Ouzo Report and Response...Earthrace in Hawaii...Environment consciousness and sailing...another yacht/ship collision...and more

19 Apr 2007

Diary Dates


Ouzo Report Offers Seamanship Advice

First sunrise over the Pacific - Las Perlas   .
Being marooned by the ITCZ in the Las Perlas Islands off the coast of Panama is not so tough – the water is fresh and clean, the islands are quaint, with a lot of very elegant houses owned by rich Spaniards. We've swum and wandered the island, caught fish for dinner and seen our first sunrise over the Pacific.

The official report this week into the sinking of the British yacht Ouzo with the loss of three sailors' lives by the ferry Pride of Bilbao last year makes riveting reading, and offers seamanship advice to sailors. However,we find at least one aspect of the report neglects the hard facts about sailing boats and ships sharing the ocean. See our response, and there's also a direct link to the report.

....and in the same week, there's another collision between a sailing boat and a gas tanker in British waters!

The Environment rates high in the news this week, with a further report from Earthrace; it also seems that commercial organisations are starting to read someone's lips, and putting the Environment as a top priority – read about the concentration on the environment in California's 'Strictly Sail' Boatshow; especially interesting is the new Environmental Code that the International Sailing Federation has introduced. It's modest, but it's progress!

You don't have to visit Newport Rhode Island any more to visit the Single Handed Sailors' Hall of Fame – it's on line, and we give you the link; and talking about single handed sailors, Donna Lange's last few hundred miles are not without drama.

In Florida, there's a test case about how much the local authorities can prevent sailors from anchoring too long or too close to landlubbers, and much more to browse - including Blackwattle's final escape from the mainland of America to commence our Pacific crossing, so read on, enjoy, and

Sail safe!

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Ouzo Incident - Response to Report
By Nancy Knudsen,
The disappearance of the yacht Ouzo, and the discovery of the bodies of the three crew a day later has been a high profile story, particularly in Britain, where the incident occurred, ever since that night in August 2006 when it was suspected that the ferry the Pride of Bilbao had struck the yacht.... [more]

Another Yacht/Ship collision in UK Waters
By Sail-World Cruising,
Following closely on the publication of the report on the fatal Ouzo incident where the yacht Ouzo collided with or closely passed the ferry The Pride of Bilbao, yet another yacht has collided with a ship in UK waters. The Norfolk Eastern Daily Press reports that the yacht Whispa collided with a 4,000 tonne cargo ship in fog last night.... [more]

Latest update from Donna Lange - sea anchor fails
By Jane Pares,
The storm escalated to tropical storm height..I was just in awe as the storm did not go through but just intensified and intensified. It was a brilliant ride and I was truly soaking up the whole magnificence. I had been on deck from the very beginning of the stronger winds around 2000UTC, but it went too far.... [more]

It's the Environment, Stupid.
By Nancy Knudsen,
Everywhere around us it seems the mood is changing. The Environment with a capital E is starting to claim centre stage in the world of sailing, instead of waiting hopefully in the wings. They are small steps, but important, every one of them. Now the International Sailing Federation has launched a microsite which will address marine issues concerning the environment.... [more]

Calling Boat Builders - Like to Live Downunder?
By Powerboat-World and Sail-World,
The BBC is on the search for families to take part in their second series of Wanted Down Under. In particular, the BBC is looking for boatbuilders hoping to emigrate to New Zealand or Australia, who would be happy to be filmed test-riding life Down Under.... [more]

Free Anchoring Rights Under Threat
By Nancy Knudsen,
There's an unkind description for the owners the almost derelict boats that can be seen in many harbours and anchorages round the world. They're called 'Cruiser Losers'. There are a million sad stories which result in these decrepit boats lying around.... [more]

The (Environment) Friendly Face of Strictly Sail
By Sail-World Cruising,
It's not the fact that Strictly Sail Pacific is the largest sailboat show on the west coast of the United States, nor is it the fact that there will be over 300 exhibitors, or the free seminars and endless attractions which make this Boat Show newsworthy. After all, there are so many Boat Shows these days round the world that one could be forgiven for thinking that they are breeding... [more]

Israel’s Sailing Boom
By Ofer Petersburg, Ynetnews.com/Sail-World Cruising,
Most of the news the world receives about Israel involves the tragic ongoing crisis in the area. However, despite the political problems (or maybe because of them?) Israelis are turning to sailing in dramatically increasing numbers.... [more]

Single Handed Sailors' Hall of Fame – Now Online
By Sail-World Cruising,
Maybe you know who Joshua Slocum is (do you?), but who is Ann Davison? Well, she sailed a 23ft boat across the Atlantic in 1952-3. ‘Really?’ you may ask, but the reason she did it, and how long it took are almost more interesting than the feat itself.... [more]

Sail-World's Blackwattle - Where Where the Wind...
By Nancy Knudsen,
After four years away, we're in our home ocean at last. Mmmm, well... it doesn't feel much like home – the ocean is flat, the pelicans are brown, the beer costs 30 cents a can and everyone around me is talking Spanish.... [more]

Star Clipper - a Star Turn
By Joy Crutchfield, News-Capital/Sail-World,
If you love the idea of a sailing holiday, don’t want to bareboat charter and have a few dollars to spend, you should consider sailing on a tall ship – one of three belonging to Star Clippers.... [more]

Bio-fuelled Earthrace reaches Hawaii
By Christie Wilson,
The biodiesel-powered trimaran Earthrace entered Hawaii's Ma'alaea Harbor yesterday, she has now refuelled and iss now tracking towards the marshall Islands.... [more]

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