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06 Nov 2008

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Editorial: Read it here then...Just go Sailing

Just go sailing..  .
If it's happening in the world of the cruising sailor, then it's here on Sail-World Cruising.

As well as the latest cruising news, you'll find the new inventions, the best products, tales of the brave and the reckless, or just the curious and amusing. Scroll down to find the stories that interest YOU.

Two new innovations this week from Aussie sailors – Rob Starkey's Passage Planner for the East Coast, and Bob Wright's Sea Scoopa – and attempt to solve the tricky problem of how to retrieve an MOB with limited strength and without harming the victim.

Jeppesen has an alert out for the C-Map product – check your version.

It's inspirational how so many cruising sailors are helping in the enormous task of protecting/saving our oceans. Read an update on the work of OceansWatch, that grass roots sailors' movement assisting marine scientists to check coral health, and 'Sailors for the Sea' offer some answers about what's wrong with our oceans. Find out how YOU can help.

Read about a cruising sailor's video on their journey up the Red Sea, a new Buizen yacht in production, and how one Kiwi - of the thousands of modest volunteers that keep the sport of sailing alive - received an award she never expected.

You will also find how you don't need to be so brawny on the winches any more, via a new great product that turns Mickey Mice into Supermen.

Lots of other news and salty articles too, so don't worry about the financial meltdown or whether Barack Obama will do a good job – read Sail-World for the best and the latest, and ...

...just go sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

'Sounded like a Knife' - the Loss of yacht Hot Ice
Letea Cavander, NewsMail/Sail-World,
Last week we reported an American-flagged yacht, Hot Ice, participating in the Port2Port Rally from Vanuatu and Noumea to Bundaberg in Australia hit Kenn Reef, an atoll on a submerged continental block about 280 nm north east of Gladstone. They have now arrived in Bundaberg, with nothing but their passports and the clothes they stand up in, and they told Letea Cavander the dramatic story... [more]

'When the GPS Falls into the Bilge...'
Nancy Knudsen,
The instructor who taught me celestial navigation many years ago started every class by saying 'When the GPS has fallen into the bilge...' thus justifying his insistence that every sailor who adventures into an ocean needs a knowledge of classical celestial navigation.... [more]

C-Map PRODUCT ALERT from Jeppesen
This is a Jeppesen Alert on a missing chart on a C-Map MAX chart product. Jeppesen strongly urges affected C-Map Max Customers to update their chartlibrary to the latest version, if planning to navigate in or close to the affected area - North East Australia... [more]

Sailing Australia's East Coast-A New Valuable Tool
Nancy Knudsen,
Part of the challenge for the recreational cruising sailor is the amount of necessary research to undertake a passage, whether it be a day sail or a six month sojourn. Now one Australian sailor has just made that task a whole lot easier!... [more]

Buizen legend extends to 60 feet
Harbourside Media,
It has been 12 years since Buizen Yachts introduced a new model. Now, Buizen announces the release of a new 60 foot model; a move that represents a significant milestone in the company's history.... [more]

Sailors Radio web-cast 8:30am - 10:00am Sun.
For six years it has been Australia's only national radio sailing show: it's irreverent always and occasionally informative and possibly best of all, just audio. But now things are going from bad to much worse - there will be another video streaming trial of Sailors Radio from the 2RPH Studios in Sydney, this morning.... [more]

A Yacht Purchase - a Life Style Investment
Des Ryan,
With all the talk of recession, liquidity crises, credit crunches, stock market big dipper rides, job layoffs and dismal financial forecasts, it's no wonder our hands are staying in our pockets. But are we missing out on LIFE?... [more]

Bavaria Charter Australia - Sailing Ahead
Bavaria Media,
As the global financial wobble continues to play out on stock markets around the world and intrude into family lounge rooms each night on the news, one sector of Australian business is sailing ahead, the bareboat charter industry.... [more]

Saving Sailors' Lives - the Sea Scoopa
Des Ryan,
Most of the inventions and innovations in the history of sailing have come from sailors themselves, and now Sydney sailor Bob Wright, is keeping that tradition alive with an invention that could save many sailors' lives - the Sea Scoopa. What's a Sea Scoopa? Read on... [more]

Cash back on new Honda BF40/50 and BF75/90 engines
Sandman PR,
Honda is offering a substantial ‘cash back' incentive on its new, leading-technology BF40/50 and BF75/90 EFI four-stroke outboard engines in the lead up to summer.... [more]

What's Wrong with our Oceans? - the Acid Answer
'Sailors for the Sea',
Perhaps our planet should have been named 'Ocean' rather than 'Earth' given that the majority of Earth is comprised of water not land: seventy-one percent to be precise. Humans are also comprised mostly of water, a strikingly analogous seventy percent. In both cases, a proper pH is required not only for vibrant health, but for long-term survival. However, recently the pH of our oceans has been c... [more]

Product of the Week: Easypower for Wenches
Nancy Knudsen,
As someone who, being a wench (that's my excuse), has found many a winch to be the cause of great angst in the past, this 'Product of the Week' is just the thing! And if, as a sailor, you have more brains than brawn, you'll like this gadget too.... [more]

Unsung Hero for Sailing Honour Award
Adrian Seconi, Otago Times/Sail-World,
In yacht clubs all over the world there are unsung heroes who labour without reward for years, carrying out all the tasks necessary to keep the sport alive - the 'Learn to Sail' programs, the Committee boats, the care of the equipment. This is the story of one...... [more]

OceansWatch Reef Check Training in Tonga
Jane Pares,
The cruising season in the South Pacific is coming to a close and some cruisers have already made their way to New Zealand, where they'll stay over the hurricane season. Among the OceansWatch www.oceanswatch.org members heading back for the 2nd time are Beth and Ken Cone on Eagle Wings and David and Gail Funk on Fifth Season. But before making the passage they're taking the OceansWatch Reef Ch... [more]

Red Sea Adventures:the Abbott Family DVD
BW Media,
For eleven years the Abbott Family sailed over 50,000 nautical miles aboard their 39ft catamaran, Exit Only. Setting off from Kansas USA, they travelled south. Their adventures took them through the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, the South Pacific and Asia, the Indian Ocean and via the Red Sea to the Mediterranean - but it's the Red Sea they have now chronicled in a great DVD... [more]

South Africa's 'Silent Solo Sailor' Goes Home
Asa Sokopo,Daily Dispatch/Sail-World,
South Africa: Charl de Villiers made headlines four years ago when he became the first deaf sailor to circumnavigate the world single- handedly. He made his his epic 2004 voyage in his 11.2m Tartan yacht 'Island Times', which he bought in September 2000, and departed on his amazing journey from Palacios, in Texas.... [more]

Jimmy Cornell to Speak at SSCA Gam December 5-7
Barbara Theisen,
The Seven Seas Cruising Association's annual Melbourne, Florida Gam will offer cruisers three full days of seminars, marine vendor exhibitions and camaraderie with cruising friends old and new.... [more]

Second Teen Vies for 'Youngest Around the World'
Nancy Knudsen,
While American teen Zac Sunderland (born November 29, 1991) tries for the title of 'Youngest sailor around the world' and follows the rolling seas across the Indian Ocean with a repaired tiller and a splinted broken boom, a second young sailor, British teen Mike Perham is about to set sail to vie for same title.... [more]

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