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Sat phone down but they knew the Rugby scores (sob)

Sail-World Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen and husband Ted Nobbs were tempted to have two sundowners last night as they tracked towards Port Vila.

Their Petersen 46 Blackwattle was 125 miles to the east of the Vanuatu island chain mid-afternoon and they are pushing hard to reach the Port Vila before the Customs Officers quits tonight.

With their satellite phone U/S, (Nancy thinks it’s been in the bilge once too often) the flow of emails has slowed, just some small ones squeaking in and out by HF radio.

However yesterday the Southern Cross Cruising Net on HF has really only had one subject. Rugby football - (France beat World Cup favorites New Zealand and the English beat Australia on Saturday night, knocking both the losers out of the 2007 event.)

At least that was the topic on Sunday morning before the fleet decided they really did not care who won the World Cup now.

The Sail-World Cruising Team

Destination: Seychelles
By Nancy Knudsen,
Looking for somewhere interesting to sail? What about Paradise on Earth? This is the description we’ve heard of the Seychelles from cruising sailors who've been there... [more]

Skype for the Cruising Sailor
By Nancy Knudsen,
‘How long has this been going on?’ that’s what a cruising friend said to me recently when I showed her my Skype set-up. I had to admit I didn’t know the answer to that, but it certainly must be every cruising sailor’s dream.... [more]

Weather forecast astray in the South Pacific
By Sail-World Cruising,
Sail-World Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen and her husband Ted are sailing their Petersen 46 from Fiji to Vanuatu - listen to Nancy's latest report.... [more]

Cruising World and Sailing World Announce Nominees
By Dean Turcol,
Cruising World and Sailing World magazines have announced the nominees for the biggest annual honors in sailboat building, the Boat of the Year awards.... [more]

YachtShare: pleasure without the pain of ownership
By Media services,
Summer is fast approaching and there’s a tin of anti-foul waiting for you in the garden shed. Your boat has spent the winter months on the mooring, but now the weather is starting to lighten and you want to spend balmy summer days cruising, racing or just mucking about on the water with family and friends. But before you get out there the boat needs to be slipped, anti-fouled, costly repairs and routine maintenance done, systems checked and the cabins cleaned. This is the least fun and most time consuming side of boat ownership. And the reason why increasing numbers of sailors and power boaters are choosing an easier way to get on the water.... [more]

Life on board the Kapt Danilkin
By Adrian Flanagan,
Like her master, the ‘Kapitan Danilkin’ is quite small at 30,000 tons but well maintained and packed with character. The wide expanse of the bridge crammed with all manner of electronic devices affords a grand view from six levels up.... [more]

How to Anchor Safer with a House Brick
By Nancy Knudsen/Glynne Attersall, MHYC,
You’re in a deserted anchorage. It’s a dark night, no moon. You can’t even see to line up to the shore. It’s a lee shore - that’s the only way you could escape the worst of the 30 kt winds out there in the ocean - but invisible. In here, although the sea is calmer, the wind is still hitting 25 kts occasionally. It’s a small anchorage and deep, 20 metres. You have 80 metres of chain out. Scope 4 to 1. Is it enough? Will you sleep?... [more]

No Liferaft, No Navigation, Lucky Save
Three people who went to sea on a 35ft sailing boat off the coast of Essex in the UK yesterday had no life raft, and then their (lack of) navigational skills put them on a sand bank in rough seas.... [more]

Noah's Ark Ready for the Flood Again
By Sail-World Cruising/Powerboat-World,
Since April this year, visitors have been able to visit Noah's Ark – well, not the original, but a one fifth version, and it wasn't built by Noah, but by Johan. He, with the doubtful support of his wife, built the Ark in just a year, and it is now even full of domestic animals.... [more]

New York Classic Week – This Week!
By Sail-World Cruising,
If you're anywhere near New York this week New York Classic Week will be a rare spectacle to watch, or you can even join in as a crew member on the Pride of Baltimore II.... [more]

The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers - set for a record
By Peta Stuart-Hunt,
The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) is on course for a record entry, with 240 yachts confirmed to take part in this year's transocean cruising rally from Gran Canaria to St.Lucia in November, topping the previous maximum of 234 entrants in ARC 1999. With more yachts currently on the waiting list, the final entry figure may be higher still.... [more]

Port2Port - Rally to end Cruising Season in South Pacific
By Des Ryan,
It's like the United Nations. If the Vanuatu to Bundaberg Rally didn't already exist, someone would have to invent it. This year, more than fifty boats will line up to join this annual rally which is actually a race - not a race against other boats, but a race against time. For the Port Vila to the Port of Bundaberg Rally occurs at the very end of the South Pacific sailing season.... [more]

Seabrakes - a must have for offshore sailors?
By Rob Kothe,
When Captain John Abernathy grabbed a steel bucket and threw it overboard in a storm, he had no idea he was on his way to a great future invention for sailors. Such a good invention that Sail-World asks, ‘So, why the bloody hell don't you have one?’... [more]

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