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22 Jul 2007

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Australian and World Cruising News from Papeete

Drama of the Dance in Papeete - Soiree of Winning Performances  BW Media
Nothing could be more different and still be called sailing! We on Blackwattle(who loves warm water) are wiling away our time in tropical Papeete, doing never-ending repairs after our six hour grounding in Galapagos, and attending the spectacular events in the Heiva Nui Festival of local sports, culture and dance.

Adrian Flanagan, on the other hand, intrepid would-be polar circumnavigator, has set off solo, with no entertainment but his own company, for the frigid icefields over Russia, on a lonely mission which has never been accomplished before. Check both our stories.

Wide range of interesting stories this edition - Sydney Boat Show is coming closer, so get a small preview of multi-award winning Elan yachts and the latest Dephia Yachts you will see on display.

The annual Darwin to Kupang Rally for cruisers is off again, more and more successful every year, with over a hundred boats headed for - Indonesia, or Thailand, or the Mediterranean, or maybe just round the world.

There's some good info about who's winning marine awards and why that might help you making purchasing decisions in the future; read about Boat U.S Foundation funding of an exciting environmental project; and over in France seven Finnish sailors have been attacked by local fishermen for cheering some Australians and New Zealanders – read the story to find out why.

We've been talking about the danger of containers in recent editions, and it's sad to read our story of a Norwegian sailor who has just lost his boat south of England when holed by an unknown object.

Your input is needed – if you fancy yourself a sailing photographer, you could win $1000 by entering a competition, and the Cruising Club of America is seeking Award Nominations.

So read on, enjoy, and...
Sail safe!

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Darwin to Kupang fleet cruises north
By Rob Kothe,
Nineteen nations in the 2007 Sail Indonesia fleet which set out from Darwin in Australia's north to Kupang, Indonesia on Saturday 124 boat fleet left Darwin on schedule in ideal conditions in a 15 knot southeast breeze under a cloudless sky watched by hundreds of spectators and well wishers both on the water and from the vantage point overlooking the start line at East Point.... [more]

Solo Norwegian hits submerged object, Rescued
By PR Newswire/Sail-World Cruising,
A lone Norwegian sailor has been rescued from a life raft today after his yacht hit a submerged object and sank 48 miles North West of the Isles of Scilly.... [more]

Elan’s Finest on Display at Sydney Boat Show
By Gael Moldán,
Start planning now because if you want the right yacht under your Christmas tree, the Sydney International Boat Show is nearly on your doorstep and Elan yachts will be there with bells on… bigger and better …with a great selection of Elan’s finest award winners!... [more]

Blackwattle at the Heiva Festival in Papeete
By Nancy Knudsen,
Sailing into Papeete just at the time of Heiva Nui, the annual festival celebrating Polynesian local sports, culture and crafts was an inspired, if accidental, choice of date.... [more]

French Blockade-Finns Attacked for Cheering Ozzies
By YLE/Sail-World Cruising,
When some Australian and New Zealand cruising sailors decided to take matters into their own hands, defy a blockade by French fishermen, and break through the line to escape from the port of Les Sables d'Olonne in France, seven Finnish yachtsmen, also holed up because of the blockade, cheered them as they left the port... [more]

Gold Coast Waterways - Have a Say on Speed Limits
By Sail-World Cruising,
Live or work on the Gold Coast? Sail on or through the Broadwater? Want to have your say about the speed limits on Gold Coast waterways? Here's your chance:... [more]

Cruising Club of America Seeks Award Nominations
By Sail-World Cruising,
Cruising Club of America Seeks Award Nominations for the Rod Stephens Trophy which recognises an act of seamanship that 'significantly contributes to the safety of a yacht or one or more individuals at sea.'... [more]

Flanagan sets sail for Chukotka and beyond
By Adrian Flanagan/event media,
Last night (July 17th) at 14.30 Alaska time, 11.30pm UK time, Adrian Flanagan slipped his moorings from the Port of Nome and set sail for Chukotka, Russia. It is here in the north-eastern settlement town of Provideniya that his yacht Barrabas will be inspected prior to completing his attempt to sail the first ever single-handed vertical circumnavigation of the globe via the Russian Arctic... [more]

US Sailing: Crew overboard - rescue tactics and gear
By John Rousmaniere,
Two years ago a symposium was organised in San Francisco to evaluate various crew overboard rescue tactics and gear. The results of the symposium have been compiled by leading US sailor and writer, John Rousmaniere. Sail-World urges all sailors to read and carry a copy of this excellent report on your boat.... [more]

Delphia Yachts at Sydney International Boat Show
By Bob Vinks,
Delphia Yachts will be showing the country their great range of yachts from Europe at the 2007 Sydney International Boatshow. The line up for the show will include the flag ship Delphia 40, the Delphia 37 and the new Delphia 33.... [more]

Sailing Photo Competition - Win $1000
By Sail-World Cruising,
So you think you are a crack sailing photographer? Now's your chance to win US$1000 by entering Yacht Buddy's 2007 photographic competition.... [more]

Fair Jeanne Fire- Cadets tell their Story
By LJ Matheson, Kingston This Week,
When a group of sea cadets boarded the sail training vessel Fair Jeanne last week, little did they realize they would have to put their firefighting drills to a life-saving test.... [more]

Awards - Products you can Receive Efficiently
By Sail-World Cruising,
Your local chandlery or maybe West Marine can get either of two US products that would do the job you need on your boat. They both have to be sent, and both are promising that the part could be there in a week. Time is important, but how do you know which one would efficiently deliver the product as promised?... [more]

My Other Yacht is a ....
By Sail-World Cruising,
Once you've owned one of the 100 largest yachts in the world, once your Lamborghinis and Porsches come in collections rather than items, once you need an airport full of hangars for your jet fleet, and you've even spent the $38million for a guided tour to a Russian Satellite Space Station – what on earth do you spend your money on?... [more]

Hallberg-Rassy's Newest Model
By Sail-World Cruising,
There's a new model Hallberg-Rassy out in August - the Hallberg-Rassy 43, Mk II, with dozens of new improvements over the previous model.... [more]

Blackwattle-Sailing into the Unexpected
By Nancy Knudsen,
On Blackwattle we enjoy a couple of days of swimming and waterline cleaning in Daniel's Bay in the Marquesas, before setting off with a fine forecast for a four day sail to the Tuamotus, followed by a three day sail to Papeete. The weather is perfect, nice 15 knot wind, white fluffy clouds, goose-winging – we don't ask for more, but find much more than we expected....... [more]

Weather watching and tough drills for Sea Stallion
By Henrik Kastoft,
Tonight a week ago the Sea Stallion sought out Båly Harbour just a few kilometres from the most southern part of Norway. Since then it has rained heavily and the wind has been hard West – practically impossible for our ship and crew sailing towards the Orkney Islands.... [more]

Excitement-Education-Entertainment at Sydney Show
By Bob Wonders,
The Sydney International Boat Show (August 2-7) will throw open its doors at Darling Harbour to a festival of boating allied with excitement, education and entertainment throughout its six action-packed days.... [more]

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