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Sunsets, Adventure, Rallies and Pirates - all here

A horrifying pirate attack on a cruising family from St Martins who were cruising in Venezuelan waters on their catamaran has resulted in the husband's murder and a trauma of unspeakable proportions for his wife and daughter. Cruisers are advised again to stay away from these waters.

Sailing centre of Galveston in Texas is starting the long process of salvaging – or not – hundreds of boats that were damaged by Hurricane Ike. See the sample picture and sympathise!

Deaths of sailors from swinging booms have been far too frequent over the years, and have resulted in the invention of the permanently rigged preventer featured in this edition. It has already caused a flood of letters of comment, even before this issue is distributed. I have placed a representative sample at the end of the story.

At the happier end of the scale, there's a brand new rally in the South Pacific, from Australia's delightful Cairns to the remote coral atolls that form the tail of Papua New Guinea.

This week is quirky week – read about the Sealions that are making life misery for Newporters in California, and the story of Bob the Dinghy that had me crying with laughter.

Adventure abounds – Zac Sunderland, that tough laconic 16 year old has reached Darwin in his bid to be the youngest circumnavigator, and a hardy Australian has just taken the smallest boat this year through the North West Passage.

.... and much more news, information and entertaining tales

Read on, enjoy, and....

Sail safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Pirates Murder French Cruising Sailor in Venezuela
The Daily Herald/Sail-World Cruising,
A French cruising sailor - a charter boat skipper who was well known in St. Martin where he operated his business for most of the year - has been murdered by pirates while cruising with his family in the province of La Guaraia, Venezuela, close to the capital of Caracas, Venezuelan authorities have reported.... [more]

Zac Sunderland, Solo Teen Sailor, arrives Darwin
ABC/Sail-World Cruising,
The Californian teenager Zac Sunderland, looking to become the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the globe solo arrived in Darwin yesterday. David Dicks, an Australian from Fremantle, now holds the record - he completed the trip in nine months when he was 18 years and 41 days old.... [more]

Galveston - Salvaging after Ike
Rhiannon Meyers, Daily News/Sail-World,
Technically, Cliff Rodrigue's offshore boat is still tied to the same dock where he left it before Hurricane Ike roared ashore. But now, the dock and Rodrigue's boat, Hot Sauce, are resting on the shoulder of Interstate 45, yards away from the marina.... [more]

The Complicated Tale of Runaway Bob the Dinghy
Mark Cherrington,
There are those sailors who have had experiences like this, and there are those that won't admit it. No laughing is permitted while reading the following story about Bob the Dinghy and his experienced sailor owner... [more]

Sailing on the Moon
Peter Muilenburg,
Peter Muilenburg and his wife Dorothy arrived on the Virgin Islands 40 years ago, and remained to raise a family while sailing through the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the African coastline and writing about his experiences. Here is the first of Peter's engaging tales, as recounted to Sail-World, as he was embarking on a project to build a suitable boat for cruising... [more]

Vale Olin J. Stephens II
Ellsworth American/Sail-World,
Olin J. Stephens II, one of the 20th century's most innovative yacht designers, and the 'Stephens' of Sparkman & Stephens' fame, died last weekend at his home in Hanover, New Hampshire, USA. He was 100 years old.... [more]

Berrimilla sails the North West Passage
BW Media,
The 10 metre yacht ‘Berrimilla' has crossed the North Atlantic and sailed into Falmouth this week after a hazardous and historic voyage through the North West Passage. Sydney-based ‘Berrimilla' has been the first and the smallest boat sailing west-east through the Passage this year.... [more]

Pirates of the Gulf of Aden- Growing World Crisis, The National/Sail-World,
Cruising sailors may find it challenging and dangerous, even in escorted convoys, to transit the Gulf of Aden on their way to the Red Sea this year. However, this is merely a small inconvenience compared with the international crisis caused by more and more daring and demanding pirates. It has long been suspected that, far from being criminals in their own country, 'pirates' are hailed as heroes... [more]

Permanently Rigged Preventer
Fischer, MD Edwin G.,
The incidence of injury or death from accidental or premature jibes is unknown but the problem is not insignificant (see World Cruising!Sailors_Boom_Death_on_27ft_boat!new). The immediacy and seriousness of such accidents became apparent to the author during the 1989 Marion Bermuda Race... [more]

Cairns to Louisiades - Inaugural Rally
The cruising rally is enjoying a world-wide surge. The reasons for this are many, but novice and experienced sailors alike seem to be discovering the extra edge gained by travelling in loose company. In the South Pacific, yet another rally is underway to a good start... [more]

Invaded by Sealions!
The Log/Sail-World Cruising,
Do you have problems with seagulls nesting on your boat? Come back to find it covered in uncommercial quantities of phosphate? Think yourself lucky. Last week we reported a black bear invading the marinas on Vancouver Island, but how would you like to come back and find your boat like THIS?... [more]

Long Island is, well, a Long Island....
Ben Amato,,
Wherever in the world you live, life takes on a different flavour when you see it from the water. Ben Amato lives on Long Island, New York, and has been sailing those waters for 40 years. Currently he sails a 32-foot catamaran, Blown Away Too... [more]

Missing Yachts- One Found, One Search Called Off
BW Media/,
Two missing yachts, one off Cornwall and one off the east coast of Australia have had unhappy conclusions this week. In Australia, the search has been called off for yacht Blessed Be overdue since the 23rd August on a journey from Fiji to Australia. In Cornwall the body of yachtsman believed to be solo sailor Martyn Hayes has been found on board his boat Mardin, run aground near Looe yesterday... [more]

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