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Editorial: Head winds for HSBC Coastal Classic

Edwin Delaat (12) will be a crew member on the 'Starlight Express' a competitor in the Coastal Classic  Supplied Image
Welcome to Sail-World.Com's NZ newsletter for 23 October 2008

A major event on the New Zealand sailing calendar the HSBC Premier Coastal Classic gets underway tomorrow morning with an entry of over 200 yachts.

At this juncture, the race is expected to be sailed in headwinds - lighter initially (15kts), but increasing at night and hitting over 25 knots late Friday evening and in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Quite what effect this will have on the fleet remains to be seen. The wind is expected to increase erratically and anyone seeking a more accurate picture of what is ahead is strongly advised to login to and get a free subscription and check out the trends predicted for this race.

A detailed weather briefing will be part of the race Briefing to be held tonight.

We have a number of features in this issue relating to the HSBC Premier Coastal Classic, and will be on the water providing coverage and images of the start tomorrow.

Please feel free to txt reports to 021 30 10 30, along with pxt, and emails to

PredictWind for HSBC Coastal Classic - 0100hrs on 25 October 2008

Over 500 people attended the Memorial Service for outstanding designer, Des Townson, on Wednesday afternoon, at Bucklands Beach Yacht Club. It was, as Des wished, a celebration of his life, many achievements and the tremendous pleasure he gave to many.

One of the many great quotes from Des, was his own reflection on his 'working career' - 'I only really worked for two years of my life, the rest was fun!'

We hope to have more detailed coverage at a later time of Des Townson's design and photos of the complete lineage of his yachts.

Rick Deppe/PUMA Ocean Racing. PUMA Ocean Racing on leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race  Volvo Ocean Race ©

The Volvo Ocean Race has entered an interesting phase as the eight competitors entered and then exited The Doldrums.

We have been tracking the various options during the past few days using Expedition and PredictWind. With each report the situation changes, but the trend is clear - that the Ian Walker skippered Green Dragon has made a big move in the race, sufficient to capture the lead and probably the leg.

Green Dragon was the first to be truly out of The Doldrums and should enjoy sailing into 12-15kts winds, according to the calculations we have done using Expedition and PredictWind which is part of the software being used on board the Volvo competitors - except they only have access to weather feeds provided by race organizers.

According to the latest information an predictions we expect Green Dragon to have a 27 mile lead as she rounds the first gate of the race off the coast of Brazil. This has come back on earlier predictions, however these are changing significantly on every sked. Green Dragon is expected to round about midnight tonight (NZT)

Volvo Ocean Race, Leg 1, Actual (22-10-08 at 2200hrs NZT), showing the fleet on the charge for the gate Mark 1 off the coast of Brazil

Ian Walker and navigator, Ian Moore have proved the old Round the World maxim - 'west is best' meaning that by taking the most westerly course of the fleet they have picked up stronger winds and have been sailing in 7kts of breeze while their competitors were in less than 3kts.

US competitor PUMA Racing, while having dropped back for a period in the last couple of days, has slid over towards the west, and picked up the stronger winds, which as we predicted should have hauled her through to second place however on the latest prediction she is level-pegging with Ericsson 4.

Stay tuned to for the latest updates, we are running our own prediction software based on Volvo supplied race positions, and over the past few days have been able to foretell developments in the race well ahead of official sources. We are updating these predictions every 24 hours on with the next being posted in six hours.

Rick Deppe/PUMA Ocean Racing. Justin Ferris (NZL) repairs the spinnaker onboard PUMA Ocean Racing's il mostro on leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race  Volvo Ocean Race ©

On the America's Cup front, Alinghi have announced that they will compete in a new America's Cup based competition, along the lines of the Acts sailed in 2006, and some would say in response to the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series to be sailed in Auckland, NZ in February-March 2009.

So far, Alinghi would seem to have Desafio Espanol competing, with Luna Rossa rumored to be in the mix as well. Quite how this situation develops remains to be seen. One option is for the group of 23 teams entered and interested in the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series to also sail in the 2nd Trofeo Desafío Español, the annual regatta of Club Náutico Español de Vela (CNEV).

However this event will be just two days long instead of three weeks for the LVPS, and will take place in three weeks time on 8-9 November. One wonders if the timing of the event has anything to do with a certain legal matter currently under study by the Court of Appeal in New York. Certainly the timing of the regatta makes it very difficult for other teams to compete at such short notice. Neither is there any offer of charter boats as are being used for the LVPS.

Overnight too, comes the announcement from Alinghi that they intend to get the America's Cup proper back on track - assuming that their current position is sustained on Appeal.

A serious point of concern in their announcement and continued position that legal issues must be resolved as a precursor to teams entry into a future America's Cup. Similarly with Alinghi's involvement in the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series being contingent on legal matters being dropped/resolved.

Guy Salter/Ericsson 4:
Ryan Godfrey at sunrise in the Doldrums on leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race

  Volvo Ocean Race ©

Emirates Team New Zealand and BMW Oracle Racing, through their clubs RNZYS and GGYC, are specifically named in the announcement by Alinghi, as teams 'invited to abandon their respective legal proceedings and join the competition'.

What if they don't - are they by definition excluded??

The opening of the entry gate for the next America's Cup to 15th December 2008, means that the matters between the two 2007 Challengers and the Defender will most likely be unresolved, by that date, and this deadline is just more brinksmanship by the Defender.

The right to protest is a fundamental part of sailing. The fact that the ultimate protest or adjudication authority lies in the New York Court system is an unfortunate part of the America's Cup, however it is the prescribed protest system for that event, nevertheless.

The fact that the Defender and Challenger may have set up their own Arbitration Panel is irrelevant, as this body is not (yet) enshrined in the Deed of Gift, which governs the America's Cup. It is a very fraught legal process to exclude competitors from an event for non-compliance with an internal adjudication rule, because the right to a process of natural justice must always prevail. If this right can be shown to be usurped, in some way, then the right of appeal to external bodies is always acceptable, albeit that it may be uncomfortable for event managers.

Remember the good times? Emirates Te4am New Zealand on a lap of honour of Port America's Cup   MCC McCamp

The stance being adopted by Alinghi on these matters is both pedantic and contrary to the spirit of the sport. This has always been to set aside disputes, get on with the sailing, and to allow the dispute procedures to take their course in the normal way - without crews being excluded from competition for protesting race organisers – be it a Race Committee, Race Official or some other body recognised under the Rules.

It would be a very poor day indeed, when sailors looked down a start line in a yacht race, and then felt they had to withdraw because they had some legal/rules dispute with one or more of their of their competitors or had a protest pending against the organisers.

In fact such disputes have always been part of sailing. As has the ability to set these aside and get on with the game, while they are fully resolved. And, that this process is undertaken without rancour or condition.

Maybe it is time that Alinghi and SNG adopted this stance, too, and fell into step with the rest of the sport.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

PredictWind: Big winds for HSBC Coastal Classic
Richard Gladwell,
Strong winds from the north are predicted to hit the HSBC Premier Coastal Classic fleet on Friday evening. Due to predicted headwinds it would seem that the race record will not be threatened. The classic race should get underway in good sailing conditions of around 15knots, however these will increase to about 24 knots around mid-day, before fading away to less than 10kts in the afternoon.... [more]

Images from the Volvo OR: Life onboard - 3
Volvo Ocean Race,
More images from Leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race as the fleet head towards the Doldrums to reach the first gate on Leg 1 off the coast of Brazil... [more]

Bavaria Yachts to compete in Coastal Classic
Roger Wilson,
Ramon Johnson and Garth Treemer will compete in this years Coastal Classic with their Bavaria 38 and Bavaria Vision 40. Both these owners are excellent sailors and have spent a lot of time and money setting the boat up for the race. They should do well if the wind in on the nose or eased sheets. Many Bavaria Yachts have competed in past events with good success.... [more]

Portimão Global Ocean Race fleet heads to Doldrums
Brian Hancock,
Portimão Global Ocean Race. On a 7,000 nautical mile leg from Portugal to South Africa there are a number of legs within the leg. It's clear from the race tracker that Boris Herrmann and Felix Oehme on Beluga Racer feeling the first effects of the doldrums. Their speed has dropped to 4.6 knots, the slowest of the fleet by a large margin.... [more]

Alinghi re-launch the 33rd America's Cup
Daphne Morgan Barnicoat, Alinghi Media,
America's Cup defending yacht club, Société Nautique de Genève (SNG), the Defender Alinghi and their event organising body AC Management (ACM) are taking the necessary steps to get the 33rd America's Cup back on track in partnership with the Challenger of Record – Club Náutico Español de Vela (CNEV) – and all challengers keen to join the competition.... [more]

Tornado moots one design for 11th Olympic medal
ITA Committee,
The structure of the Tornado class has gone through many changes over the past 11 months. The Tornado Class/Multihull community became to complacent believing that multihull was safe and would always be part of the Olympic program, this lead to a major shock to us all at the 2007 Annual ISAF meeting in November.... [more]

Green Dragon leads Volvo across equator
Event media,
One by one, the eight boats racing in leg one of the Volvo Ocean Race popped out the other side of the Doldrums and hooked into the south-easterly trade winds. In a drag race south, the fleet is steadily clicking off the miles towards Fernando de Noronha - Green Dragon was first to cross the equator... [more]

iShares Cup pulls in the crowds
Helen Fretter,
The iShares Cup 2008 media evaluation is nearly complete and the level of exposure generated by this year's spectacular five-event series has smashed the 2007 levels, with over 5 million Euros of media coverage anticipated to be received by the end of November 2008... [more]

Another British entry for Vendee Globe
Event media,
While the spotlight is clearly on the ill-fated Alex Thomson and his Hugo Boss, currently undergoing repairs, another British skipper has his own race against the clock. Steve White (Spirit of Weymouth) yesterday managed to complete his funding and must now try to catch up on his preparation... [more]

Yachting NZ Excellence Awards announced
Zoe Hawkins,
Once a year the top echelon of New Zealand sailors are recognised for their achievements with a nomination for the Yachting Excellence Awards. These people, coming from the ranks of Olympic, America's Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, and other great sailing disciplines, have reached the pinnacle of yachting on a national and international level,... [more]

Alinghi to compete in CNEV's America's Cup regatta
Alinghi Media and Sail-World,
Alinghi, Defender of the 33rd America's Cup, accepts the Challenger of Record, Club Náutico Español de Vela's invitation to race in the America's Cup Class series during their Annual Regatta in Valencia on the 8 and 9 November. Team skipper, Brad Butterworth, comments: 'It will be great to get back on the water on the Cup boats. SUI100 has been under wraps for over a year now... [more]

Virgin Money chases Atlantic Record
Event Media,
The 99ft monohull maxi-yacht Virgin Money set sail Wednesday morning on its Cross-Atlantic Challenge. Richard Branson, his children and the Team Origin crew, which includes Mike Sanderson as co-skipper and triple Olympic Gold medallist Ben Ainslie, aim to break the world record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean, currently set at 6 days 17 hours, 39 minutes and 52 seconds... [more]

12 yr old to sail in HSBC Premier Coastal Classic
Event Media,
Edwin Delaat will be a crew member on the 'Starlight Express' a competitor in the Coastal Classic. The twelve year old Liston College school boy has made history once again. This time as one of the youngest people to pass his Coastguard's Boatmaster exam with impressive score of 87.5 percent.... [more]

ASB Finn: Post Olympic Update
Dan Slater,
Since the Olympics I went back to New Zealand for 24 hours before flying up to the Rolex Maxi Worlds in Italy. I sailed on Ranger a replica J Class that defended the Americas Cup in 1937. This boat is 210 tons and sails with a crew of 30-35 and as the Tactician it required lots of different things to think about than sailing on my own in the Finn.... [more]

HSBC Premier Coastal Classic - two days to go
HSBC Premier Coastal Classic media,
Competitor Profile: Probably one of the best known faces at Westhaven Marina, Josh Tucker is a young man with 75,000 ocean racing miles under his belt and a life rich in blue water stories. Raised aboard a boat – his parents opted to turn their 50 foot gaff rigged ketch into a floating schoolroom as they cruised New Zealand and the Pacific for eight years... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race - Green Dragon to extend lead
Richard Gladwell,
Green Dragon, the Chinese sponsored Volvo 70 will have a lead of about 37 miles at the Brazil gate, according to the current projections. Using Expedition and PredictWind, Sail-World has been able to take the current positions in the 6,500nm first leg, and cycle forward for 24 hours when the first competitors will be about to round the gate in the first leg.... [more]

Cribb and Albeau windsurf across English Channel
Guy Cribb,
Guy Cribb and Antoine Albeau have successfully crossed the English Channel in a storm and all for charity! 'We left Cherbourg at 10am (9am UK time) in a south westerly wind with Antoine Albeau on 6.7m NP RS Racing and 111 Starboard iSonic and myself on 5.8m North Sails Ram on 110 litres Mistral Slalom board.'... [more]

Yachting NZ Briefings - 22 October 2008
Yachting NZ Media,
In memory of Desmond Thomas Townson, 1934-2008; Great achievements to be highlighted in Yachting Excellence Awards; 2008 Yachting New Zealand Annual General Meeting; Hugh Poole made life member of Yachting New Zealand; HSBC Premier Coastal Classic: Tough race predicted for north-bound sailing fleet; Sailing...Have a Go! summer season launches with special event for children with disabilities... [more]

Alegre takes line honours in Rolex Middle Sea Race
Regatta News,
At 07.20.16 CET Andres Soriano's Mills 68 Alegre crossed the Marsamxett Harbour finish line of the 2008 Rolex Middle Sea Race, to take line honours in the 29th edition of the 607 nautical-mile race.... [more]

Aussie Boat Sales Buoyant for Spring
Jeni Bone,
Thanks to a burst of warm spring weather and consumer optimism, Aussie Boat Sales is enjoying a spike in enquiry and 'better than expected' sales.... [more]

Wot Chicks head to Busan Women's World Match Race
Lisa Ratcliff,
The Busan Women's World Match Race starting 29 October in Busan, Korea, is the closing event of the grade 1 international match racing circuit for 2008 and the final regatta before ISAF confirms the class of boat for the new Olympic women's match racing event in 2012. Competitors haven't yet been advised of the class being used for next week's Asian regatta.... [more]

Paul Cayard to speak at World Yacht Race Forum
MaxComm Communication,
World renowned yachtsman Paul Cayard to attend the World Yacht Racing Forum, 10-11 December at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Cayard joins an already impressive list of speakers and panellists.... [more]

Kazimir Partners hits whale - Portimão GOR
Brian Hancock,
It's prefect trade wind sailing for the Portimão Global Ocean Race fleet as they eat up the miles on a quick romp to the equator. Skipper Lenjohn Van Der Wel sent through a curt message. 'At 13h20 local time at position 21:45N and 18:43W Kazimir Partners hit a whale,' he wrote.... [more]

Presti wins Bentley Geneva Match Race
Alinghi media,
Philippe Presti wins the Bentley Geneva Match Race 3-1 against Alinghi. Ed Baird, Rodney Ardern, Lorenzo Mazza and Curtis Blewett – fresh from a summer of multihull training and racing – were back on a monohull and match racing for the first time since winning the America's Cup in July last year.... [more]

BMW Oracle Racing continues San Diego testing
Following two weeks of productive testing and scheduled maintenance, BMW Oracle Racing continues the San Diego testing with BMW Oracle Racing 90. The 90-foot multihull yacht is still in the sea trials phase, with sensors and cameras collecting data from across all areas of the boat - sails, mast, keels, and rudders.... [more]

Volvo fleet escaping the Doldrums - slowly
VOR media/Various Volvo OR competitors,
Over the past 24 hours PUMA (Ken Read/USA) and Ericsson 4 (Torben Grael/BRA) have gained on the leader Green Dragon (Ian Walker/GBR). The two yachts are currently positioned 65 nautical miles to the east of Telefónica Black (Fernando Echávarri/ESP) and slowly overtook the black boat over the hours of darkness as they tracked south. They now sit in second and third respectively.... [more]

Team of 25 work on HUGO BOSS repairs
Veronique Teurlay,
The team from Alex Thomson Racing have been working around the clock since the collision with a French fishing vessel last Friday. The full technical team from Alex Thomson Racing have been drafted in to help get Alex and HUGO BOSS to the start line... [more]

Ainslie and Branson Go for Transatlantic Attempt
Justine Ozoux,
Sir Richard Branson and triple Olympic gold medallist Ben Ainslie are on standby in New York to begin a Transatlantic Record Attempt aboard the 100ft supermaxi yacht Virgin Money - the crew hopes to set sail early Wednesday morning.... [more]

The Beach Race, Nha Trang
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
There aren't so many sailing yachts in Vietnam, but nine arrived in Nha Trang from Hong Kong over the last few days – the VinaCapital Hong Kong to Vietnam Race. And in bright sunshine (mostly) and a useful 12 kts of breeze, five of the boats took on board invited guests and VinaCapital staff for the ‘Beach Race', a brisk trip round two triangles and a sausage in front of Nha Trang beach, watched... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race - Green Dragon in commanding lead
Richard Gladwell,
Ian Walker and the crew of Green Dragon will move into a commanding lead in the Volvo Ocean race in the next 24 hours, as the race leaders emerge from the Doldrums. By holding the most westerly course of the eight competitors, Walker and navigator Ian Moore have been able to hold onto slightly stronger breezes. Now they are dropping across the front of the fleet to get onto the more direct course.... [more]

Alegre and Moneypenny breakaway from fleet
Regatta News,
In the Rolex Middle Sea Race, a potentially decisive break appears to have been made by Andres Soriano's Mills 68 Alegre (GBR) and Jim Swartz's STP 65 Moneypenny (USA). Archrival, the STP 65 Rosebud appears to have got stuck at Capo san Vito during the night.... [more]

The Ten Zulu Report, Leg 1, Day 10 - The Doldrums
Mark Chisnell,
Day 10 Volvo Ocean Race - Is it a restart? Is it a reshuffle? Or is it just history repeating? Green Dragon went west, all the way west, three days ago. And now they've flown off with PUMA's lead.... [more]

Active Air-2UE scores amazing win - 18ft Skiffs
Frank Quealey - Australian 18 Footers League,
Active Air-2UE scored an amazing win when she took out her second consecutive victory of the 18ft Skiff season on Sydney Harbour on Sunday. It was one of the most amazing finishes in 18ft Skiff history.... [more]

Green Dragon leads, Puma follows - Volvo OR
Lucy Harwood/Various VOR Competitors,
Volvo Ocean Race - As soon as the reports came out showing the gains the Dragon had made in the west the fleet followed suit with PUMA and Ericsson 3 gybing to their position. 30 minutes later Ericsson 4 followed them. By Sunday afternoon Ian Walker and his crew were on port gybe on a straight line to the gate at Fernando de Noronha.... [more]

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