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Schooner Missing with Nine Crew

Alvei dockside earlier this year  .
This schooner is missing with three US citizens, four Australians, one New Zealander, and one Englishman on board. Early investigations indicate that the boat is registered in Port Vila, but operated by New Zealanders who look for crew to ''share expenses''. Read the full story below.

A treasure trove of news this week – out on the oceans, there is a new sailing speed record, Francis Joyon is attempting to best Ellen MacArthur's round world record, and a brave New Zealander is out to sail his boat to the Southern Ocean to challenge the Japanese whaling fleet - which is set to kill 50 hump back whales, as well as hundreds of others this season.

There are also some dramatic true stories of near disasters, including the incredible story of two on a raft in the Indian Ocean for nine days - something to learn from them all.

Talking of learning, boat builder Laurence Burgin gives some candid advice on how to prepare a boat for heavy weather, using a Bavaria as the example.

The ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) continues its drama filled way across the Atlantic, and most of the boats are about half way – there have been great sailing conditions, but now the wind has died... Reports are here on the incidents, and the Treleavens' personal experiences on Cape Finisterre.

Oxford Analytica has published a comprehensive report on the changing location and style of piracy in Somalian waters – the good news being that it's mostly commercial shipping that is lately targeted.

On Blackwattle, we tell about some of our reactions to sailing the eastern Australian coastline in some VERY thin water.

Read on, enjoy, and...

Sail safe

Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Giant Search for Nine Missing on Schooner
Sail-World Cruising,
An aerial search covering 1,100 kilometres of the South Pacific from Auckland to Norfolk Island failed Wednesday to find any trace of a large schooner with nine people on board which is overdue. A New Zealand rescue team is continuing its search for a missing yacht carrying nine people, including four Australians... [more]

Indian Ocean: Nine Days on Raft after Losing Keel
Avirama Golan,,
After her yacht lost its keel, for nine days Libi Belozerzki was swept along by the currents of the Indian Ocean on a small life raft, without food or means of communication, and with only small rations of water, until she was spotted by the crew of a tugboat, who took her aboard. Read her amazing and detailed story of heroism and perseverance... [more]

Lone New Zealand Sailor to Dare Japanese Whalers
Vicki Waterhouse, Bay of Plenty Times,
A New Zealander is about to sail solo to the Southern Ocean to take on the might of the Japanese whaling fleet in a risky David versus Goliath battle over the slaughter of the endangered humpback and other species.... [more]

Preparing a Yacht: Bass Strait or Round the Horn
Laurence Burgin/Sail-World,
What changes would YOU make for heavy weather sailing? Whether you are merely going on four day sail to somewhere close, braving the notorious Bass Strait or setting out for the Antarctic, there is always the possibility of encountering heavy weather...... [more]

Holed and Engineless, but He's a Circumnavigator
Bliss Barber, Cape Times/Sail-World,
It's triumph over disaster for a Cape Town sailor this week. After limping through the Indian Ocean with a leaking boat and a missing engine, Petr Muzik, 69, returned to Cape Town on Monday after a three-year circumnavigation of the world, leaving 32 countries and 29 500 miles of ocean in his wake.... [more]

Blackwattle- Discovering the Australian East Coast
Nancy Knudsen,
Blackwattle is back from the Bottom Beautician. We can feel her sighing with pleasure as she is lowered back into her beloved water. But her pleasure is short-lived. As we depart Bundaberg, heading across the vast Harvey Bay to the inside of Fraser Island, the wind is on the nose, and, along with Blackwattle, we are not a little miffed by having to beat to windward.... [more]

Piracy Plagues Somali Waters
Oxford Analytica/Sail-World,
While piracy is at its worst ever in Somalian waters, it is notable that the reported attacks are concentrated against commercial shipping and not against yachts. This article is valuable for cruising sailors intending to sail through the Red Sea on their way to Europe, however, because it identifies the current areas most affected by piracy, which has changed in the last few years from waters i... [more]

Now for a Flying Yacht
Is it a bird? Is is a plane? No it's a yacht – well sort of..... Appearing recently in the International Yacht Show, it’s the Focus 21 from France and it can not only sail the seven seas, it can fly over them as well.... [more]

Raimon Land and the Phuket King's Cup Regatta
Nigel Cornick,
Raimon Land CEO, Nigel Cornick, writes about their involvement in the Phuket King's Cup Regatta and the Phuket Property Market... [more]

It could have been my Last Mistake- Survival Story
Robert Barnett,
It’s not the first mistake I’ve ever made and it probably won’t be the last but I think it nearly was. In July 99 I had a triple bypass operation and in mid August, Dene suggested that a couple of days away on the yacht was the way to chase away my boredom blues. I didn’t need a lot of coaxing and with Dene convincing his mother that he would be doing all of the work... [more]

Frenchman - good start to beat Ellen's Solo Record
Sail-World Cruising,
Last week Frenchman Francis Joyon set off in a purpose built sailing boat in an attempt to beat Ellen MacArthur's current world record for a single handed circumnavigation. He is attempting to reclaim his record as the fastest single handed circumnavigation which he lost to Ellen MacArthur in February 2005, when she bested Joyon's record by 1 day, 8 hours, 35 minutes and 49 seconds.... [more]

New Sailing Speed Record - 667 miles in a day
Sail-World Cruising,
The World Sailing Speed Record Council has announced the ratification of the 24 Hour 'up to 60ft' World Record. The new record was set by the 60ft trimaran Banque Populaire which sailed a distance of 667nm (average speed of 27.8kts) in a 24 hours period..... [more]

Letter from the ARC 2007 - Mid Atlantic
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Ian calls this ‘Champagne Sailing’ but I wouldn’t go that far! With beautiful down hill sailing during the day, we have had our moments with unpredictable squalls going through in the evenings. We can see from ARC reports that we are doing quite well but its still early days and a no wind area is ahead of us.... [more]

ARC Yacht in Deep Sea rescue
Jeremy Wyatt,
At approximately 12:30UTC today (Saturday 1 December) at position 18.59N 32.25W, GiGi picked up a Mayday call from yacht Barbary Duck (not participating in the ARC), advising that the crew were in a liferaft. GiGi, competing in the RORC IRC Racing Division, immediately stopped racing to alter course and assist the crew of the British Westerly Corsair, approximately half a nautical mile from them (... [more]

Atlantic Rally Day of Drama
World Cruising Club,
On Day four of ARC 2007, event organisers World Cruising Club’s well rehearsed emergency plan was called into action following a serious accident onboard the Russian crewed Volvo 60 – AAG Big One. In a further incident, two ARC yachts assisted with the rescue of migrants they encountered late yesterday (29/11/07).... [more]

Voller Energy’s Emerald Fuel Cell yacht on ARC
Fast Track,
Voller Energy’s crew onboard Emerald are progressing well on their ARC adventure. The Emerald yacht has Voller Energy’s new ‘Emerald Fuel Cell System’ installed for the crossing. This will be the first yacht in the World to cross the Atlantic with a fuel cell system running off LPG, Propane or Calor Gas... [more]

Letter from the Atlantic:ARC - Point of No Return
Andrea and Ian Treleaven,
Time to destination is getting longer as very little wind is around,after nine days of down hill sailing. Having adapted to balancing to the yachtsmotion, we now find ourselves almost becalmed with flat seas, stuck between twoweather systems. Still no sign of another racing yacht but as 230 boats cometogether it will be very interesting.... [more]

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