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10 Jul 2008

Diary Dates


Editorial: Kidnapped Cruisers - still no rescue

However, there's no new word on the fate of some kidnapped cruising sailors who phoned home this week. Three German nationals and one Frenchman are still being held in the mountains of Somalia by pirates, but 15 merchant seamen have been released after the payment of a ransom. Hopefully more news next week.

Some advance notice on upcoming events - the Sydney Amateur Sailing Club (SASC) will be hosting 'Gaffers Day' in October - a chance to see some of the most beautiful old classic yachts gracefully take to the waters of Sydney Harbour. Up in the Whitsundays there's plenty going on to read about or join - and the weather's warmer.

Then there's the growing popularity of the annual cruise-in-company to Lord Howe coming up in November. Whether you have a boat to enter, or would like to find a boat to crew for, read the details below and think about going!

Some fascinating cruising tales, like the one from Mark Wheeler, who is sailing with his family on Mima off the coast of Honduras, and learned his 78th cruising lesson this week (one we all could learn). We'll be hearing more from Mark in the future on Sail-World.

Some sad stories, like the historic SS Manxman from the island famous for its tail-less cats, but this old ship seems to have run out of lives. Then there's the historic yacht Tho Pa Ga (pictured above) that was lost off the coast of France, its crew of Spaniards being saved from the ocean by a ferry.

Some safety issues - we ask how trainee sailors are allowed to train without life jackets after one has drowned off the coast of Singapore.

Some green stories - a Japanese adventure sailor has just sailed the Pacific using Wave Power; in who knows how many years, NASA says we just might be sailing when we travel through Space; and the intrepid Mike Horn has set off on another Green expedition

Finally - are all YOUR sailing tools floaters? - do YOU have a gimballed champagne holder?

Sail Safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Kidnapped Sailors Phone Home
Nancy Knudsen,
Two German cruising sailors kidnapped with their son and a French skipper from a yacht last month by pirates off Somalia's northern Puntland region have been in contact with their families, the weekly news magazine Der Spiegel said in a report Sunday... [more]

Lord Howe Island Cruise-in-Company keeps growing
David Salter,
At a time when entry lists for many of the major Australian offshore races seem to be shrinking, the annual BBQ cruise-in-company to Lord Howe Island has added numbers every year. This year's BBQ will be held at the Island on Tuesday 11 November. Most yachts set out late in the previous week.... [more]

Gaffers Day 2008 - a rally for Classic Yachts
John Crawford - Commodore,
The Sydney Amateur Sailing Club is again hosting its famous Gaffers Day, to be held this year on Sunday 19th October.... [more]

Add Magnetic Island to Northern series in 2008
Sunferries Magnetic Island Race Week,
If you are racing/cruising at Meridien Marinas Airlie Beach Race Week or Audi Race Week at Hamilton Island next month, then you need to think seriously about adding Magnetic Island Race Week to your winter expedition.... [more]

Delight to Disaster - a cruising story from Mima
Mark Wheeler,
How quickly can delight turn to potential disaster. Mark and Sue Wheeler were cruising in the Gulf of Mexico on their yacht Mima with their two children, Amy and Marshall, when the following incident occurred recently. Sailing as a cruising family, complete with home schooling, they had already had some wonderful experiences, but could never guess the potential disaster looming... [more]

The Floating Screwdriver
Lisa Mylchreest,
Floating Screwdriver? - if you weren't a sailor, you might think it was a cool new tropical drink that may have this lady floating in no time.... [more]

Never to be slept in again - Historic Yacht Lost
The Herald/Sail-World Cruising,
This luscious looking cabin will never be slept in again, after the historic yacht Tho Pa Ga, normally berthed in Ibiza, tragically sank off the coast of France this week. A Plymouth-based ferry came to the rescue, saving the crew from the ocean after the historic yacht sank off France... [more]

For the yacht owner who already has everything...
Lisa Mylchreest,
You think you have EVERYTHING on your yacht? - the deep freeze? The air conditioner? The best wine? All the little luxuries? - but do you have one of THESE... [more]

15% off Catamaran Charters - Whitsundays - Sunsail
Naomi McNamara,
Enjoy a spacious catamaran sailing holiday in the Whitsundays with Sunsail Yacht Charters during the month of August and you'll not only enjoy glorious weather but also 15% off your charter rates.... [more]

How did it happen? - Drowning of Trainee Sailor
Straits Times/Sail-World Cruising,
UNDERGRADUATE Levin Angsana, whose body was later found by police after he fell off his boat into the choppy waters off Tuas in Singapore on Thursday afternoon, clung to the side of the craft at first. Urged by his crew members to climb back on, he replied that he could not muster the strength to do so and then lost his grip. He had not been wearing a life jacket.... [more]

He did it! Horie has crossed Pacific by Wave Power
Nancy Knudsen,
He's done it! As reported in Sail-World in March, Japanese master sailor and environmentalist Kenichi Horie set off on March 16 this year, on a first-of-a-kind trans-Pacific voyage powered only by waves. The 69-year-old solo yachtsman and his boat made from recycled materials embarked on the 3800nm trip from Honolulu bound for Japan, arriving 4th July at the port of Wakayama, thus becoming the fi... [more]

Mike Horn and the Green Pangaea Expedition
Gizmag/Sail-World Cruising,
While the aware world waits for governments to act decisively on global warming, and slowly adjusts to the idea that life will never be the same as it has been for the last 50 years or so, active and brave people and their organisations are taking steps of their own, some of them immense, to help re-green the world.... [more]

Sailing as Space Transport? - Maybe...
BW Media,
Will we go back to the Age of Sail when we one day travel through Space? The answer from NASA is 'Maybe', as they start launching small satellites called 'nanosatellites', and getting active in space innovation... [more]

Sea Stallion has left Ireland for Lands End
Lars Normann,
The Viking Ship Museum's research project, the 'Sea Stallion from Glendalough', left the little port of Wicklow in Ireland. The ship had been waiting three days in Wicklow for a favourable wind for its journey home to Roskilde... [more]

SS Manxman - Going.. Going.. Sunk.
Trevor Hoyland/Sail-World Cruising,
Unless she can find a benefactor very quickly, she'll be consigned to a watery graveyard somewhere, and another link with the world's maritime history will be lost. The current world economic climate seems to have finally spelled the end for the SS Manxman, which used to sail between Liverpool on the west coast of England and the independently governed Isle of Man.... [more]

Intend to sail the Med? Watch for Stray Bullets
Chris Galea -,
If you are going to be sailing in the Mediterranean any time soon, and anywhere near Malta - look out for the Red Flags! A couple who were sailing on their yacht along the northern coast of Malta had a lucky escape, as a stray bullet fired from the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) shooting range in Pembroke during training hit the boat... [more]

Singapore Sail Trainee Drowns - no lifejacket
Earth Times/Sail-World Cruising,
Police have found the body of a sailing trainee on Saturday who fell off a boat without a life jacket into choppy seas off Singapore two days ago. He had been trying to retrieve a spinnaker which was trapped under the keel, and could not climb back into the boat.... [more]

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