2008 - a big year on the Boating scene

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Editorial, Jan 7, '08

Well, today's the day. This morning I spoke with Peter Gothard, senior partner with receivers Ferrier Hodgson and he tells me the eagerly-awaited announcement revealing the new owner(s) of Mustang Marine will be made this afternoon.

Rest assured I will maintain contact and the news will be published on Powerboat-World as quickly as possible.

The F1 Superboat Calendar has been released, it certainly should be a good season for these flying machines. The first event of the eight in 2008 will be held at Taree on February 24th.

If you have enough money you can grab the navigators spot on a P1 Powerboat, yes it sounds wacky, but you can bid now on eBay.

Other news this week has been dominated by weather as the Queensland and Northern NSW coasts were lashed with torrential rain over a 10-day period.

Fortunately no damage was reported to marinas (except to their cash flow!), but the region's economy is expected to take a battering. Fuel sales at marinas have been negligible, boat detailers, brokers, marine mechanics and marina staff have been sitting on their hands.

In other news, industry identity Luke Durman takes on a new role with his appointment to the Maritimo board and we reveal the 2008 schedule for the Formula I powerboat series.

And how about China; the rapidly emerging economic powerhouse is now where boats, big boats, are the primary status symbol of China's ultra-rich.

We also release details of an all-new Mainship 45 Trawler sure to create interest from those interested in coastal cruising.

By Bob Wonders Powerboat-World Editor

Queensland and Northern NSW - the big wet
By Bob Wonders,
Boating industry among the worst affected as torrential rain hammers the Gold and Sunshine Coasts and Northern Rivers regions. Marinas, boat ramps, deserted as deluge swamps Gold Coast and Northern Rivera.... [more]

Trapped in an anchorage?-Watch your Bar on Video
By Cruising Editor,
Additional aid to boaters on the east coast of Australia trapped in port by the heavy seas across the bars is a website called 'Coastal Watch', which shows live, hour by hour, the state of your local bar.... [more]

Boaters Rescue Air Crash Survivors
By EADT.co.uk/Powerboat-World.com,
In rescues at sea, boaters are most often the rescuees, except in recent cases of motor vessells or yachts who come across illegal refugees in leaky boats, when the role is reversed and they become rescuers. But it must have been a scary day for a Suffolk couple this week, when they first had a small aeroplane almost collide with them off the coast of Florida, and then became the rescuers in a b... [more]

Mainship launches new 45 Trawler
By Marine News services,
Mainship's 45 Trawler, which is replacing the Mainship 43 Trawler, brings to market an extra spacious salon and flybridge with enhanced features that provide the interior layout demanded and desired by cruising couples.... [more]

Status symbols of China's ultra-rich
By Claudia Blume, voanews.com,
For boat manufacturers, the yachting market of the future is China, where luxury sailing yachts and motorboats are becoming the ultimate accessory of the super-rich. New marinas are being developed, and the government is promoting sailing ahead of next year's Olympics... [more]

Luke Durman appointed to Maritimo board
By Bob Wonders,
Luke Durman named Marketing director and will report directly to Maritimo CEO Bill Barry-Cotter. The new board member will work closely with industry veteran and long-term Barry-Cotter colleague Peter Jenkins, who retains the important Sales and Marketing management role.... [more]

Australian F1 Superboat event schedule released
By Powerboat-World.com,
Australian F1 Superboat event schedule released with the first event in the series in Taree on February 24th. This year sees David Trask returning to defend a hard fought and won crown; with his crash at Qatar no doubt in the back of his mind, Trask will be doing his utmost to keep the outgoing champion, Rhys Coles, and the rest of the field, at bay.... [more]

Strong ocean currents could be linked to La Nina
By Stephen Clark - Spaceflight Now,
Sea Launch's ocean-going launch pad and command ship are again sailing across the Pacific Ocean after a series of November attempts were thwarted by unusually strong ocean currents that could be linked to a La Nina climate pattern.... [more]

Become a navigator in P1 - through Ebay!
By Powerboat P1 media,
Do you have a passion for speed and the drive to succeed in top class motorsport? To bid for the chance to compete in the Powerboat P1 World Championship 2008 season at spectacular resort destinations across Europe, go to Powerboat P1 - Roscioli Hotels Roma - Ebay bid... [more]

NSW Maritime Bar Alert
By Elisabeth Hastings,
Deteriorating weather conditions are causing concern on coastal bar crossings and ocean ramps along the New South Wales coast. NSW Maritime says if you're the skipper, you're responsible ... so check the weather.... [more]

2007 UIM F1 World Championship year in review
By Steve Michael,
The 2007 UIM F1 World Championship year in review. Highlights (and low lights) included Sami Selio of the F1 Team Energy earning the World Title, Scott Gillman forced to retire due to illness and Aussie David Trask finishing seventh in the world title race.... [more]

YachtShare: pleasure without the pain of ownership
By Media services,
Summer is now here, but is there still a tin of anti-foul waiting for you in the garden shed? Your boat has spent the winter months on the mooring, but now the weather has lightened, you want to spend balmy summer days cruising, racing or just mucking about on the water with family and friends. But before you get out there the boat needs to be slipped, anti-fouled, costly repairs... [more]

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