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Oceans Delightfully Crammed with Sailing Adventure

Just go sailing, and 'leave the world behind'  .
While the populations of every continent seem locked in gloomy marathon discussions about the plight of the capitalist world, our oceans are still delightfully crammed with adventurers and their tales. So, 'Come with me and leave the world behind'(Omar Khayyam, 13th Century)

As I write, teen solo Zac Sunderland is sailing west from remote Cocos Keeling, and Parson is the hero. Who is Parson? Why he is the local wood worker of Home Island in Cocos, and he has rescued Zac by not only fashioning a new tiller but also splinting Zac's broken boom ready for his westward sail to Africa. Such is the fortuitous nature of long range cruising.

Then there's Sir Richard Branson, just begun his attempt(with a little help) to be the fastest to sail the Atlantic; Pete Goss (hardy Englishman forever a hero for his rescue of fellow sailor in the Southern Ocean) has just departed England in an old lugger for Australia; and a couple of mad professional windsurfers tell their story of sailing the English Channel.

Off the coast of France racing boat Hugo Boss has just been rammed by a fishing boat - while stationary; Lindsay Wright tells his tale of an encounter with six whales, one of which holed his sturdy trimaran; and in the US Virgin Islands they are recovering from the loss of 50 boats sunk by Hurricane Omar.

On a practical note, there's new guide to Phuket just out, some excellent advice on taking your dog along when you go sailing, an amazing product that will keep the number of drilled holes in your boat to a minimum, and the Naughtical Almanac is sure to give you a laugh or three.

Read on, enjoy, and....

Sail Happy!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

[ICSA] McMillan Cup at Navy
Jahn S. Tihansky,
How there can be two days of such dissimilar weather in one placed on a given weekend is beyond me. After getting soaked and blown off the bay with no races run on yesterday, today was the polar opposite at the Mac Cup 08.... [more]

Good Times for E Marine
Jeni Bone,
Despite gloomy economic times, some dealers are experiencing better than expected sales. E Marine is one of them, thanks to consistent marketing, catering to a niche in the market, great location and charismatic service.... [more]

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