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09 Apr 2009

Diary Dates


Somali pirates head south-west

Three-year-old Colin Lemacon, held captive by Somali pirates.  .
Heading the news today is the story of the third yacht that has been hijacked by Somali pirates in as many weeks, making 2009 already the worst for yachts in terms of the number of yachts seized.

It is significant that the three latest hijacks, which have now resulted in 15 sailors, 10 Seychellois and five French citizens being held as hostages, including a three-year-old baby, did NOT occur in the traditional pirate-zone waters between Somalia and Yemen. Neither did the attempted hijack of the latest American ship Maersk Alabama, which was in the Indian Ocean 300 miles from the coast.

It underscores the belief that these business-minded pirates have headed south and away from the coast to avoid clashing with the navies of the many countries who now patrol the region

It is also significant that no yachts that have either sailed close to the Yemeni shore where Yemeni coastguard are in control, or used the defined and closely guarded shipping corridor have encountered pirates.

With Easter upon us, speeding boaters are being warned, at least in New South Wales, that speeding won't be tolerated, and let's hope that new $5,500 speeding fine may just keep a few speed hogs in control when they are in no-wash zones. I really do NOT like my champagne being constantly spilt when I am enjoying the sunset after a brisk sail!

The Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney has a great display to keep kids of all ages amused during Easter, and, if you are looking for somewhere new to berth your boat, D'Albora have a great new offer.

Peter Salisbury continues his down-to-earth article on fitting out a new cruising boat, and the product of the week is the simple hand pump, a light and easy tool to carry on a boat with a multiplicity of uses.

The most charismatic story of the week is about a spoiled and much loved family dog who fell off the family sailing boat off the coast of Mackay. Despite a long frantic search, the dog was finally given up for drowned. After grieving, the family even bought another dog. But then, a few months later, a miracle happened....

Lots of other news and articles too, so read on, enjoy, and...

Smooth sailing during the Easterbreak!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

2009's third yacht seized by Somalis - four sailors and child held
BW Media roundup,
Authorities in France have released details about a French yacht which has been seized by pirates in the last few days, 500 miles off the Somali coast. Five French nationals are being held including a three-year-old child. It is the third yacht hijacked so far in 2009, making this year already the worst on record.... [more]

Speeding boaters targeted over Easter weekend
Brad Smidtt,
Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi has urged boaters to keep to a safe speed this Easter long weekend as NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officers conduct a State-wide safety campaign.... [more]

Letter from the Indies: Cruising in CUBA
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
The Treleavens continue with their tales of sailing the Caribbean, and have just sailed from Turks & Caicos Islands via Guantanamo Bay(see picture of guarding speedboat left) to CUBA.Our first 24 hours in Cuba, Ian feels like he has died and gone to heaven, with wonderful music, mojitos and friendly Spanish speaking people. As for me, it is full of images to keep me wide-eyed... [more]

Seychelles under pirate siege - ten sailors now hostage
Somali Marine and Coastal/Sail-World,
The remote diving and holidaying destination of the Seychelles is now under virtual siege with the threat of piracy in its waters. Ten Seychellois are now in the hands of Somali pirates.... [more]

Easter exhibition - sail with Charles Darwin on the Beagle
Sail-World Cruising,
A major exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney takes you on the sea voyage that inspired Charles Darwin's great theory of evolution. The young scientist circumnavigated the globe on the HMS Beagle in the years 1831-36 and the exhibition introduces his shipboard companions and shows you what they saw.... [more]

Fitting out a new cruising boat - Part 3, Water supply and Heating
Peter Salisbury/Sail-World Cruising,
Peter Salisbury continues with his series on fitting out a new cruising boat. This is Part 3 of a four part series. This week Peter considers the issues of water supplies, heating and cooling. Links to the first two parts are contained within the article.... [more]

The castaway dog who never gave up
Media Services,
When Jan Griffith's much-loved dog, Sophie Tucker, was washed overboard in stormy seas as the family were cruising on their yacht off Mackay on the east coast of Australia, she believed that her pet had drowned.... [more]

Pirate attack widow returns to UK
BW Media roundup,
The widow of a British yachtsman killed by Burmese pirates as they sailed off the coast of southern Thailand in their yacht Mr Bean will fly home to the UK. It is believed businessman Malcolm Robertson, 64, from Hastings, East Sussex, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer and thrown overboard off the Andaman coast as he sailed with his wife Linda.... [more]

This week's product: The hand pump
Blackwattle Studios,
There are always a few things that the crusty old salt with a few decades of sailing under his belt just won't go to sea without. It might be the bucket, the deck torch, the harness or the sextant, just for starters. Maybe high on the list after that is the HAND PUMP... [more]

Broadband Radar new from Navico
Jeni Bone,
Navico has released the world's first recreational marine Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radome across three of its brands – Lowrance, Northstar and Simrad for each of those diverse markets.... [more]

$500 Gift for new d'Albora Customers
Jeni Bone,
Taking advantage of the rarely available marina berths at any one of d'Albora's seven marinas across Sydney, Melbourne and Port Stephens, will pay dividends for the next three months, with all new customers receiving a $500 fuel voucher valid until the end of the year.... [more]

Bénéteau joins the GFC
Blackwattle Studios roundup,
If ever there was to be a sign that we were on hard times following the Global Financial Crisis (GFU), the news published by French newspaper Le Figaro that Bénéteau was to lay off between 7-800 staff is it.... [more]

Win a Laser sailing boat!! - value AUD$9,200 - NZ$11,495,
What would you do with a new Laser? To celebrate the 2009-2010 season Performance Sailcraft Australasia, the ‘down under' Laser builder has teamed with Sail-World to launch an online competition.!Enter_online_now!new to win a choice of a Laser 4.7, a Laser Radial or a Laser Standard sailing boat, built by Performance Sailcraft Australasi... [more]

Product of the Week - Shrinkwrap for boats

'You want to do what?' The butcher didn't seem amused. He stared at the complex hunk of metal being pushed over the counter at him. 'I was hoping you could vacuum wrap my spare starter motor.' He kept staring at the starter motor, not speaking. 'You know, like you do to the meat. Well you see, we're going to be at sea for a long time,' I felt the pleading tone in my voice now.... [more]

Teen round world solo sailor arrives in Hobart
Nancy Knudsen,
Teenager Michael Perham, left Portsmouth UK on November 15th 2008, seeking to complete a solo journey around the world, arrived in Hobart last night (Friday 3rd April), having just completed a four week/ 7,000 mile crossing of the Indian Ocean.... [more]

Underwater Bondi Experience opens for Easter
Sue Nelson,
Dive Bondi Bay without getting wet! Bondi Beach's first custom-built visitor attraction, the Underwater Bondi Experience, at Bondi Pavilion's Marine Discovery Centre, will open its doors to the public from Good Friday.... [more]

Second yacht taken by pirates near Seychelles
BW Media round-up,
In an action that suggests that Somali pirate gangs have been forced south in their desperate bid to continue holding boats for ransom, a second yacht has been hijacked off the Seychelle Islands. The motor yacht had just dropped its tourists, but still had its crew of seven Seychellois on board when taken... [more]

Ausmaid rolled, dismasted off Noosa
Sail-World Cruising,
Three crew have been rescued from yacht which has rolled 360 degrees off the coast of Queensland's Sunshine Coast. The seas were six metres when Ausmaid, the handicap Sydney to Hobart winner from 1996, lost its mast when it rolled in the wild weather about 10 nautical miles north east of Noosa.... [more]

Win a Laser sailing boat!! - value AUD$9,200 - NZ$11,495,
To celebrate the 2009-2010 season Performance Sailcraft Australasia, the ‘down under' Laser builder has teamed with Sail-World to launch an online competition.!Enter_online_now!new to win a choice of a Laser 4.7, a Laser Radial or a Laser Standard sailing boat, built by Performance Sailcraft Australasia in its Australian factory.... [more]


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