Australia's biggest marina...Cudgen sailors will 'take more safety gear next time' you want to charter?... solo sailor waits for ice-melt... and much more

19 Aug 2007

Diary Dates


'We'll take a bit more Safety Gear next time'
TWO men who survived 15 freezing hours lost at sea say the most terrifying moment was when something went bump in the night. Joel Wilson and Scott Warren, both 26, were airlifted to safety yesterday morning when their catamaran was found 12km off Brunswick Heads on the northern coast of New South Wales. They did not have safety jackets, an EPIRB or a torch. The pair were lucky to suffer only mild hypothermia and dehydration. They had no food or drink on board.... [more]

Horizon Shores to be Australia’s largest Marina
By Rhonda Locke,
Horizon Shores just north of the Gold Coast will become Australia’s largest marina making it a one-stop-shop for all boating and recreational needs, boasting 1,350 wet berths, dry storage for 1000 vessels, a Marina Village with waterfront cafes and restaurants, a yacht club, specialty retail outlets and a Marina Emporium showcasing all things boating.... [more]

'I didn't want to be rescued'-Says Rescued Sailor
By Sail-World Cruising/Daily Mail,
A recent story in London's Daily Mail again illustrates an issue which is constantly bubbling below the surface in sailing and non-sailing circles. Should good taxpayer's money, which finances rescue organisations, be used to rescue sailors who deliberately put themselves in danger, whether they be racing or simply adventuring where others would not dare?... [more]

Considering a 50 foot cruiser- you'd better read this!!!
By Robert McClelland,
The X-50 is designed to create a memorable experience for any sailor, with her beautiful lines and open transom, the big sister to X-Yachts’ new Performance Cruiser range will appeal to anyone with a desire for power and sophistication.... [more]

So you Want to Go Chartering
By Des Ryan,
It won't be news to you that a sailing holiday like this with friends can be either a disaster of a triumph. You'll either go on to many happy future holidays, or maybe you won't ever speak to each other again. But what makes the difference?... [more]

Survivors by choice : Liferaft Test
By Sail-World Cruising,
Yes you do (or should do) a SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) course, and you bumble around in the swimming pool with hard hearted tutors spraying you with cold water while you scramble clumsily into the raft; but the rest of the time that liferaft sits mysteriously under its cover on the deck, and you hope that you'll never have to use it in a real-life situation.... [more]

Letter from the Med-Les Sables D'Olonne to Bayonne
By Andrea Treleaven,
The morning of the 9th August we wake to high winds whistling through the rigging and not what I wanted to hear on our first sail down the coast. I tell myself it sounds worse than it is but there is no holding Ian back, as we have to be in La Rochelle the next day.... [more]

Adrian Flanagan Waits for the Ice Melt
By Sail-World Cruising,
Update: Adrian Flanagan, attempting to become the first solo polar circumnavigator in his steel sloop Barrabas, is high in the Arctic Ocean attempting to cross north of Russia during the precarious summer melt. He is travelling westwards towards the North Sea. This week...... [more]

Sailing the Atlantic on Ice-Block Sticks
By Floris Dogterom/Sail-World Cruising,
If there's anything stranger than the idea of building a sailing boat from ice-block sticks, then it must be building one and then deciding to sail it across the Atlantic - but that's what American Rob McDonald (no not that one) has done, and intends to do.... [more]

Capsized Hooligan V Damning Report
By Sail-World Cruising,
Britain's MAIB (Marine Accident Investigation Branch) has now published a report into the capsize of the Max Fun 35 yacht Hooligan V, whose keel became detached while sailing from Plymouth to Southampton on the night of 2nd February this year.... [more]

Evensen's Fatal Folly - The Obsession
By Gordon Laco,,
If this Book - 'The Obsession - Tragedy in the North Atlantic', by John Chipman - is anything like as good as the review, it'll be a great read and, as it's just published, a great present.... [more]

Make the Switch to 406
By Sail-World Cruising,
Get in early; replace your 121.5 MHz EPIRBS for the 406 MHz beacon on your next battery change over. To avoid high demand, boaters are encouraged to purchase a 406 MHz beacon by 1 July 2008 - when the law will be changed to require the carriage of a 406 MHz beacon only.... [more]

BIA Queensland becomes Marine Queensland
By Bob Wonders,
Barry Jenkins, president of Marine Queensland, believes new name more accurately describes the organisation.... [more]

Handheld GPS's get National Geographic Topomaps
By Ryan,
It's a start. We use a handheld GPS in our cockpit, clamped to the binnacle by a bicycle handlebar attachment. If you have an old fashioned boat without a cockpit data console, you may find, with us, that this is a great solution for easy single handed sailing. So the news that you'll soon be able to load National Geographic Maps directly offers the hope that it won't be long before we'll be able to load the world's oceans and waterways - maybe Cmap.... [more]

Blackwattle and the Floating Coconuts
By Nancy Knudsen,
There's one thing that I really don't like about sailing among the islands of Polynesia. It's the coconuts. They float around the lagoons and out to sea. It seems that everywhere you look you see another floating coconut. And the problem is it's just too hard to tell the difference between a coconut and a dead body.... [more]

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