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If you've been following the 'Sunny and Sailboat Saga' in this magazine – that's the one where some dimwitted(my word) individuals had to be saved for a second time when they tried to recover their rowing boat from which they'd just been rescued by setting off on a seriously bad forecast in a yacht without a liferaft and other essentials – this week, in good faith, we publish 'their' side of the story. Can you pick the holes?

Teens are in the news. Californian sixteen year old Zac Sunderland is leaving in less than 10 days to 'have a great adventure' and be the youngest sailor to complete a solo circumnavigation of the globe.

Another teen has just made headlines by inventing a technology that will make the plastic that is polluting the world's oceans degrade in no more than three months. Read about him while reading about the North Pacific Gyre – that miserable island caused by the world's propensity for the use of plastic.

The biggest breakthrough in the fight against piracy came this week when the United Nations agreed - for a period of six months - to allow the navies of concerned nations to cross into territorial waters to pursue those suspected of piracy. This means there's at least some hope by next February, when the next big flock of sailing boats start transiting the 'pirate zone', that the waters may be safer.

When planning your summer sailing, it's prudent to keep in mind that forecasters say there will be an above average number of tropical storms in the next sailing season in both hemispheres. Of course, that depends on your 'faith' in forecasters.

Finally, a 'Converted Landlubber' tells us charmingly about her seven point plan for loving those long range passages. Do you know someone who needs this advice?

...and so much more news and information from home and around the world

So read on, enjoy, and....

Sail Safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

The Sunny & Sailabout Saga: Rescue no 2 described
Stuart Pryke,
The whole series of events has attracted a certain amount of comment among sailors and other members of the 'marine community' here in Hong Kong - not all of it favourable. Received opinion is that the rescue services and associated personnel are to be complimented and congratulated, but a certain amount of censure has been directed at Stuart Pryke himself. Here is Pryke's story, in his own words:... [more]

UN Finally Acts on Piracy in Gulf of Aden
Earth Times/Sail-World Cruising,
It may be just the first step, and nobody thinks they were thinking of the cruising sailor, but it was ground breaking stuff when the UN Security Council finally unanimously voted Monday to authorize states to enter Somalia's territorial waters to fight piracy, which it said has become a threat to international and regional peace and security.... [more]

Thugs of the Caribbean Make 'Ghost Anchorages'
Nancy Knudsen,
'Give us your money or we will kill you,' is what the armed thugs said, boarding a yacht in Chateaubelair on the gorgeous island of St Vincent in the Caribbean.... [more]

Teen to Solo Sail a Circumnavigation
Alex Chadwick/,
Californian teenager Zac Sunderland sets off next month on a big adventure. The 16-year-old hopes to set a record as the youngest person to sail alone around the globe... [more]

Pacific Ocean Trash Patch - Solutions in Sight?
Nancy Knudsen,
We scuffed through deep trash on uninhabited Red Sea beaches and wept. We sailed Indian Ocean garbage patches, counting the left and right thongs to stop ourselves from weeping. We didn't even see the worst example - the North Pacific Gyre, but Ian Kiernan sailed through it, and researcher Charles Moore has been studying it for 10 years. Now a Canadian teenager has found a potential solution... [more]

Learn your favourite marine skills this summer
BW Media,
Want to be able to maintain your own boat but need to be more skilled? Want to be able to build one? Especially, want to build a wooden one? The International Yacht Restoration School(IYRS) in Newport Rhode Island may have the answer.... [more]

Two Cows- Go Boating
Assorted contributors,
Some times, in the middle of winter, when the low pressure systems form off the coast and the ports are closed, its time to think of other things. Here is the Old Old Two Cows story...... [more]

Important Safety Warning on Seago United Kingdom
Sail-World Cruising,
We have become aware that some Seago 150 and 175 Newton Lifejackets including Junior Lifejackets may have a defect which could result in serious injury.... [more]

Why am I here?- Converted Landlubber's Confessions
Penny Kerr, Coastal Cruising Club,
The waves are large, the swell is lumpy, the wind strong, I feel slightly scared and quite sick, and even though I know I should eat and drink I cannot make the effort to prepare anything. The Captain seems no more inclined to go below than I do and we have finished all the 'easy' food.... [more]

Overboard Sailor Refuses Copter-'Send boat please'
An elderly British man who fell overboard from his yacht turned down a coastguard helicopter rescue and told the crew that a boat would be sufficient.... [more]

New high performance yacht, Bristolian
Southern Spars Media,
Bristolian is a 120ft Briand designed performance cruiser. Constructed of composite materials, has a moderate beam and a draft of 5.25m which can be reduced to 3.25m with her lifting keel. The 5 spreader rig is made from high modulus carbon and the rigging is EC6 carbon rigging discontinuous, meaning it runs from spreader to spreader with tip-cups at the end of the spreaders.... [more]

'Arthur' Weakening, but Many Hurricanes Forecast
Dan Shapely/Sail-World,
The Hurricane Season only started yesterday, and already there's a named Tropical Storm, and sailors whould be aware that a heavy hurricane season is forecast. 'Arthur' has weakened to a tropical depression yesterday (Sunday) after soaking the Yucatan Peninsula, but still threatens to cause dangerous flooding and mudslides in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.... [more]

Pirates Desert Malacca Straits for African Waters
Sail-World Cruising/Omoh Gabriel, Vanguard Nigeria,
It's not just in Somalian waters where long range cruisers must be concerned about piracy. Piracy has now become so rampant in Nigerian waters on the western coast of Africa that fishermen are not game to go fishing, and many have given up, saying that it is too dangerous to set out.... [more]

Tempus 2000 - For Medical Emergencies at Sea
BW Media,
If you've got everything else on board your yacht, then there's one more gizmo that could save a life. It's called Tempus 2000, and it can remotely detect the condition of a crew member or passenger who has suffered either an accident or a serious medical condition. It then transmits this information remotely to medical professionals - AND it can be operated by anyone with a little training.... [more]

Search Suspended for Missing Sailor off Bahamas,
US Coast Guard search and rescue coordinators at Sector Miami have suspended week long search efforts for Peer Steenburg, the master of the 36-foot sailing vessel Holo Ki Ki, missing since Sunday from his empty sailboat off the Bahamas.... [more]

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