Olympic News Day 10

19 Aug 2008

Editorial: Laser Medal races - set piece sailing?

Qingdao Olympic Regatta 2008. Paul Goodison (GBR), Laser gold medal. Plenty to celebrate!  Guy Nowell ©
Welcome to Sail-World.Com's Olympic newsletter for Day 10 of the 2008 Olympic Sailing Regatta.

Today's Medal races in the Laser and Laser Radial classes were set piece affairs in which the winner was never seriously in doubt.

In contrast to the 49er Medal race on Sunday, and the High Noon in Qingdao expected tomorrow in the RS:X Mens event, today's racing was like a trip to the dentist. The best part was when it was all over.

At that point the new Gold medallists' emotion spilled over as they celebrated what was probably the greatest day in their lives.

Medal Races were introduced by the ISAF for this Olympiad, and the Media Jury is still out on their success.

Designed to have the result of an Event right in doubt until the final race, in six of the seven Medal races held to date, there has been some minor interest in who wins the race, but no more.

The Medal races have all the excitement of the final stage of the Tour de France, where there is no real lead change on the final leg to the finish in Paris.

In Qingdao, all the cut and thrust has taken place in the middle of the series, and the points differentials were generally such, that the wheels would really have to fall off for there to be a change in the winner.

Typical was today's Laser Medal Race, when Paul Goodison (GBR) elected to match race the then second placegetter Rasmus Mygren (SWE), taking him out into the tide of Fushan Bay, while the others escaped up the seawall of Qingdao, led by New Zealand's Andrew Murdoch.

While Goodison's tactics may have seemed an obvious ploy in the pre-race strategy phase, their execution was harsh on the then second placed Swedish competitor, who by the time Goodison had finished with him, had dropped from second to sixth overall.

Vasilij Zbogar (SLO) and Paul Goodison (GBR) winner of the Silver and Gold Medal Mens Laser class 2008 Olympics  Richard Gladwell

Often the final races in world championships are often marked with match racing between the top two competitors, who are so far in front of the rest of the fleet that they are only sorting out the winner and runner-up positions.

However Goodison's effort today was over the top, and handed the silver medal to others further down the points table.

On the other hand, Myrgren's pre-race strategy session should have predicted the match race eventuality – and the situation should have been avoided at all costs.

Anna Tunnicliffe (USA) winner of the Gold Medal - Laser Radial - 2008 Olympics  Richard Gladwell

Anna Tunnicliffe (USA) was quite happy to canter around Course Alpha, today, for a fourth place. She won the Gold Medal in the Laser Radial class without winning a race. Excluding a 15th in Race 7, Tunnicliffe's worst placing was a sixth (she had two of these) and hers was a game of minimising the cost of errors and holding a consistent line.

When the wind conditions changed in mid series going from light airs to hiking conditions, Tunnicliffe shifted gears too, improving her placings somewhat without being spectacular. A pair of second placings yesterday in the modest breeze cemented her points position.

Paul Goodison (GBR) winner of the Gold Medal Mens Laser class is interviewed by TV - 2008 Olympics  Richard Gladwell

Tomorrow the prognosis from PredictWind expects an easterly of 10kts, increasing to an 18kt northerly on Thursday. Other sources in Qingdao have confirmed this view.

Medals will be decided tomorrow in the RS:X for Men and Women. As mentioned the Men will be a very close run thing, between the top three maybe four competitors and there should be a Medal Race delivering what Medal Races are supposed to deliver.

In the Women's Race China will be looking to win their second medal of the Olympic regatta with Jian Yin holding a five point lead over current World Champion Alessandra Sensini (ITA). Britain's Bryony Shaw is third, three points adrift of Sensini.

There was no racing in the Star and Tornado races today due to lack of wind.

In the RS:X Mens event the major sensation of the day was a 32nd placing by series leader, Tom Ashley (NZL) dropping him down to third place overall.

Start of the third race - 2008 Olympic Regatta - Day 10 - Tornado  Richard Gladwell

The 2008 Olympic Regatta should finish on Thursday with the Medal Races for the Tornado and Star classes.

As matters currently stand, the medal race for the Tornado will be their Olympic swansong. And a hell of a send-off it should be with multihulls sailing off the seawall in 18knot breezes.

The Olympics will be infinitely poorer for their passing.

Good Sailing!

Richard Gladwell
Sail-World Olympic Editor

Goodison strikes Laser Gold at Qingdao
Lindsey Bell,
Paul Goodison has won Laser class gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in Qingdao today, Britain's third sailing gold of the Games and fourth medal in total for the sport. Goodison made no mistake in sealing the biggest prize of them all in light winds, sailing the Swede to the back of the fleet at the start and pinning him there throughout the race... [more]

Olympics Day 11 Tunnicliffe - Gold - Laser Redial
Derby Anderson,
Anna Tunnicliffe (Plantation, Fla.) finished in second place in today's Laser Redial medal race to claim gold at her first Olympic Games. Having never won a race in the eight-day series, Tunnicliffe sailed with consistency to win by the tightest of margins.... [more]

Images from Qingdao: Laser Medal Race
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World,
Images from the Laser Medal Race sailed off the seawall at Qingdao Olympic harbour, today... [more]

Images from Qingdao: Laser Radial Medal Race
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World,
Images from the Womens Laser Radial Medal race today.... [more]

Spotting Tornados and Stars in the murk
Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia,
There are slow days and dull days, and grey days, and then there are slow, dull, grey days watching the Olympic regatta in Qingdao when you cannot see the horizon around a full 360 degrees. It makes you wonder what we are breathing here.... [more]

Letter from Qingdao: Counting the Metal

Today we saw what was arguably the best sailing conditions we have experienced to date in Qingdao, whether the sailors saw them that way, is anyone's guess. However the good sailing breeze, with manageable tides was a real contrast to yesterday's tempest. When we arrived at the media centre today, there had been no outcome posted on the questions over whether the Danes at complied with the requ... [more]

Olympics: Tunnicliffe USA wins Gold - Laser Redial
ISAF Media,
Anna Tunnicliffe won the USA's first gold medal of the 2008 Olympic Sailing Regatta following a magnificent comeback in the Laser Redial Medal Race held today.... [more]

Olympics: Anna Tunnicliffe on her Gold Medal
Anna Tunnicliffe,
I won the Laser Redial Olympic Gold Medal today! As I stood on the podium this afternoon for the medal presentation, I had this flashback. I was standing in the same position as I had a year ago when I won the pre-Olympic regatta in Qingdao. But this time it was real!... [more]

Sailjuice -Golden Goodison is no goody-goody
Andy Rice,
Today Paul Goodison won his gold medal from the back of the fleet, finishing in 9th place having pegged back his only threat - Sweden's Rasmus Myrgren - to 10th and last place. Having gone into the Medal Race in silver medal position, Myrgren came out with nothing. 6th place was no consolation.... [more]

China poised for Olympic Sailing history
Rob Kothe,
Hong Kong sailor Lee Lai-shan won Women's windsurfing gold in Atlanta in 1996, showing that lightly framed Asian sailors had the physique to win on the ‘planks; and since then China has been hunting for medals. China has already won two Olympic silver medals in windsurfing, with Zhang Xiaodong in Barcelona in 1992 and Yin in Athens in 2004 and won a bronze today with Lijia Xu .... [more]

Olympics Australian Sailing Daily Wrap Tues 19 Aug
Australian Sailing Team Media,
The Australian Sailing team remains in the running for two medals after racing today. Windsurfer Jessica Crisp goes into tomorrow's RS:X Women's medal race in fourth position and the Tornado team remains equal first overall.... [more]

Team NZL Olympic Sailing Daily Wrap 19 August
Jodie Bakewell-White,
Today saw the conclusion of the Laser and Laser Radial classes, with Gold going to GBR and USA, race ten and the end of the opening series for the windsurfers and no racing for the Tornado and Star classes. The stage is set for an almighty battle for the men's windsurfing medals at the 2008 Olympic Games with kiwi Tom Ashley right in the mix.... [more]

Medal Race – a necessity? No!
Bob Fisher,
The medal race, aimed to be the climax of each class's series at the Olympics, a media-hyped orgasm, is proving little short of a tediously boring thirty-minute yawn in which the gold medallist is often found near the back of the ten boats that have qualified. For media (and for that read television) it simply will not do.... [more]

Olympics Sailing Medal Tally by Country Day 11
Olympics Sailing Medal Tally by Country Day 11... [more]

The British Team 'Mirabaud' golds medal in Beijing
MaxComm Communication,
The Olympic women's sailing team Mirabaud - made up of Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb and Pippa Wilson - won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Beijing. The 'Mirabaud Girls', who compete in the Yngling Class (women's keel boat), were sailing under the British banner.... [more]

Sailing Olympics Qingdao - Day 11
Day 11 started with Gold for Paul Goodison (GBR) in Laser and Gold for Anna Tunnicliffe (USA) in the Radial. Goodison secured Britain's third Gold in the sailing events. Silver went to Vasilij Zbogar (SLO) and Bronze to Diego Romero (ITA). In the Women's Laser Radial final Anna Tunnicliffe took the Gold, Gintare Volungeviciute (LTU) the Silver and Lijia Xu (CHN) the Bronze... [more]

Olympics Laser Redial Results Gold Tunnicliffe USA
Olympics Day 11 Womens Laser Redial Medal Result... [more]

Gold for Goodison - No 3 for Britain
Paul Goodison won Gold in the Laser event at Qingdao - the third sailing Gold of the Beijing Games for Britain. It was no more 'mister nice guy' time for Paul Goodison today in Qingdao. Taking his cue from the success of Ben Ainslie and the Yngling sailors, Goodison ruthlessly sailed Rasmus Myrgren of Sweden out of any opportunity of spoiling his chances of a Gold medal... [more]

Olympics Day 11 Laser Mens Medal Result Gold - GBR
Olympics Day 11 Laser Mens Medal Result Gold - Paul Goodison (GBR), Silver Vasilij Zbogar (SLO), Bronze Diego Romero (ITA)... [more]

Money, money, money
Bob Fisher,
There are moans to be heard throughout the Olympic Village concerning the unfairness of the funding of the sailors by their national authorities, and those complaints are not restricted to the sailors themselves but a groundswell of antagonism against those who receive reasonable funding and produce the results has begun on the outside.... [more]

Olympics: Wadlow and Rast's 49er Medal Race
US Sailing Media,
Chris tried another repair. This broke again. We tried another. Didn't work. After about 10 minutes we gave up on using purchase and just led the jib directly from the clew to the cleat, so now it's led 1:1. The sheet load quadrupled with this and we were worried about blowing out the cleat, so we only pulled the jib in half way. We are a lap down... [more]

Olympics Australian Men and Women 470's - Gold!
Australian Sailing Team Media,
Both the Men's 470 and Women's 470 crews are coached by Victor Kovalenko who coached both the Australian 470 Men's and Women's Teams to Gold in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and in 1996 he coached the Ukraine Teams to 470 Men's Gold and Women's Silver!.... [more]

49er Protest Decision Published
The Decision of the International Jury in the protest relating to Sunday's 49er Medal Race has been published.... [more]

Loof and Ekstrom retake Star Lead
ISAF (source: Olympic News Service),
Sweden's Fredrik LOOF and Anders EKSTROM won Race 6 on Monday to take the overall lead in the Men's Keelboat - Star event at the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Centre.... [more]

Letter from Qingdao: Dane's day, or is it?

Today we saw what was arguably the best sailing conditions we have experienced to date in Qingdao, whether the sailors saw them that way, is anyone's guess. However the good sailing breeze, with manageable tides was a real contrast to yesterday's tempest. When we arrived at the media centre today, there had been no outcome posted on the questions over whether the Danes at complied with the requ... [more]

Editorial: The best day at Qingdao?

Sail-World's Olympic newsletter editorial for Day 10 of the 2008 Olympic Sailing Regatta. This is the words with pictures version. To subscribe to Sail-World's Olympic newsletter www.sail-world.com/subscription!click_here... [more]

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