Fedor Triumph... Fiji Assault on Sleeping Sailors... Earthrace progress... high seas? - get the garden hose... and much more

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Crazy Planet, but Fedor Triumphs

770 million dollars to ease the global food crisis, that 'eco-friendly' trihull Earthrace is circling the globe using canola seeds and soybeans as fuel.

In the meantime, the breaking news story for the week is that Fedor Konyukhov has successfully circled the Antarctic Continent. Now I couldn't blame anyone for asking: 'What's the difference? - After all didn't Ellen MacArthur and Dee Caffari and a host of others do just that when they circumnavigated the world in the Southern Ocean?' The difference is that Fedor stayed below 40 degrees for a tough 95 of the 102 days that it took to complete the journey, within a defined 'Antarctic Race Track'.

Sailors are doing small things about Global warming, and this week we profile two of them – OceansWatch are training volunteer sailors to work with marine scientists to track the coral reefs of the world, and Swiss family Schwoerer are touring the world with education in mind, as part of the TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition.

Two great new practical ideas this week – why the garden hose you keep to clean the boat is the thing to grab when you find yourself in high following seas; and an excellent almost foolproof lock to prevent your dinghy outboard from being stolen.

Many other news stories, sailing tales and quirky titbits from around the world...

So read on, enjoy, and....

Sail Safe.

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Fedor Konyukhov sets Antarctica record
Robert Williams,
Russian solo circumnavigator Fedor Konyukhov returned to Albany, Western Australia, (7th May 2008 WST) a hero today, throwing down the gauntlet to yachtsmen around the world to break his 102 day record around the Antarctica Cup Racetrack.... [more]

Earthrace delayed in Puerto Rico
Bob Maxwell,
The New Zealand built 78 foot wave piercing trimaran Earthrace is currently in San Juan, Puerto Rico in the Caribbean at her second refuelling stop on her round-the-world record attempt, after a 24 hour delay.... [more]

A Tall Ship Passage with the Eyes of History
Marrakech News/Lisa Mylchreest,
Eminent environmental historian, writer and public speaker Dr Kent Mountford describes a journey he did on a tall ship 'The Royal Clipper' from Portugal to Morocco, and through the journey relives the life and conditions as they would have been when the tall ships roved the earth as the prime method of long range ocean travel.... [more]

Classic Trumpy Refitted to Showcase New Products
BW Media,
Showcasing new marine products by using them in the refit of a classic boat is innovative, and one way of preserving classic boats - and seven US marine companies have combined to do just that. They are currently refitting a classic Trumpy motoryacht, and will sail the resultant boat from one boat show to another. It's a model that could do well being copied in other parts of the world... [more]

Message for Hillary and Barack - Go Sailing!
Progressive/BW Media,
Here's a message for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama - Go Sailing!, or at least have your photograph taken on a sailing boat. A recent survey by USA insurance company Progressive found that many boaters would be more likely to vote for a candidate who goes boating. and there were more surprising results...... [more]

Fiji Robbery Flags Caution for Cruisers
Fiji Times/Sail-World Cruising,
Fijian Police have identified two suspects who allegedly assaulted an Australian sailing couple and robbed them of over $9000 in foreign and local currency at Natovi Jetty, Tailevu, in the early hours of the morning, after waking the sleeping cruising couple.... [more]

Dinghy Outboard Theft: The Solution
Nancy Knudsen,
There's nothing worse than the invaded feeling you get when something is stolen. But when it is your only mode of transport between boat and shore – ie. the dinghy – it's even worse.... [more]

News from Alpha Global The Vertical Navigation
Adrian Flanagan,
Good progress overshadowed by engine problems serious, no motive manoeuvrability in shipping lanes or fog (should it be needed for emergency collision avoidance).... [more]

More Pirate Attacks - Malacca Straits and Somalia
Bangkok Post/Sail-World,
While the cooperation between the governments of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia has done much to improve the piracy situation in the Malacca Straits, it's not over yet. Heavily armed pirates in Malaysian waters attacked a Thai oil tanker carrying jet fuel bound for Phuket, a maritime watchdog said Tuesday.... [more]

North Sails to the Rescue of TOPtoTOP
BW Media,
For the last five years, a 50ft aluminium yacht Pachamama has been home to Dario and Sabine Schwoerer and their two children Salina and Andri. They have roamed the world spreading their word about global climate change, under a project called TOPtoTOP. They are currently in Australia on route to New Zealand spreading the word of the risks that all will ultimately face one day... [more]

High Seas Coming - Get the Garden Hose!
Des Ryan,
Next time you anticipate heavy weather, think of the garden hose you use to clean the boat! After years of discussion about what makes the best drogues, I was delighted with the solution of Lane and Kay Finley, long range cruisers extraordinaire. They have come up with that most ingeniously simple idea (but aren't all the best ideas?) - yes they use their garden hose.... [more]

Italian Sailor Crosses Atlantic on 20ft Beach Cat
yachtpals.com/Sail-World Cruising,
It took Italian sailor and adventurer Vittorio Malingri just over 13 days to sail 2,545 miles from Dakar, Senegal to Guadeloupe, Antilles. He didn't make the crossing in your average boat however, he made the crossing single handed aboard the quaintly named Royal Oak, a 20 foot beach cat!... [more]

New Simrad IS20 multifunction instruments
Sandman Media,
Designed for both power and sail boats, the range comprises six meticulously-developed and engineered instruments – two digital and four analogue heads – which can be simply installed and integrated on any vessel via Simrad's NMEA 2000®-based SimNet data-sharing network.... [more]

Diving with an Environmental Purpose
Jane Pares,
Sailors have long dreamt of a romantic paradise - dazzling white sand beaches caressed by waving palm trees and embraced by gently lapping waters all shades of blue and green; their boat anchored in a shimmering turquoise lagoon, the perfect platform from which to explore the enchanting world of the coral reef below - an underwater world alive with vibrant colour and activity.... [more]

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