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Diary Dates


Somali pirates move south, attack Seychelles yacht
BW Media roundup,
Multiple reports considered to be reliable say that Somali pirates have hijacked the yacht Serenity, with Seychelles citizens Gilbert Victor and Andre Conrad on board and are holding them in an area close to Garacad in Somalia... [more]

Moko the Dolphin whale-saver, Star of Mahia Regatta
Tim Sandall,
Moko the dolphin, a local identity at Mahia, a popular holiday town on the East Coast of the North Island in New Zealand, entertained young and old during the Wairoa Yacht Clubs annual Mahia Regatta,enabling these photos. Just weeks before, Moko had saved the lives of two whales.... [more]

Burmese 'fishermen' murder British sailor in Thailand
BW Roundup,
A British sailor who had been cruising the world for nine years has been allegedly murdered by three Burmese migrant fishermen aboard his yacht off southern Thailand. They locked his wife in a cabin. The area where he was killed is regarded as safe and usually very busy with cruising yachts. There have been no attacks on yachts in the area for at least the last fourteen years... [more]

Getting ready for Spring
Whether you have a power or sailboat, inboard or outboard, this Spring Commissioning Safety Checklist is an easy way to get ready for the season:... [more]

How to learn to sail when you don't have time to get to the water
BW Media,
Need some sailing lessons but too busy to take them? Going for a charter holiday and want to prepare quickly? A long time since you've sailed and need to brush up before you get on the water? Maybe online sailing lessons with NauticED are the way to go... [more]

Last Days to enter Line 7 Emirates Team NZ gear sweepstakes,
Enter online now to win a choice of a Line 7 Emirates Team NZ crew polo, a Line 7 Force Jacket ,or Line 7 Force Vest, a Line 7 Gulf Jacket or Line 7 Gulf pants, or a Line 7 GP Microfleece. Competition Friday night (Australian time), so enter right now!!... [more]

Launch of the Lagoon 421
Simpson Marine,
The Lagoon 421 due to be launched in May is probably the surprise this year. She was developed after a thorough study of what users of this category of cruising catamarans require, and truly represents a summary of their expectations.... [more]

Opportunity for young sailors seeking adventure
Sail-World Cruising,
Young aspiring sailors will have the opportunity for a memorable adventure when the round-Africa Phoenicia Expedition begins again in August this year, or you could be part of a one week adventure in May to move the boat from its current location to Aden in Yemen... [more]

The wonderful world of the DSC
Ron Trossbach/Sail-World Cruising,
Do you have a DSC facility on your radio? If you are asking 'What is a DSC?' then you really need to study this article. Are you confident that you know ALL the side benefits of this technology? If not, then there is much of value to read here..... [more]

Chance photo spells jail for fraudulent cruising sailors
Nick Britten, Telegraph/Sail-World,
A chance photo, taken by some other cruisers in an anchorage, has led to the jailing of a couple who lived from disabled benefits while sailing the world on a cruising yacht. Shashi Bacheta, 52, and Jeffrey Cole, 58, admitted a total of 20 charges connected with the elaborate fraud, which was played out over almost five years.... [more]

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Andrea and Ian Treleaven continue with their tales of sailing in the Caribbean in their yacht Finnisterre: 'With only a day to spare to rendezvous with Mike and Di Quaife in Grand Turk, we are given permission to leave Luperon in the Dominican Republic. What a lot of bureaucratic nonsense!... [more]

Rescued four times in 12 days
Eryl Crump, Daily Post/Sail-World Cruising,
There is always someone new vying for the title of Captain Calamity it seems, this time in Wales. A sailor who sparked four sea rescues in the past 12 days in an effort to reach the Isle of Man from North Wales was last night safely moored, thanks to four rescues in 12 days, at a North Wales marina. Rescuers have now told the man, who has not been named, his ill-equipped vessel is not seaworthy.... [more]

Teenagers! Win a FREE three week sailing trip in the Caribbean

If you or someone you know is a teenager, and you can create a great greeting card to the best known politician in the world, you could win a free three week sailing trip in the Caribbean. Who's the best known politician in the world? Read on and find out...... [more]

Yachts transit the pirate zone - so far so good
MARAD/Sail-World Cruising,
While three yacht crews were kidnapped in the last couple of years (all being eventually released), no incidents involving yachts have been reported this year. As the season(February to April) for the passage of yachts travelling north through the Red Sea is at its midpoint, two distinct methods of transiting the pirate zone in the Gulf of Aden have emerged.... [more]

Fog to blame for yacht and cargo ship collision
Sail-World Cruising,
The value of the Automatic Identification System (AIS) has been underlined again with the collision between a yacht and a ship off the southern coast of England.... [more]

Teen Circumnavigators Update
Lisa Mylchreest,
British teenager Michael Perham and Californian teenager Zac Sunderland, now both seventeen, are separately embarked on solo circumnavigations of the world, and both are doing well. Michael is in the Southern Indian Ocean, over half way from Captown in South Africa to Australia, and doing over 200 miles a day in his 50ft racing yacht TotallyMoney. His circumnavigation is from west to east, whi... [more]

Airborne pollutants can be toxic to marine algae
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI),
Plankton are a critical component of Earth's climate system: as part of their life cycle, they draw carbon dioxide out of the air and transfer it into the deep sea. A newly published paper by ocean scientists shows that airborne particles off the continents can have deadly effect on some marine phytoplankton.... [more]


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