Pirates suspected in sailor's death...storm management for cruisers...endless furlers...burning your socks for Spring...and much more...

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Heavy Weather Sailing - Just in Case...

Maybe we should have taken the kite down earlier Mabel...  .
While it is well possible for the good season/weather-watcher to sail round the world without seeing much more than 30 knots, it's good to be prepared. This week we publish the first of a three part series by Dave Abbott, which looks in detail at all the aspects a cruising sailor needs to address when preparing for stormy weather at sea.

Read about this week's new advances in the green wave sweeping the world – some French wine producers are transporting their bottles by sailing ship across Channel to England; a Japanese sailor has set off across the Pacific using ONLY wave power; and Beluga, the first cargo ship to use Skysails, has returned successfully from her maiden voyage to South America.

Down in the Southern Ocean sailing adventurer Fedor Konyukhov has rudder problems which may be more serious than the ice fields; up in the much safer Persian Gulf you can read about the serious boating boom that's happening right now; and as Spring comes to the Northern Hemisphere ice-sailors are getting into trouble and boaters are burning their socks!

How much do you know about endless furlers? They can make life easy and trouble-free for the cruising sailor, and we feature them as this week's best innovation.

...and much more, so read on, enjoy, and....

Sail Safe

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Pirates Suspected in Sailor's Strange Death
Sailors cruising along the western coast of Mexico may have to revise their safety measures, now that Mexican police have declared that the death of an Irish American sailor may have been caused by pirates. A Seafaring gang may have claimed the life of an Irish sailor who, at 78, had hoped to become one of the oldest people ever to sail solo across the Atlantic.... [more]

Burn your Socks Boys - Spring's Coming!
Sail-World Cruising/AP,
'Is that spring in the air - or an old gym sock on fire?' Across the USA, from Key West to Seattle, boaters celebrate the the arrival of spring with a ceremonial Burning of the Socks, signifying it will soon be warm enough to wear boat shoes without socks.... [more]

Beluga SkySails returns from maiden voyage
SkySails GmbH,
'We can once again actually ‘sail' with cargo ships, thus opening a new chapter in the history of commercial shipping,' was the verdict from Captain Lutz Heldt following his return from the nearly two-month maiden voyage of the multi-purpose heavy-lift project carrier 'Beluga SkySails', which sailed from Germany to Venezuela, the United States and Norway.... [more]

Storm Management for Cruisers – Part 1
Dave Abbott, maxingout.com,
Energy Management and your Job in a Storm: When cruising sailors who have only cruised fairly close to home are considering going on longer passages, or considering crossing oceans, the question that returns again and again is: 'What if you are caught in a REALLY big storm?'... [more]

Ice Heroes Save Father and Son from Sailboat
Des Ryan,
For this tropical sailor, the idea of sailing across ice fills me with dread – that I will hit the ice if I capsize, that my boat might fall right through the ice, and of course, that I might actually get cold. An incident in Minneapolis has convinced me, first of all that I am right to keep to the tropics, and secondly that there are some very brave Minnesotans out there...... [more]

For Cruising Sailors - Innovative Furler
Sail-World Cruising,
This week's innovative idea for Cruising Sailors: Colligo Marine's CN5 Continuous Line Luff Furler is designed the cruising sailor, and is suitable for headsails such as gennakers, screechers, code zeros or even staysails. Just roll them up and drop them down.... [more]

Emirates Taking to the Water
Last week we published an article about the amazing 40,000 marina berths now in the planning in Dubai. They're not quite sailing yet, but they're certainly taking to the water - last week saw huge sales at the Dubai International Boat Show, when one company recorded 100 powerboat sales in just two days... [more]

A Green Beginning - Sailing Ship to Transport Wine
Peter Allen/Sail-World Cruising,
Sail-World Cruising's Green Prize of the Month goes to Frenchman Frederic Albert, who has started using a 19th century sailing vessel to transport wine from Bordeaux to Dublin to reduce carbon emissions, and on the return journey the three masted barque will carry crushed glass.... [more]

Rudder problems for Konyukhov - Antarctica Cup
Bob Williams,
Fedor Konyukhov, the Russian solo circumnavigator reported problems early today with a bolt connecting the starboard rudder on his Open 85ft yacht Trading Network Alye Parusa during the Antarctica Cup Challenge.... [more]

Rescue Hero Uses Nelson's Flagship in New Voyage
BBC/Sail-World Cruising,
Pete Goss became instantly world famous and then was awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire) after rescuing a fellow competitor in a live sea drama watched by millions. The incident occurred in the Southern Ocean during a round the world race in 1997. Now Goss is preparing for a new - and very different - adventure.... [more]

Measuring Wealth by the foot
Patricia Kranz,
At Blohm & Voss, a ship builder in Germany, workers are building a mammoth yacht called the Eclipse. Like many things in the secretive world of superyachts, its exact length is hard to pin down. So is the name of its owner, and the cost of building it.... [more]

Japanese Sailor to Cross Pacific by Wave Power
Japanese master sailor and environmentalist Kenichi Horie will set off this month on a first-of-a-kind trans-Pacific voyage powered only by waves.... [more]

All You Need to Know on Boating - the Ultimate
Nancy Knudsen,
I found it! - The book that would have saved me so much time and effort when we were planning our five year circumnavigation in a sailing boat.... [more]

Berth Explosion as Dubai goes Yacht Crazy
Nadia Saleem/Sail-World Cruising,
In the planning for Dubai based Nakheel Marinas are not 400 marina berths, not 4,000 marina berths, but an astonishing 40,000 marina berths, as they plan their future exclusively with Island Global Yachting... [more]

Pole to Pole Expedition - in the Falklands
Des Ryan,
Stanley in the Falkland Islands, a community of 2,000 people, which nevertheless calls itself a city, is currently playing host to the 20 metre aluminium schooner named, whimsically one could think, Blizzard. Normally, the Blizzard Expeditions explore the Southern Ocean regions mounting expeditions to wild and remote places, but this time they are on a special mission....... [more]

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