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Editorial: The AIS Upgrade

Nuka Hiva, Isle Marquesas  Jeff Robbins
Getting around the world is getting easier and easier - no more the days of sextants and noonsights, of telling the weather by the sky and carrying charts by the kilo. Today it's all electronic for weather, charting and navigation - and now, even that detector of ships and their names, the AIS (Automatic Identification System), has had an upgrade - by a couple of cruising sailors. Read the story.

This week there's an interesting article about textile rigging - it may not be right for you now, but it's the way of things to come. Lots of information and discussions this edition about practical matters, reliable torches, and a good tale that underlines the importance of handheld VHF and GPS's on board.

The Blue Water Rally is half way round the world and having fun in the South Pacific, but not all sailors hold out for the long term. While there are hundreds of sailing families who have been cruising for years, read about one family that decided to call it quits!

Many more stories, so read on, enjoy, and...

Sail safe!

Nacny Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Innovative cruisers develop and build AISWatchMate
Deirdre Schleigh,
So many off-shore cruisers have similar stories, most sharing common threads. We all start out with some form of “the dream”, arm chair sailing lured by adventure, the magic of the sea, visions of idyllic tropical destinations, exotic new cultures, travel and the ultimate sense of freedom to let life as we currently know it go, for a new exciting encounter by sea.... [more]

Greek boat from 500 BC salvaged off Sicily
An ancient Greek ship dating back to 500BC has been recovered from the sea east of Gela, Sicily. The wreck of the Greek boat has been brought back up to the surface off the coast of southern Sicily, the Italian news agency ANSA said.... [more]

Handheld VHF and GPS - when they really Matter..
Torreson Marine/Sail-World,
When the Spirit of South Carolina was hit by lightning in New England recently, it was the separately stored handheld GPS which kept their navigation going, and the handheld VHF and mobile phone which stood them in good stead.... [more]

Blue Water Rally - Halfway Round The World
Peter Seymour,
After a leisurely few weeks cruising through the beautiful islands of French Polynesia, the Rally departed Bora Bora in early June and has since cruised through the Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga and Fiji.... [more]

Jumping for Joy in the Whitsundays
Susannah Bradley,
Susannah Bradley from Wales recently spent a sailing holiday in Australia's Whitsundays with her partner Rob. Without prior experience of sailing, here she describes what it's like to sign up for a holiday on the famed ex-racing boat, Apollo, with a group of people you've never met before:... [more]

Tip of the Week: The Torch that Never Fails
Des Ryan,
One of the most valuable small items on a boat at night is a torch. There are many different kinds of these, from the million candle-power rechargeable spotlight - handy for entering anchorages at night or blinding unwelcome intruders - to the humble 'miners headtorch' which leaves your hands free for working on and unlit deck. However, the torch that never lets you down is a rare friend...... [more]

San Francisco's Spectacular Parade of Sail
BW Media,
San Francisco's Triennial Parade of Sail again kicked off the city's Festival of Sail on Wednesday, as starting at noon the Parade got underway by passing below the iconic Golden Gate bridge.... [more]

When the Dream becomes a Nightmare: Leave the Kids
Anna van Praagh, Telegraph.co.uk,
It's every family's fantasy escape:Guy and Juliet Grieve took their sons halfway across the world in a yacht. But with risky waters ahead, they tell www.telegraph.co.uk!Anna_van_Praagh!new why it was time for Guy to go on alone... [more]

Sailing a Viking Ship:Young Hands Tell their Tales
Lars Normann,
The Sea Stallion Project is reproducing the actual voyages of the original Viking Ship called the Sea Stallion. She left Dublin on 29th June, and is expected to arrive Roskilde on the 9th August. Here Lars Normann speaks to two young hands who are currently sailing on the Sea Stallion as she makes her historic way from Dublin to Roskilde... [more]

Visiting Yachties Important to Fiji
Fiji Times,
Nautical tourism can be a thriving part of Fiji's economy, generating many benefits for all, says Fiji Yachting Association president Tony Philp. Mr Philp said yacht owners stayed longer than other tourists spending months and even a year.... [more]

Textile Rigging - Is is right for You?
Andrew Dove, Area Manager for North Sails Caraibes,
Both on the race course and on a number of larger cruising boats we are seeing more and more composite rigging. The idea of exchanging well-tried wire or rods for PBO or Carbon fibers may seem strangely uncomfortable. However, as with other changes in the past, choosing composite rigging may slowly become the norm.... [more]

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