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10 Mar 2009

Major Events


Mostly international today... except for news that there will be a Kiwi-Aussie face-off in 12' skiffs immediately before the Koh Samui Regatta (1-6 June). Guess they'll be hoping for rather more breeze than showed up at last year's event...

Ericsson 3 are really "putting the moves" on the rest of the VOR fleet down south, but if you are watching the race viewer you'll see that Telefonica Blue and the Green Dragon are starting to gather a bit of momentum on the right wing - the deep south option that traditionally pays on the leg into Cape Horn. All to play for, and great to watch.

The World Match Race Tour kicks off its first 2009 event, in Marseilles, this weekend. Sebastian Col and Mathieu Richard no doubt looking for a home pitch advantage there in France, sailing in J/80s.

Kevin Scott in Pattaya has been putting together a Platus-in-Asia register, with a view to encouraging some more across-the-region competition and maybe an Interport or two. If you know of any Platus that may have been overlooked so far, and you haven't been contacted by Kev, send him an email at:

12 Foot Skiff Racing at Koh Samui Regatta 2009,
The racing, from 29-31 May, will be set on a course as close as possible to Samui's Chaweng Beach, and is not only exhilarating to compete in - but also fun to watch and great for spectators. And there is an additional thrill element in that teams from archrivals Australia and New Zealand will compete head-to-head for the honours.... [more]

Bertrand wins Audi Etchells Worlds Race 3
Rob Kothe,
Australian ace John Bertrand, led at the top mark from Pittwater sailor Mark Doyle, third was 2001,2002 world champion Stuart Childerley (GBR), Tim Patton (BER), Jud Smith, 2006 World Champion, Chris Busch (USA)and Graeme Taylor (AUS)... [more]

Olympic girls to take on the men at the Audi Etchells Worlds
Di Pearson,
Three Australian Olympian women, headed by Beijing gold medallist Tessa Parkinson, are going where most women have feared to tread; they are to take on some of the world's most elite male sailors at the Audi Etchells Worlds in March.... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race: Eventful time on Telefonica Blue
Various Volvo Ocean Race competitors,
Latest news from Telefonica Blue and Ericsson 4 sailing Leg 5 of the Volvo Ocean Race. Telefonica Blue has a near miss with a whale and discovered a small crack in their mast, while on Ericsson 4 Jule Salter muses over the difference in oceans. Read on ....... [more]

Portimão Global Ocean Race Leg 3, Week 2 in review
Oliver Dewar,
As the Portimão Global Ocean Race moves into its second week in the Pacific Ocean, the mandatory southern limit at 45°S becomes a major feature.... [more]

Strong field prepares for Marseille International Match Race
Dobbs Davis,
The newest event of the ten-stage 2009 World Match Racing Tour will also be its first as 12 teams prepare for Marseille International Match Race. The assembled field is one of the strongest yet seen.... [more]

Flying down to Rio - Ericsson 3 leads the fleet's downwind drag race
Volvo media,
Ericsson 3 is stretching out a substantial lead in leg five of the Volvo Ocean Race as the team rides a weather system, which is sweeping them quickly towards Cape Horn and maximum points at the next scoring gate. Magnus Olsson and his men have now pulled out a lead of 229 nautical miles as they continue to average a boat speed of 24.3 knots... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race: Spinnakers up on Green Dragon
Lucy Harwood/Ian Walker,
With the wind shift came a welcome return to downwind sailing for Green Dragon in the Volvo Ocean Race. 'It feels great to have a spinnaker up and even better to see the miles ticking by. At least there is no more upwind sailing in the short term forecast' says skipper Ian Walker.... [more]

Ericsson 3 leads Volvo fleet to Cape Horn
Volvo Ocean Race media,
Ericsson 3 leads the Volvo fleet charge to Cape Horn. 'What a relief. Finally the breeze has swung enough to le us ease sheets and get the good ship going fast in the right direction,' noted Ericsson 4's bowman, Ryan Godfrey.... [more]

Alice Springs sailor second in Etchells Worlds Practice race
Tracey Johnstone,
Beaten in the last leg of the Audi Etchells World Championship practice race by New Zealand's Alastair Gair, Alice Springs's Jeff Rose is still very pleased with his team's performance.... [more]

90 knot gusts forecast for Portimão Global Ocean race fleet
Oliver Dewar,
MRCC Punta Arenas, Chile, are monitoring the Portimao Global Ocean Race fleet and issued a weather warning this morning (08/03) of south-westerly winds between 40-50 knots and gusts reaching 90 knots with a mighty 8-10 metre swell.... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race - not like the brochure says Ian Walker
Ian Walker,
Seems that Ian Walker has seen the latest Volvo Ocean Race position updates - Right I'm in a bad mood today so here are some grumpy quotes for you: 'The incessant banging of crashing off waves is doing my head in. It wouldn't matter if we were getting any nearer Rio but we are hardly even managing that'.... [more]

Rich Wilson set to become second American to complete Vendee Globe
Vendee Globe mdia,
Rich Wilson's last weekend at sea on his Vendée Globe looks set to be quick and relatively productive. Wilson, 829 miles from the finish, has been making a VMG averaging just over eight knots and was 529 miles NWW of Cape Finisterre this afternoon making a course south of east. Raphael Dinelli has overcome his broken rib to make a successful repair to his boom on Fondation Océan Vital.... [more]

Telefonica Blue breaks forestay while leading the Volvo fleet
Volvo Ocean Race media,
Telefonica Blue suffered a cruel blow last night when the Spanish boat broke its forestay while leading the fleet through the Southern Ocean on day 20 of the marathon Leg 5 from Qingdao to Rio. 'We were ripping along, making great speeds in 15 knots of breeze, when all of sudden a loud bang was heard from the rig.' Skipper Bouwe Bekking.... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race: Is Ericsson 3's plan genius or madness?
Volvo media,
The first milestone of leg five was achieved yesterday, when Ericsson 4 led the fleet through the first of two scoring gates on leg five of the Volvo Ocean Race, to collect the maximum of four points. The team now has 53 points in total and a lead of 8.5 points over Telefónica Blue in second place and Puma third... [more]



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