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01 Jul 2007

Diary Dates


Autonomy Day - the Polynesian Way

The Polynesian way of celebrating Autonomy  BW Media
It's Autonomy Day here in the Marquesas, celebrating Polynesian autonomy from France. It's a gentle celebration, graceful, rhythmic, the way the Polynesians seem to live their lives – a flower and palm leaf decorated procession in the morning, then, in the evening, gentle swaying music in a vast quick-built hall garlanded with brightly coloured fabrics and intricately plaited palm leaves.

There's a request out for public comment on new communications equipment requirement for ships. As the ability to communicate with a ship that is on a collision course it vital to all sailors, who may have no wind, not enough engine speed, or even no engine, you might want to have your say – it's time limited, so don't delay.

There are two big boat shows coming up in the next few weeks in our biggest cities, Melbourne and Sydney – get the details, and be there if you can.

Lots of other news and interesting tales from around the world ..In Valencia, it's not ALL just about the America's Cup – read Penny Roberts' account of exploring the area, and and on the other side of the Atlantic Lynn Fitzpatrick give us a crew's eye view of arriving into Newport on the Spirit of Bermuda, in the Tall Ships Festival. There are also marvelous insights into the thoughts of some Ontario men who are off to cross the Atlantic for their summer 'holiday', and some hoped for action on the Somali pirate activity in the Gulf of Aden.

Up on the Barrier Reef, Migaloo the albino whale has made another appearance, sending whale watchers into a new frenzy, and we on Blackwattle (who really don't want any close encounters with whales) explore Nuku Hiva, the most populated island in the Marquesas.

AND, unless you're in a very lucky part of Australia, don't forget, NO FRESH WATER WASHING OF YOUR BOAT!

Read on, enjoy, and

Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Exploring the Marquesas - Sail-World's Blackwattle
By Nancy Knudsen,
The Marquesas ARE a little difficult to get to. Most sailors visit there on their way across the Pacific from East to West, sailing with the wind. You can fly from Tahiti, of course, but then those who do so are usually headed for sailing in the Tuamotus, where chartering a yacht is possible and the coral atolls fulfil many a sailor's dream of the South Pacific at its best.... [more]

Bavaria set to Boom with Bain
By Media Services,
Canadian group, Bain Capital announced on June 27th 2007, that a definitive agreement to acquire Germany's largest yacht builder Bavaria Yachtbau had been concluded. The London based Financial Times reported on the 28th that Bain Capital had paid as much as Euro 1.3 billion,( over AUD$2 Billion.)... [more]

Somalia Piracy - More Action Needed
By Sail-World Cruising,
All piracy issues in Somalia have a potential effect on cruising sailors passing through the Gulf of Aden on their way to the Red Sea. So it is significant that the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) Council, meeting in London, has agreed further action in response to continuing acts of piracy and armed robbery against ships sailing in waters off the coast of Somalia and, in particular, ships carrying humanitarian aid to the country.... [more]

Building tides for Pasha Bulker refloat attempts
By Rob Kothe,
Another postponement in the attempt to refloat the stranded coal freighter Pasha Bulker, which remains stuck off Newcastle's Nobbys Beach. However building tides over the next few nights will assist salvage attempts.... [more]

Pirates of the Caribbean swoop into Newport
By Lynn Fitzpatrick,
The Alabama, the Prince William, the Columbia, the Spirit of Bermuda and many more tall ships sailed into Newport Harbor yesterday for the start of Tall Ships 2007.... [more]

Melbourne Boat Show - Make it a Date
By IBI News,
Around 130 exhibitors are to make an appearance at this year's Club Marine Melbourne Boat Show, which runs from July 5-9 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Australia.... [more]

New Hanse 630e is a show stopper
By Media Services,
Hanse Yachts have added yet another luxury model to their fleet of production yachts: the Hanse 630e is the new flagship and the largest yacht in their range. She was a finalist in this year’s ‘European Yacht of the Year’ awards. Built entirely of epoxy, its comfort and elegance will set new trends.... [more]

Sydney International Boat Show-Put it in the Diary
By Cruising Editor,
Sydney International Boat Show is set to celebrate its 40th birthday when the doors open at Darling Harbour in just a few weeks time - it's scheduled for August 2-7... [more]

Delphia Yachts on the rise in Australia and NZ
By Media Services,
Bob Vinks and Geoff Pearson have a vision - to show there is a new force on the Australian and New Zealand Yachting market and that in the future, Delphia Yachts will be become one of the key European brands in these markets.... [more]

Fun for kids at Club Marine Melbourne Boat Show
By Samantha Bennett,
The show is packed with activities to keep children of all ages happy, including Flat Head Fred’s vibrant fishing show designed especially for the little tackers, the fun capers of Lulu and her gang, an animal nursery with lots of cute little animals, and even a rock climbing wall for the older kids.... [more]

Lord Howe BBQ ‘Cruise-in-Company’ fleet grows
By David Slater,
The Lord Howe BBQ ‘Cruise-in-Company’ fleet is growing every year from the initial four starters in 2003. Yachts make their own way to Lord Howe to arrive in time for a Tuesday evening party at Ned’s Beach which raises funds for the local public school. This year’s BBQ will be on November 13.... [more]

Caribbean Yacht in Drug Haul
By Sail-World Cruising,
With the Caribbean serving as the Silk Road between the drug suppliers in Colombia and the drug markets in the United States and countries beyond, it seems that sailing boats, found by the hundreds across the Caribbean, are being used as drug transport vehicles.... [more]

Vic Coast Guard benefit from Club Marine Boat Show
By Samantha Bennett,
The Coast Guard will be running boat licence courses twice a day, every day at the Club Marine Melbourne Show, with all the proceeds from this fantastic initiative going towards keeping the Coast Guard afloat.... [more]

The Wash Tub – fresh water boat washing
By Bob Wonders,
Fresh Water restrictions can mean no washing of cars, gardens can only be watered by bucket or watering can, with residents restricted to the ‘odds and evens’ system and, of course, no hosing down of boats! For those who like their craft absolutely pristine, shock, horror!... [more]

Letter from Valencia: Kiwis in ValenNZia
By Penny Roberts,
Monday is an Marica's Cup lay day and we are going to get out of the city and away from sailing for the day. Our route takes us down the coast and we are able to get a good idea of the countryside. It’s very dry and dusty and the buildings echo the colour of the parched ground. We drive through the orange groves that we have seen from the air – the deep green of the foliage relieves the bland colours of the surrounding hills... [more]

Wanderlust 3's Triple Wrap Part 3 -Karoraina Atoll
By Mike Harker,
I moved the boat close to the reefs and moved very slowly. With the Polaroid glasses there was a very definite color difference between the very deep ocean surrounding the island and the reefs. There was a well defined line of dark blue (deep) and then various lighter blues and greens mixed with browns of the shallow reef. I had never seen such a well defined line.... [more]

How Good are you at Safety for This Summer Holiday?
By Sail-World Cruising,
It's summertime, and with the summer holidays coming up, let's hope you can find some idyllic places to enjoy the water. However, there will be more boats on the water than at any other time of the year... [more]

Migaloo White Whale Sighted off Heron Island
By Martin Philip, Courier Mail/Sail-World Cruising,
MIGALOO the white whale has sparked a fresh whale-watching frenzy after being spotted frolicking off Heron Island off the central Queensland coast. The elusive albino – believed to be the only pure-white humpback in the world – has been a magnet for whale watchers since his first sighting off the Tweed coast in northern New South Wales in 1991.... [more]

Communication Requirement for Ships-Have Your Say?
By Sail-World Cruising,
You don't have AIS installed on your sailing boat, you have VHF, but the ship is not answering. You have HF, but can only raise a distress signal on that option, you have a satellite phone, but what's the use of that when you are on a collision course with a large ship?... [more]

AIS and Radar Vital to Rescue of Swedish Sailors
By Des Ryan,
Dover Coastguard, using a combination of radar to pinpoint a sinking sailing boat and AIS to identify a ferry in the region, were able to divert the ferry quickly enough to rescue two Swedish sailors off the coast of Kent, UK. The sailing boat was listing badly and the sailors had already abandoned their boat and taken to their liferaft when help arrived.... [more]

Nemo comes home with a tag
By ARC Centre of Excellence Coral Reef Studies,
A team of Australian, American and French coral reef scientists has achieved a world breakthrough in tracking fish that could revolutionise the sustainable management of coral reefs and help restore threatened fisheries... [more]

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