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10 Sep 2008

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2008 - 2009 Volvo Ocean Race

Gitana 13 Record attempts


Covering the Paralympics now taking place at the Sailing Centre at Qingdao has proved to be a bit of a problem: there are no Accredited Media there. That means there are no on-water photographers, and no reporters writing stories. Sail-World NZL's editor, Richard Gladwell, has been doing a great job chasing up coaches and team management personnel, and has extracted quite a lot of information - helped no doubt by the fact that down there in NZ they start every day several hours ahead of everyone else. (Richard strongly denies that this is the only way that NZ can keep up with the rest of the world.)

The World Match Racing Tour event at St Moritz produced a new winner, Mathieu Richard. With three events left on this year's Tour, Richard (FRA) is now in a position to take on reigning champion Ian Williams (GBR) for the top spot. Portugal next - it's getting interesting.

Gitana 13 continues on her (very fast) trip from Hong Kong to London, the Tea Route. Well ahead of Flying Cloud's recorded time, the giant cat is now heading north up the Atlantic.

Next weekend is the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club's official Opening Regatta - NOR can be found at Usual format, one-on-Saturday, two-on-Sunday.

RHKYC Opening Regatta this weekend
RHKYC Event Media,
The Opening Regatta of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club's (RHKYC) 2008-2009 sailing season will take place this weekend in Victoria Harbour, a prime venue for yacht racing in Hong Kong since the first harbour regatta was held in 1849.... [more]

COA Macau-and-back, back-to-back on National Day
HK Cruiser Owners' Association,
The HK Cruiser Owner Association's recent poll on arrangements for the forthcoming Macau-and-back National Day Race has produced a resounding 'yes' vote for back-to-back races.... [more]

South Easterly tradewind assisting Gitana 13
Gitana 13 media,
Gitana 13 is now benefiting from some fine conditions, slipping along in a SE'ly air flow characteristic of the southern hemisphere. Lionel Lemonchois and his men are continuing their climb towards the equator and are already considering how they're going to negotiate the famous doldrums.... [more]

Ingrid Abery images - Day 1 Rolex Swan Cup 2008
Ingrid Abery images,
Ingrid Abery images from the Rolex Swan Cup 2008 in Sardinia, Italy. After Day 1, Favonius leads the Swan Maxi division, Earlybird the Swan 45, Kora the Swan 42 and Zen the Classic division.... [more]

Sailors and the Media
Gary Jobson,
A few words of wisdom from Gary Jobson. Remember this when someone from the media asks for an interview or “a few words” after a race, or when there's a journo or photographer looking a ride...... [more]

Mathieu Richard crowned 'King of the Mountain'
World Match Racing Tour Media,
Mathieu Richard was crowned the 'King of the Mountain' today in St Moritz after beating Ian Williams 2-0 in a light wind final.... [more]

Results from day 2 of Paralympic Games in Qingdao and Brian Todd,
Results from day 2 at Paralympic Games in Qingdao - Paul Tingley of Cnada still tops the leader board in the 2.4mR class but John Ruf of the USA has made some gains today with two good races to place second. Heiko Kroger from Germany is in third. The racing was again very tight in this class with lead changes and people moving up and down the fleet... [more]

Letter from Qingdao: The Luck of the Irish?
Denis Keily,
Tough day on the water too. Left the dock at 11.30 and didn't return until 17.00. John was still in his Skud at 18.00. The wind was forecast for 110/120 degs [East South East ]- same as yesterday - at 8 Kt, but when we arrived at the race area what little there was, was from 265 degs - more or less 180 degs wrong... [more]

Images of Qingdao: 2.4mR class - Day 1
Images from the 2.4mR class on Day 1 of the Paralympics in Qingdao... [more]

Results from day 1 at Paralympic Games in Qingdao,
Results from the first day of racing at the 2008 Paralympic Games in Qingdao. After launching at 13:00 the boats soon returned to the shore where they were held, postponed for a couple of hours. Racing finally got underway at 15:30 when the 6 to 8 knots seabreeze filled in. The tide was running against the wind so the water was very choppy making conditions challenging... [more]

Images from Qingdao: Paralympics - Practice race
ISAF Media,
Images from the 2008 Paralympics Practice race sailed on Course A at Qingdao, China... [more]

Paralympics: Canada's Practice Race
Brian Todd,
Brian Todd of the Canadian Paralympic Team reports on the Practice race, with some great images: 'Qingdao delivered a beautiful sunny day with a surprising 7-10kt breeze. Things started out a little slow but as race time came there was a 4-6kt breeze out of the 100-110 range and this built as the practice race moved along to reach 10 kts at times.... [more]

Images from GreenDragon Team Volvo qualifier
Green Dragon Images,
The GreenDragon Team embarked on their 2000 mile qualifier. During the journey, the boat was sailed north to a waypoint of 5932 .2N 020.6W, approximately halfway between the Outer Hebrides and the Faroe Islands, northwest of mainland Scotland.... [more]

Images from Qingdao: Paralympics - The boat park

Images shot around the boatpark in Qingdao as the competitors prepare for the 2008 Paralympic Regatta... [more]

Letter from Qingdao: An Irish Perspective - 3
Denis Kiely,
Last free day so I summoned up my driver [I thought I could get used to this if I persevered], and in company with Maria and Rhino went on a little shopping spree to a local market in the old part of town. When we were here earlier the whole place was a chaotic building site - with all the commercial activity still going on... [more]

Letter from Qingdao: An Irish Perspective: 1 and 2
Denis Kiely,
Maria was out at 8,00am under the boat polishing the hull - and had the whole job done when we arrived down at 10 - 10.30. Someone passed the remark ' a woman's work ...' but being a reformed - well partially reformed - MCP I immediately stopped him and instead explained what had kept us busy and unable to arrive any earlier. That seemed to diffuse the situation???... [more]

Qingdao Paralympics: Bang-On Predictions - Canada
Brian Todd, Canadian YA Media,
Another beautiful day in Qingdao; the winds were not bad and Doug Charko, our team meteorologist (from Sask but lives in NZ) was bang on with his predictions. It was 5-10 knots in the AM and slightly less in the PM. The Canadian team worked hard as usual gathering information for the coming races.... [more]

Winners announced as Rolex Maxi Cup concludes
Event media,
The 19th Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup ended today. The end result is that yesterday's division leaders - Numbers (Mini Maxi), Ranger (Cruising), Magic Carpet II (Wally) and Rambler (Racing) - became cast in stone and will have their names carved into the honour roll.... [more]

MHYC open day to host Olympic sailors Sun 14 Sept
Louise Bashford,
Meet Australia's Olympic Gold Medallist sailors and find out how to get involved in sailing at the Middle Harbour Yacht Club's 'Summer Open Day' on Sunday 14 September.... [more]


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