Sydney Boat Show details... Polo circumnavigator log... Adopting a lighthouse... Letter from the Med starts again... and more

29 Jul 2007

Diary Dates


It's Hello from Moorea

Anchorage at Baie d'Opunohu in Moorea  BW Media
The big news for this week is that the 40th Sydney International Boat Show is just about to happen – and the Boating Stage is a 'must see' each afternoon. Our Sail-World Team has been working hard towards an exciting and informative Strictly Sailing Stage. This issue details the daily programme – everything from marine safety and weather with Ken Batt to cruising tales and fashion shows. If you're ANYWHERE near Sydney - Be there!

On Blackwattle we've reached tranquil Moorea, or 'Golden Lizard', just a stone's sail from Tahiti. So close to Papeete, yet the island has managed to keep its lazy pace and faraway feel. We're in Baie d'Opunohu, with volcanic mountains leaping almost vertically beside the lagoon on one side, and in the other direction white surf breaks over the fringing reef. It's a sparkling day, the best snorkeling site on the island is five metres from Blackwattle, and we think we've just found heaven

There's an opportunity to join the first Hinchinbrook Regatta and improve your sailing by joining a tall ship as crew, and oddly enough, and opportunity to ''adopt a lighthouse'' – not in Australia (I wish), but in the Philippines!

Several cruising tales – 'Letter from the Med' is back again, and destinations as far apart as Turkey(The Mariner Boating people) and Tahiti(Blackwattle) are featured.

Two logs of more adventurous tales – that of Adrian Flanagan, attempting to solo navigate over the top of Russia this summer, and the Sea Stallion, a reconstructed Viking sailing ship makes its way south to reach Scotland.

Best products for the week are easily stowed inflatable fenders, and finally – some stories of the yachts of the rich and famous – Tom Perkins' Maltese Falcon, and Peter Halmos' probably doomed Legacy, marooned in wetlands in Miami Keys in Florida for nearly two years

Read on, enjoy, and
Sail safe

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Strictly Sailing at Sydney Boat Show
By Rob Kothe,
The Boating Stage at the 40th Sydney International Boat Show is a must see for the Cruising Community each afternoon. The Sail-World Team has been working hard to deliver am exciting and interesting Strictly Sailing Stage and we really want to see you plenty of you there each day.... [more]

Scary headgear for the Chukchi Flanagan reports
By Adrian Flanagan,
After another 24 hours with no sleep I managed to collar 4 hours early this morning. I woke at 6.00am (local time) to find the wind had built to 15 knots from the SSW. This put it just behind my port beam, Barrabas’s fastest point of sail. Off went the engine, out came the sails and suddenly we were cruising at 6.5 knots and mercifully silent bar the natural lilting slap of sea on hull... [more]

Letter from the Med: On the Atlantic Coast
By Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
Arriving in Paris, France a week ago, we have been enjoying a very nice wine country change in a place near Cognac, home or Chateau of Heinz and Elizabeth Oser. A flight to the coast thanks to Heinz’s private plane, we see our new yacht arrive in port at Les Sable D’Olonne on the Atlantic Coast in the Bay of Biscay north of La Rochelle.... [more]

YOU can Sail a Volvo 60 on the Great Barrier Reef.
By Sail-World Cruising,
Want more sailing skills? Like a new adventure? There's nothing like entering a race to improve your sailing skills, even though your goal in sailing is simply to go cruising and enjoy the experience. Now there's a new opportunity to join a 'state of the art' boat in two regattas in North Queensland. It's an opportunity to have a superb holiday while getting in some great sailing.... [more]

More Turkey please!
By Trevor Joyce,
You take two Y generation females out of their comfort zone in Melbourne, pack them like sardines into a fully loaded Boeing 747, fly them for 31 hours to Istanbul and then on to Antalya and you already have two seriously scrambled kids.... [more]

$30m Legacy Aground Since Oct05 - Can She Refloat?
In an extraordinary sequence of events, Peter Halmos' 160-ft. yacht Legacy has been marooned 4 miles off Florida's Key West since Oct. 2005, when she was nearly ripped apart by Hurricane Wilma. The yacht survived. So did Halmos and his crew, though it was a close call. Weathered, fouled and dismasted, she stands in sand and muck, but owner Peter Halmos is determined to refloat her.... [more]

This Week's Best Idea -StowAway Inflatable Fenders
By Sail-World Cruising,
How many fenders do YOU carry on your boat?. Even the smallest boat will need boat fenders at least occasionally. The truth is that no matter how many fenders you carry, there's always an occasion when you might need more – and if you carry too many, where do you store them? .... [more]

Sea Stallion arrives in Inverie, Scotland
By Viking Museum,
The Sea Stallion from Glendalough is a reconstruction of the 30-meter-long warship exhibited in the Viking Ship Museum. Representing the pinnacle of Viking technology, she is one of the ocean-going longships whose praise is sung in sagas and skaldic verse. latest diaries in her quest to sail across the North Sea to Dublin appear below.... [more]

Sandringham Yacht Club takes Marine Award
By IBI News -,
Winners of 2007 Victorian Marine Awards have been announced. The Australian event was held at the annual IC Frith Victorian Marine Excellence Awards breakfast by the Victorian Minister for Roads and Ports, Tim Pallas, and Simon Cook from IC Frith & Associates.... [more]

Adopt a Lighthouse? - Why not?
By Sail-World Cruising,
Most experienced sailors carry paper charts as well as several GPS's to ensure that, even in the case of a lightning strike, or in the (hopefully unlikely) event that the satellites are suddenly turned off by their owners, the sailor will still be able to navigate. However, governments do not take these precautions in redundancy, and in many countries of the world, lighthouses are being turned off in favour of relying totally on satellite and sonar navigation systems.... [more]

Blackwattle in Papeete
By Nancy Knudsen,
Even sailing into Papeete is a surprise.....Papeete, mmmm – somewhere to land in in order to go somewhere else. An arrival point, maybe, on your way to a blissful holiday island in French Polynesia – perhaps Moorea, Bora Bora, or the Tuamotus, or even the more remote Marquesas – but no-one ever goes to Papeete just to go to Papeete. Or do they?more]

Sydney International Boat Show hits the Big Four O
By Bob Wonders,
It’s been 40-years in the making and the Sydney International Boat Show continues to go from strength to strength. The 2007 edition of the largest and most important recreational boating exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere, sponsored by Club Marine Insurance and NSW Maritime, is scheduled for six action-packed days, August 2 – 7 at its now traditional Darling Harbour home.... [more]

Mine's Bigger - the World's Largest Yacht
By David A. Kaplan/Sail-World Cruising,
The site is Ciragan Palace, on the banks of the Bosphorus in Istanbul; the scene is sultan-like in its magnificence – fountains of molten chocolate, sushi, baklava, dolma, washed down with Doluca red wine; the occasion, the Government of Turkey honouring a Silicon Valley Billionaire, Thomas J Perkins and his spectacular new sailboat, the largest in the world, just built entirely in a nearby Turkish shipyard – yes, it's the Maltese Falcon, and David Kaplan has just published a book on its creation, cutely called ''Mine's Bigger''... [more]

Vanished at Sea - Legendary Jim Gray's Story
By Steve Silberman,Wired Magazine,
It may remain one of the great sailing mysteries of the decade. Not only was the weather fine, the route innocent and simple, the sailor was experienced and of stable personality. In addition, Jim Gray's personal renown in the Microsoft world caused one of the largest and most high tech privately inspired hunts for a missing boat the US has probably ever seen – with no result.... [more]

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