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08 Jul 2007

Diary Dates


After three weeks in the Marquesas, our Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen is heading south west 900 miles to Tahiti. She has the temerity to write an article about just how tough it is… cruising the South Pacific. I and a lot of readers, judging by the feedback, have had tears running down our cheeks in sympathy. NOT...

News from Bavaria Yachtbau, as the most modern boat building plant in the world is likely to expand at an even faster rate. North South Yachting’s Bob Mulkearns was at the Bavaria plant in Germany when the news broke.

We don’t run boats for Sale adds in Sail-World Cruising, but Aventura Trois is not just any Cruising boat, she has been Jimmy Cornell’s cruiser since 1998 and if you’ve ever wanted a really well set up cruising yacht, now is your chance.

If you want to see a new part of the world, the far North Queensland coast, grab a berth on Getaway Sailing’s Volvo 60 or Sydney 38 for the 345 nautical mile ride to Port Hinchinbrook from Hamilton Island and the passage races north of there from August 28th-September 3rd and the passage back to Townsville or for Magnetic Island Race Week form September 7th-11th. It could be the best $995 you’ve ever spent. Or if you want to get even more late back, see what exotic locations you can cruise with Sunsail.

Lots more news … on the cocaine bales that sank the RIB, to the reed boat that’s setting out from New York to Europe and the Sea Stallion.

Next weekend, we will hear more of the tribulations of South Pacific Cruising from Nancy, from Papeete.

Rob Kothe & the Sail-World Team

Blackwattle - So You Think We're Lucky...
By Nancy Knudsen,
So, you think that we're lucky, out here sailing, in French Polynesia, in the South Pacific. Sipping a gin and tonic as the sun sets over the palm trees, balmy tropical nights, flickering lights in the distance, no traffic, bliss...... Instead of that I guess you are working, sailing when you can, regimented into a routine. Lucky us! Is that what you think? Is that really what you think?............ [more]

Bavaria set to expand after buy-out
By North South Yachting,
Canadian group, Bain Capital announced on June 27th June, that a definitive agreement to acquire Bavaria had been concluded. The London based Financial Times reported on the 28th that Bain Capital had paid as much as Euro 1.3 billion (over AUD$2 Billion.)... [more]

Heading for Papeete
By Sail-World Cruising,
Heading towards Tahiti, Blackwattle was going to stop in the Tuamotu's, but some back of the envelope passage planning changed all that.... [more]

Sunsail can sail you all over the World
By Corrie Gardner,
With over 40 yachts based from Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays you can be on a direct Jetstar flight and out on your bareboat charter on the same day. Just think, from 12C average Melbourne winter temperature to an average 23C (June – August) within three hours! And not only that, the Whitsundays are renowned for their awe-inspiring beauty, crystal clear water, dazzling deserted beaches and easy line-of sight sailing.... [more]

World Cruising Club founders Yacht for Sale
In 1986 Cruising author Jimmy Cornell launched and organised the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean. As a result of the success of the first ARC he founded the World Cruising Club, which specialises in international sailing events. – now his famous yacht Aventura Trois is for sale.... [more]

Blue Water Sailing Adventures with Getaway Sailing
By Helen Hopcroft,
In Washington there is a saying that ‘in the city, power walks.’ It’s an acknowledgement that in the CBD the city’s high flyers are more likely to walk from one meeting to another, rather than catch a cab. Walking is more social, visible and is a statement of status: ‘I don’t need to rush: the meeting won’t start without me.’ In Australia the saying could easily be changed to ‘in the city, power sails.’... [more]

Garmin announces release of new Marine Range
By Taline Tateossian,
All of Garmin’s new chartplotters, sonar, and combination units come with a completely redesigned user interface that lets boaters intuitively see and select the information they want, while eliminating the clutter they don’t – all with fewer button pushes. All feature a sophisticated and elegant 'flat screen' physical design that complements today’s modern boats.... [more]

World's First Temperate network - Marine Reserves
By Department of Environment Australia,
The Australian Government announces the legal protection of the world's first temperate deep sea network of marine reserves, off the south-east coastline of Australia.... [more]

In Heyerdahl’s Wake: Across Atlantic in Reed Boat
Like his idol and role model, Kon-Tiki captain and author Thor Heyerdahl, Dominique Görlitz says he’s going to sail across the Atlantic Ocean in a primitive reed craft in an effort to prove prehistoric peoples could have made the journey.... [more]

The Sea Stallion from Glendalough sets sail
By Preben Rather Sørensen and media services,
The Sea Stallion from Glendalough is the World's largest reconstruction of a Viking Age warship and is sailing from the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde to Dublin.... [more]

Work continues on Barrabas as Nome warms up
By Adrian Flanagan and his team,
Adrian Flanagan started out from the United Kingdom in October 2005, rounded Cape Horn into the Pacific and headed North to the Bering Strait, prior to attempting the first non-stop single-handed voyage through the Russian Northern Sea Route to the Norwegian Sea and home to Britain.... [more]

Too much Cocaine tips the RIB
By Southern Star Cork,
The discovery of a huge drug haul off the West Coast of Ireland began last Monday when a rescue mission was launched after a 22-year-old man managed to swim over a mile ashore and raise the alarm that he and two companions were thrown into the sea when their 7 metre RIB capsized in heavy seas.... [more]

Community invited to comment on moorings proposal
By Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority,
The community are invited to have a say on proposed moorings at Fisherman’s Beach Bay on Great Keppel Island. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) Project Manager Phil Koloi said the community were being encouraged to submit feedback during the consultation process.... [more]

Fight to survive heats up for reef fish
By ARC Centre of Excellence,
Environmental differences experienced early in life not only have immediate consequences for survival of baby fish, but also profoundly influence their chances of success later in life.... [more]

Pasha Bulker back to Newcastle
By Rob Kothe,
Just over a day after she was pulled from Nobby's Beach at Newcastle, preparations are being made for the 40,000 tonne coal carrier Pasha Bulker to be towed into the Port of Newcastle.... [more]

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