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France's Joyon 12 days ahead of UK's MacArthur

IDEC, 30m(98ft)long, Francis Joyon''s solo trimaran  .
Before next week is out we expect to see a new solo round the world record set by Francis Joyon on his 98 ft trimaran IDEC. He is streaking up the Atlantic, almost at the equator, and is an incredible 12 days ahead of Ellen MacArthur.

This week an enormous variety of news about what cruising sailors are doing all over the world – from glad to sad to quirky.

When you purchase a yacht it is rarely exactly as you would like it, and most new owners make changes to suit. However a cruising boat also needs to be tough and easy to sail with a short-handed crew. Andrew Dove gives his version of what you should think about changing before you go cruising away from the safety of your maintenance team.

Cruising sailors and the marine industry in Fiji were shocked last week when the Fijian Government without warning changed the visiting yacht's maximum stay from 12 months to 3, effective immediately – what about the yachts already there bedded into the ground for the six month cyclone season?

In spite of modern technology making sailing more accessible and discernibly safer, there are still yachts that vanish at sea without trace – even in 2007.

Read about the 'coffee ketch' drifting somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, the shock of two British sailors when they were nearly hit by a crashing aircraft off the coast of Florida, and the lucky escape of a 22 year old sailor off the coast of Africa.

Yes, in spite of half the world's sailors having put their yachts to bed for the winter, there's still a lot of sailing going on!

So read on, enjoy, and

Sail safe!

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Solo Frenchman now 12 days ahead of MacArthur
Des Ryan,
After some slower sailing due to lower wind speeds, Francis Joyon on his giant trimaran IDEC, is now travelling north up the Atlantic Ocean, heading for home. All going well, he will reach the equator sometime tomorrow, making it in about 48 days.... [more]

What Would I Change on a Cruising Boat?
Andrew Dove, Area Manager Northsails, Caribbean,
If I were to buy a 35 to 40 footer, five to ten year-old fibreglass cruising boat, what would I do to it if I had a little extra budget? The changes might add character but most certainly would make for faster, more easy sailing.... [more]

UK Boatshare Company Hits the Wall
IBI News - www.ibinews.com /Sail-World,
Challenger Syndicateships, one of the largest boat share companies in the UK, which arranged boat sharing for everything from sailing boats to powerboats to canal boats, ceased trading on January 3... [more]

Vanished at Sea – 2007 Revisited
Des Ryan,
With the ever increasing number of vessels sailing the oceans of the world and with the rapid advancement of technology - GPS, EPIRB, AIS, AMVER etc etc - you could be excused for thinking that the oceans were become more like superhighways and less like the adventure-filled and mysterious places they used to be.... [more]

Join Mariner Boating at the Bonifacio Yacht Rally
Mariner Boating Holidays,
Mariner Boating Holidays is offering you the chance to take part in the Bonifacio Yacht Rally, being held in Corsica and Sardinia from 28th August to 15th september 2008.... [more]

Coville - 'Northerly ice shows Global Warming'
Event media,
Thomas Coville, in north-drifting ice: 'At 48° 45 South and 10° 19 East, I am an eyewitness to this infamous global warming. As far as I can remember, I’ve never seen ice so far North during this season.'... [more]

Fiji Sailors ''Up in Arms'' over new Law
Nancy Knudsen,
In the new Fiji budget, announced in December, it was revealed that, effective immediately, the length of stay for visiting yachts is reduced from 12 months to three months. A three month extension may be possible ''at the discretion of the Minister''.... [more]

Coffee importers chase lost Red Cloud-with dog
John Ira Petty, Daily News/Sail-World Cruising,
Last month the crew of the ketch Red Cloud made world headlines when they set out to introduce a new era of 'eco-sailing' by leaving from Galveston in Texas, US, to import five tons of coffee from Belize with their sailing boat. On the return journey the boat had to be abandoned in a storm, but now the hardy crew, with their dog, is off to recover her... [more]

Thomas Colville abandons Record attempt
Event media,
Thomas Coville discovered last night shortly before 00:02 hrs, that the starboard float of Sodeb'O had lost its crash-box, perhaps following a collision with a growler. - I felt the boat slow. I immediately went up on deck and I saw a plume of water, which was 3 metres above the starboard float... [more]

Epirb Saves Young Sailor off Morocco
southdevon.co.uk/Sail-World Cruising,
Once again the Epirb has proved as a potential life saver, when coastguards from Cornwall were able to co-ordinate the rescue of a young sailor off the the coast of Africa. They contacted the authorities in Spain Portugal and Morocco, and Portuguese Navy sent out an aircraft to locate the sailing boat. Finally a commercial vessel was in the area was directed to take the sailor on board.... [more]

St. Maarten-St Martin Classic Yacht Regatta
Event media,
Swedish build 1937 yacht scheduled to sail for the first time ever in the Caribbean during the upcoming St.Maarten-St.Martin Classic Yacht Regatta.... [more]

Sailors Rescue Air Crash Survivors
EADT.co.uk/Sail-World Cruising,
In rescues at sea, sailors are most often the rescuees, except in recent cases of yachts who come across illegal refugees in leaky boats, when the role is reversed and they become rescuers. But it must have been a scary day for a Suffolk couple this week, when they first had a small aeroplane almost collide with them off the coast of Florida, and then became the rescuers in a bizarre incident...... [more]

Strong ocean currents could be linked to La Nina
Stephen Clark - Spaceflight Now,
Sea Launch's ocean-going launch pad and command ship are again sailing across the Pacific Ocean after a series of November attempts were thwarted by unusually strong ocean currents that could be linked to a La Nina climate pattern.... [more]

Sailing with the Treleavens - Caribbean 2008
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Life goes on. After our huge effort in the ARC and getting our damaged rig home safely without loosing it over the side we have been working hard to try and resolve the issues. This of course is not made easy by the Christmas and New Year holidays but at least we have found in Martinique both excellent repair services and an ideal place just to be able to motor around and enjoy the Caribbean way... [more]

Spirit of the ARC Shows in Prize Giving
Des Ryan,
The 2007 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers final prize giving this year showed just what the ''Spirit of the ARC'' is all about. ARC participants celebrated with local rum punch before the 'formal' prize giving in a local Nightclub Here are some of the prizes:... [more]

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