Enjoying the Storm... Teen solo circumnavigators-Zac and Mike...two survive on raft for three nights...behind the pirate lines...and much more...

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This week if you're huddled in wintry weather, make yourself feel worse by checking out the decadent sunny photos of the recent Phuket (Thailand) to Langkawi(Malaysia) Rally, and the world's largest rally is off again to cross the Atlantic – over 200 boat in one rally!

A great survival story of two sailors who spent three nights on a raft drifting away from the shipping channels off the coast of Spain, and down in the South Pacific 2000 people on a cruise ship went to the aid of four sailors wrecked on a reef that they just didn't see before they hit it.

When you want to replace your outboard (and are based in a marina where you can recharge) think of an electric outboard – there's a new one out with more staying power than ever before. You'll be sure to want to read the Ten Rules for Enjoying a Storm, the latest updates on the two sixteen year olds who are circumnavigating solo, and the ongoing news about the pirate problem off Somalia and Kenya.

Read on, enjoy, and....

...sail happy!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Teen Solo Sailors Zac and Mike: Seeking Records
Pete Thomas, Los Angeles Times/Sail-World,
Not one but two sixteen-year-olds are sailing solo round the world, on routes that will keep the with the wind behind them most of the way, but there the comparison ends.... [more]

Behind the Pirate Lines
FIP, translated by Christopher Sultan/Sail-World,
Piracy, always of great concern to the long range cruising sailor, is now engaging the minds of every commercial seafaring nation in the world,as time and time again they are held to ransom by a straggly bunch of ex-fishermen with RPG7's and missile launchers . Here we take a look behind the dramatic scenes into the world of the Somali pirates... [more]

The Ten Rules for Enjoying a Storm
Nancy Knudsen,
There is nothing more exhilarating than the middle of a squall, flying along, in perfect control, in harmony with the weather. Even if you don't agree with this, it happens to the most cautious of us. No matter whether you always cruise in the right season and watch the weather with dedication, there will be a time when you are caught in stormy weather.... [more]

Two survive on raft three nights after yacht sinks
Giles Tremlett, Guardian/Sail-World,
Only a wife's call has saved a British sailor and his Belgian crewmate after three nights adrift on a liferaft in a storm-tossed sea. The sinking was so rapid they had been left without food or drinking water after their boat sank off Spain's Balearic Islands... [more]

Spectacular Start for World's Largest Rally
ARC Media,
The world's largest cruising rally, the 23rd Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) started in spectacular style yesterday (23-Nov-2008) as 211 yachts from 21 different nations sailed across the start line off Las Palmas de Gran Gran Canaria, headed for their final destination, 2,700 nautical miles away in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia.... [more]

Letter from the Indies: Windward & Leeward Islands
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
It's amazing how long the arms of a hurricane can extend. The hurricane Omar that passed through the US Virgin Islands five weeks ago created a huge wave system, affecting the usually protected western coast of all the Windward Islands. The four metre high waves travelled 350nm affecting some bays very badly. We were very aware that we would come across destruction and boats washed ashore but I am... [more]

Kiteboards are not Sailing Boats - it's Official!
Nancy Knudsen,
'Rubbish! That's not a sailing boat!' said the Skipper with his usual diplomacy as we sailed along in the afternoon breeze doing a very brisk 7 knots on the 4th October this year. I had just told him that a kiteboarder had the day before broken the world speed record at over 50 knots. The members of the World Sailing Speed Record Council(WSSRC) must have been listening... [more]

New: Atlantic Islands Rally, Portugal to Canaries
BW Media,
Rallies are a convivial way of sailing, be it around the world or to the next anchorage for the weekend... and a rally that goes at JUST the right time of year is the rally that is bound to succeed. Just such a rally is the now launched Atlantic Islands Rally(AIR) for 2009.... [more]

Electric Outboards - They just get better
Martin Flory,
German outboard manufacturer Torqeedo has just introduced a new electric outboard suitable for sailing boats and catamarans, which they claim is more efficient than any previous.... [more]

Fiji is Back! - Stays up to 18 Months for Sailors
Fiji Times/Sail-World,
THE extension of the length of stay of yachts to eighteen months and removal of re-entry conditions for cruising sailors in Fiji has been described a 'Godsend' for the ailing marine industry.... [more]

Sailing From Phuket to Langkawi - the Rally
Maggie Joyce Mariner Boating,
Snorkelling in warm clear water, swimming ashore to white, sandy beaches, pulling a meal for ten out of the water, grabbing a lift with a local to the market or shopping for a bargain in the tiny stalls in Phi Phi, these things are all equally important.... [more]

Good News for Yachts Heading to Fiji or Australia
Nancy Knudsen,
The authorities in both Fiji and Australia have issued statements making life easier for visiting yachts. The 18 month stopover allowance is restored in Fiji, and Australian Customs clarifies its common sense intrepretation of arrival rules.... [more]

Ship with 2000 Passengers rescues sailors on reef
Otago Times/Sail-World Cruising,
The 2000 or so cruise passengers on P&O's Pacific Sun are getting more than they bargained for, as their holiday liner, in a real-life drama that could never be included in the attractions of the cruise, was diverted to save four shipwrecked sailors yesterday... [more]

Taiwan Strait to Open for Cruising Sailors
Shelley Shan,Taipei Times/Sail-World,
The Taiwan Strait is a body of water more known for its military tension than for its appeal to cruising sailors, but in a welcome move, yachts from Taiwan and China (as well as cruise ships) will be soon able to travel across the Taiwan Strait for the first time in recent history.... [more]

The Stakes are UP - Pirates Demand US$25 million
AFP/Sail-World Cruising,
The stakes have certainly risen in Somali pirate demands. Agence France Presse (AFP) have just reported that Somali pirates who hijacked Saudi oil super-tanker Sirius Star on Thursday have demanded 25 million dollars in ransom and set a 10-day deadline amid mounting calls for tougher action on sea bandits... [more]

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