck and nothing in it
Event media,
TP52 World Championship - A first and a second from two difficult races today on the Bay of Palma sees the 2007 world champions Artemis (SWE) emerge with only the slimmest possible lead after four races have now been sailed at the 2009 TP52 World Championship.... [more]
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Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games - qualifying events
Young sailing hopefuls with their sights set on Singapore 2010 and the inaugural Youth Olympic Games can now find full details on the qualification events with the publication of the Notice of Race for each qualifier. The inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG) will be held in Singapore in August 2010 and feature 100 young sailors competing across four sailing events.... [more]
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Vestas Sailrocket out of action after 53 knot 'Boost' and crash
Paul Larsen,
Vestas Sailrocket's final World Record Attempt started on October 2nd. Today's latest news is not good for the Team. Paul Larsen....'Once we got it ashore we could do a basic damage assessment. The boat itself is undamaged... amazingly enough... neither is the whole main section of the wing... or the two end flaps!!! '... [more]
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Alinghi 5 - more video from Ras al Khaimah
Astrid van der Knaap/Sail-World Asia,
More footage from deepest darkest Ras al Khaimah. The beast floats, and it lives in a tent. There's not much point in building 'real' facilities when 1) the match may not happen in RAK at all, and 2) if it does, it is likely to be all over in two races!... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Trophy Nice - Two more entries announced
Keith Taylor,
The World Sailing Teams Association (WSTA) and Louis Vuitton are delighted to announce the addition of two world-class sailing teams for the Louis Vuitton Trophy regatta to be held in Nice next month (7th to 22d November). This brings the regatta total to eight confirmed teams, which is the ideal number for end-of-summer expected weather conditions... [more]
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HK Optimist National Champs - Malaysia on top
Hong Kong Optimist Association,
Members of Malaysia's National team dominated in all but one race across the three-day Far East Boats Hong Kong Optimist Nationals held from October 1 to 4. 13 year old World Number 2 Optimist sailor Mohammad Faizal B Norizan capturing the top spot overall, while 14 year old Hebe Haven Yacht Club's Cosmas Grelon took the top Hong Kong spot to win the title of National Champion.... [more]
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Philippines pot-hunters en route for Borneo Yachting Challenge
BusinessWorld Online,
Multi-titled Subic-based Selma Star/C! Calibre sailing team will shoot for a third straight win in the 6th Borneo International Yachting Challenge 2009 slated from Oct. 9 to 15 in Borneo, Malaysia. Skippered by veteran sailor Jun Avecilla, president of Selma Shipping Phils., Inc. and the Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic, the team has captured top honors in 2007 and 2008.... [more]
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iShares Cup - The need to stay cool under pressure
Event media,
iShares Cup - The top three teams are separated by just one point going into the final fight for the overall title of 2009 iShares Cup Extreme 40 Sailing Series Champions, whilst throughout the fleet it's equally close!... [more]
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TP52 World Championships - A Quantum day
Event media,
TP52 World Championships - A delay while the sea-breeze built to allow a start just after 1520hrs afforded the ten TP52 crews the chance to make final preparations and to ease gently into the championships. The top three boats proved to be those which started best.... [more]
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Jewel of Muscat nears completion in Oman
Oman Sail Media,
The Sultanate of Oman, at the Eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, is going through a renaissance of it's maritime heritage. Taking it one step closer to their goal is the Jewel of Muscat project which is nearing completion. The importance of the relationship between modern Oman and its famed ancient seafaring traditions is of paramount importance as this oil rich Sultanate looks to diversifying... [more]
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Phuket to score big from the Phuket King's Cup Regatta 2009
Event media,
Long recognised as one of the top events in the yachting world, both regionally and internationally, the Phuket King's Cup Regatta is this year also being saluted as a major tourism attraction for Phuket. The annual event generates income and regional and global publicity highlighting Phuket as a world class marine lifestyle and sports destination.... [more]
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